July 28, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 110

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Venessar High School.

Episode 110.


I knelt at the middle of those men and after few minutes , Stephen ,Kimberly and Sean were brought to their midst.

“Don’t touch her , she’s my wife ” Stephen commanded them and stood.

“We know she’s your wife. But we are told to come with her head” One of the men said.

“Who told you to?” Stephen asked.

“That’s not for you to know” He answered and signaled for his men.

Two people at the same time released bullet inside me and I screamed out loud.

The bullet didn’t really touch my body cause I was wearing bullet proof inside. My only fear is for them not to release the bullet inside my skull.

I fell to the floor like I was dead and hope they leave anytime soon.

Kimberly’s POV.

I ran to where Autumn lay and began to shake her vigorously. Stephen came around and began to shout for Autumn to wake but she was just foaming

The rate at which the bullet pierce through her made me believe that she is dead.

“Take them away and cut off her head.” I heard one of the men said and five men came to pull Stephen and I away from Autumn.

One of them walk to Autumn with a long sharp sword

My heart skipped on what is about to happen and I hope that a miracle will happen somehow that will stop them.

This is the work of my father ,I hope it will be futile.

The man raised the sword up and cut Autumn’s head.

Stephen let himself loose angrily and ran to the man and punched him on the face.

He held the man by the neck ready to kill the man and while the man was struggling to save himself and at the same time trying not to hurt Stephen with the sword in his hand.

The sword pierced through the stomach of Stephen and he paused his rough act of fighting all of a sudden.

I ran to him and held him from falling

“Brother ,please don’t die….please.” I said amidst tears and he looked at me with blood pouring from his stomach.

He held his stomach without saying a word and looked at Autumn lay on the bed.

“Telll…Father…Tell” He choked and swallowed.
,he was falling slowly but I was holding him.

“Tell Father that I will never forgive him.” He said with his eyes closing on its own.
“I will rather die with my wife than live with the pain.” That was the last word he said before he rolled and fell on Autumn

I watch the two lovers on each other; dead.

I screamed and cried.

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