June 13, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 17.

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???? Addicted to Him????

Written by Feathers

Episode 17

( Can hardly breathe )

Reese’s POV

following morning !

I dressed my best to school . I went to sit at the sit beside the mean boy. I will sit beside him because I can’t do without him but I will not speak to him

He will only keep hurting me so I will let him be.

Few minutes later , some steps walked closer to where I sat and sit beside me

“Good morning ” I heard but I didn’t adjust my head.

I do not wanna believe that what I just heard is true. Did he greet me for real? Like seriously?

I stylishly turned my head to confirm if he’s greeting me or he is actually referring to someone else

There is no one around , definitely , he is greeting me . I did not know that he will be greeting me , could have prepared myself and respond and probably start a conversation with him

I still didn’t know how his new friend quickly made friend with him, maybe it’s not just beauty, maybe there are other things that made him like the girl and even smiled at the girl

Should I reply? I guess it’s too late .
No, I already said I would not talk to him though

But I wasn’t expecting him to greet me and he did , I should reply right?

“Good morning ” I said in my mind and scoffed

How should I say this now?

“Sorry for yesterday ” He said , faced me and turned his head back to his book

I blushed from head to toe, I’m having goosebumps , I think it’s a dream. This mean boy dislikes me, he will not even converse with me

He greeted me , then he said Sorry

Oh gosh! How will I answer now ?

Which should I even answer first ? The greeting or the apology

Oh my! I should have just prepared for today, I sincerely thought he won’t be conversing with me as usual

“Okay ” I said without even thinking

“Okay! ” He exclaimed and I looked into his face like a kid looking into the face of her mother

“I mean…erm…”

He’s setting his gaze directly at me , I can hardly breathe right now. I want to reply but the words are stuck in my mouth

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