August 2, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 108

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He And Her V.

Episode 108


Don sat before me at my office and I said; ” those guys are trying to confirm if Joy is his daughter or not ”

“Erm…but is she really his daughter?” Don asked me.

“Let’s not talk about that. What can I do for them to stop their action of confirming the D.N.A of my daughter.

“Boss ,I’m really confused. But what do you think? I may get an idea from what you think.” He said.

“Can we just kidnap Camilla somewhere ,maybe kidnap her forever so I can live peacefully with Tucker. “I said and he thought for a while.

“If anything happens to her ,you will be the closest suspect. Plus I think they will be smart enough to be careful of anything that may show up. Don’t ever think of hurting her boss”. He said and I reasoned with him.

I began to think of other ways to really stop them from texting the D.N.A of my daughter .

Camilla’s POV

Tucker and I invited Joy to we to our midst since we confirmed that the Grace isn’t around.

Joy carried her on his laps and gave him a doughnut to eat . We had injected the doughnut with a two hours sleeping pill.

Joy collected it gladly and began to eat it. After few seconds ,she slept off.

Tucker collected the doughnut from her gently and laid her down.

I walked closer to the girl and ejected a pile of blood from her body.

“Done” I said to Tucker and went inside to keep it.

Tucker carried the child to her room and came back to me.

“Good! I’m taking this to the doctor to text tomorrow. ” He said.

“Why not today? We really do not have time ” I said anxiously and he agreed.

He collected the blood sample from me and walked out of the room heading to the hospital.

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