June 17, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 16.

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 17
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????In Love ???? With A Vampire????
Chapter 16
The tone at which Eva yelled at Davis got everyone in the cake shop facing their direction, Rachel was amazed at her action including Diego asked who stood back and watch the scene fearing he might get his own slap if he say anything,
“Stay away from my son you monster!” Tyler who was behind her wanted to say something but he shushed him,
“Tyler, take Derry and Stacey, you guys should go play at the back.” The boy nodded,let go her her tightened grip and signals his friends to tow along him,
“Eva,you need to calm down,I……” She took Davis hand and forcefully dragged him out of the shop,
If she was going to create a mad scene,it wasn’t gonna be in front of the few customers and definitely not inside the shop.
“Eva be careful!” Rachel said as they went outside,she was scared what Eva might do in the state she’s in now.But as always,Eva’s anger had so elated to a very preposterous rate that she couldn’t think properly,she just wanted to handle the situation in what way seem fit.They stopped at the side of Davis’s car and she let go of his hand,
If any other person had done this,Davis Juan Kingston would have chopped the person’s hands off but he couldn’t do it now,cause it wasn’t any other person holding his hand,dragging him out in this demeaning manner but it was Eva Kennedy, the woman he fell in love be with and has vowed to protect her all his life.Thinking she was going to go in rage and slap him again or yell at him for coming here but she didn’t do that,rather she did something the Eva he knew would have done.Kneeling down in front of him with her delicate hands but together,she begged him,
“I’m begging you in the name of anything you hold dear to you,pleas leave me and my son be.” Diego was surprised,
Wasn’t this the same woman who’d dragged them out like criminals, she’s the one begging,
“Please,let me and my son live in peace,I promise I won’t come back to make claim to any of your family’s property or try to do anything that will ruin your family’s reputation but please let us leave in peace.” Her plea touched Davis much that he wanted to bring her up and give her a reassuring kiss that he’ll protect her but he couldn’t, that would be rubbing salt on her injury.
“Eve,I’m not trying to take Tyler away from you,he’d rightfully yours but my parents and Joseph doesn’t think the same way.” She looked at him,her eyes filled with tears,Davis bent down and gently took her up in a standing position but her limbs were too weak to stand,she’s so terrified she can melt down at any moment,
“I’m not the one trying to hurt you,I came here to tell you of their plan so you and Tyler can go far away from here and…..”
“She’s not going anywhere.” A masculine voice in all his dignity said,Eva,Davis and Diego turned to the direction where the voice was emanating from,
“Adrian!” Eva let go of Davis hold and ran to Adrian who came in as her knight and shining armour.Davis felt very jealous and annoyed,
This dickhead has to come in and spoil the moment.
“Eva look at me,” Adrian lifted her face up to his,she was really terrified, even the blind could feel it,
“Adrian,they want to kill me and take Ty..Ty.”
“Eva,stop it.” He coaxed her,Davis WS boiling as he watched another man,a complete stranger coaxed Eva, the mother of his son,
“Eva what did I tell you the other day,I’m gonna protect you and Tyler,it a promise that I’ve made to myself and I’ll keep it.” He hugged her so closely that he could perceive the fragrance from her hair,must be her shampoo,
Hmmmmm Lavender fragrance, she smell so nice,this isn’t her perfume but it the natural scent of her body, it’s so desirable that I can’t to have her whole body wrapped with mine till infinitum.Why would God create such a perfect entity and allow outrageous and heartless bastards like Joseph and Davis to treat her like a piece of tramp?Why not bring her to me so I can treat her as the royalty she’s really
He mentally slapped himself,I should be thinking of the matter at hand and not this crazy thoughts…
And remember, Eva can never be yours,remember you’re a vampire and she’s a woman with human blood and human feelings. Adrian pushed that voice aside,no matter what it cost him,he’s gonna protect her and that’s what really matters now.
“Eva let’s go inside,you need to rest your head, remember you still aren’t fully well.” Adrian took her inside supporting her in each walking step as they left leaving Davis in total disarray.
“Man,I’m thinking you’ve just lost her…..” Before Diego couldn’t finish,Davis took him by surprise, he grabbed his neck and pinned him to their car,
“Don’t you ever say that,Eva’s mine and mine alone.” The red mist in his eyes showed Diego that he was super angry,so he raised his hands in defeat,
“I….I…., pl..e..ase…let..go” Diego stammered as he was in short of oxygen, having regained himself,Davis let go of him and went to the driver’s seat of the car.After adjusting his clothes and coughing out,Diego opened the car and settled in,not saying another word to Davis as they drove away.
When Adrian and Eva walked in,every where was tensed all eyes on her,she felt so uncomfortable and asked Adrian to take them home,
“No problem,I’ll handle things here,you go home and have a good rest,it will help a lot.” Rachel said to her,
“Thanks a lot Rachel,I’m so sorry for the inconv….”
“You don’t have to bother,Adrian here to take you home,all you need now is to go home and have a good rest, it will help okay.” She patted her shoulder,sooner Adrian entered the pantry room,
“Adrian make sure she gets enough rest at home please.” Rachel pleaded in an almost teasy way,making Eva smile,
“I promise I’ll do just that.” He cross his chest making a sign of promise to Rachel who laughed,
“Alright,off you go.” She playfully shooed them outside the pantry room.
“Tyler get mommy’s bag,were going home.” Adrian echoed to Tyler who was still playing,
“But we just got here awhile ago.” He protested still wanting more time so he can play with the twins,
“Mommy isn’t well,she needs to go rest at home.” Adrian said knowing fully well the little boy is not happy,
“Don’t worry,tomorrow you’ll have enough time to play with Stacey and Derry.” He looked at the other kids who didn’t seem happy that their friend is leaving so early unlike before,
“You guys shouldn’t be sad,you’ll get to play all day tomorrow okay,that I promise you.” The kids smiled but Tyler didn’t, he knows the caused of the problem.
Those uncles are so bad,after telling him not to make mommy sad,he went ahead and made her unwell,I’m gonna beat him the next time I see him,he’s such a badluck for mommy,me and Adrian,I hate them a lot.Later I’ll ask Uncle to tie them up and give them to those bad vampires so they’ll eat up the both of them cause they’re bad and mean.
“Tyler what’s it?” Adrian asked when he noticed the little boy beside him was absent minded,
“Nothing,let’s just go home,I’ll tell you when we get home.” Tyler said to him as he guarded him out of the place

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