July 31, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 17

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
????????CHAPTER 17????????
Davis couldn’t concentrate on his drive back to the motel they lodge,
“How can Eva forget everything,everything we shared and she moved on with that son of a b**ch so fast,” He was fuming with anger and Diego knew so well not to say anything, not hat he was scared of Diego,
Far from it,but he doesn’t want to add note salt to his injury,
“She was almost mine, almost coming back to me till that d*ckhead came and spoil very single thing I achieved.” He ranted,images of Eva leaving him and running to a more muscular and handsome like the devil Adrian,
“That man casted an evil spell on her,don’t you think so?” Finally he remembered that he wasn’t alone in the car,
“Davis,if you could calm down and handle this case rationally, you won’t be looking for you casted a spell and who didn’t.,” Diego said in his full honesty,
“And when did you start believing in all this black magic and superstitious trash?”
Actually Diego’s overmuch right,Davis as a person doesn’t believe in black magic and spell blah blah blah,he isn’t a fan of it.He stopped the car,one could tell he was not happy,
“But how do I explain Eva not wanting to be with me?” He asked wearily,
“Did you even notice that my son was even supporting that bastard?” He said,Diego cleated his throat,
“Can I ask a very personal question?” Diego felt it was time to ask Davis the one thing that has been bothering him since,Davis Gabe him an affirming look,
“I though Tyler is Joseph’s son,how come you’ve been referring to him as your son ever since we arrived here,I’m kinda confused?” Davis sighed,now its time to spill it out and tell the only one person he can trust with his secret,
“Yes he’s my son.” Diego gave an ‘o’ sound,
“When Eva said I raped her,she was almost but not really correct,” Diego was shocked,
How can Davis,the only Kingston he knew to be humane and considerate with high morals stoop so low as raping his brothers wife?This is something he need to know why it’d happened.
“I don’t get you.” Diego was perplex,
“I didn’t mean to,that fateful day,Joseph had asked someone to spike Eva’s drink,when I found out it was already too late cause she had already drank the drink,”
Joseph’s such as monster,so demeaning and degrading.
‘Joseph’s I’ll manner towards Eva made me pay one his his maid to watch over Eva for me,when shed found out,it was so late,Eva had been drugged,since Joseph was portraying the effect of the drug on another maid,I’d no option than make love to her just to save her life.”He explained,though he’d recall enjoying every single bit of that day,he couldn’t help but regret it when Eva tagged it as a rape and assault to her dignity and blamed him for ruining her marriage with his brother.
“You didn’t do wrong man,you did it to save her life and you have to make her understand that.You’re the man who has been there for her and will continue to be,make her understand she’s yours and you both are meant for each other.” Diego encouraged him.Having heating this from Davis, none of this was his fault,he did what every guy who’s in love would have done.
“But how sure are you that the boy is your son? She must have had sex with Joseph countless times, so…”
“Control pills,I found a pack of it in her room the day I went to Joseph’s for some meeting up and according to what the guard told me,Joseph had been abusing Eva for the five years she’s spent with him.” He said confidently,
Tyler couldn’t be anyone’s than him and he’s bound to make Eva his.
“So what’s the plan,since we know the threat on her life,we can’t just leave her and go back like nothings happening?” Diego asked,
“No matter the countless time she’ll push me away and turn to that weird bastard,I’ll continue protecting her until I make her mine.Diego loved his courage,
” And I’ll be by your side,giving you the help you need,”Davis managed a grimace,
“First strategy,to get to Eva,you’ll need Tyler.” The lecture begins,
“As you can see,Tyler is the center of Eva’s world,she like this Adrian guy cause her son feel safe and likes him,so now you’ve to warm your way to the boy’s heart,make him feel free and safe with you,give him listening ear,care and love him then he’s gonna fall right into your arm like a son.Seeing this change,Eva would have no choice than to come back for you.” Diego lectures were really sensible,he’d to make Tyler his before warming up to Eva,good idea.He smiled and shook hands with Diego,
“Man,you’re one in a milli,thanks bro.” After settling himself for the task ahead,cause he was sure the boys gonna be tough,he adjusted his seat belt and continued the drive to the motel.

“Uncle Adrian can I talk to you?” Tyler asked Adrian as soon as he finished putting Eva to rest in her room,the man nodded and Tyler took his hand leading him far from his Mommy’s door invade if she’ll want to eavesdrop,
“Ty,what’s it?” Adrian asked,whenever this lil’ kid has a serious expression, something is certainly not right,
“Promise not to tell mommy?” He said first,bringing his smallest finger forward for the man to pinky swear him,Adrian brought out his finger too and pinky sweared,
“I promise I won’t tell it to your mommy.” He said,
Hope this kid isn’t out to make me do something outrageous,
“Your vampire friend?” Adrian was surprised, what has Lucas got to do with this or had he troubled Tyler again?He swallowed hard,
“What did he do? Did he hurt you?” Adrian asked,showing sincere concern.
“No but I want you to take those two bad uncles to him so hell eat them up.” He almost giggled,
Does this boy know what he’s asking for?The giggles almost escaped his lips but he held them firmly,
“Why do you want that?” He asked Tyler,
“I warned them not to make mommy sad but they went right ahead and made her sick again,so I want them to be eaten by that vampire uncle.” He answered, innocently but serious,
Those bad uncles needed a severe punishment for hurting his mommy.
“Do you know what’ll happen if that bad vampire eat them?” Adrian asked testing the boy knowledge, expecting him to say something childish,
“They’ll die and won’t have to disturb mommy again and won’t come back alive.” The ferocity and fierceness at which the boy answered really startled Adrian,
He hadn’t expected such protection from a boy his age toward their mother,
Tyler,you’ll sure break hurdles for your mama’s sake.Adrian admired the boy’s courage but fear it wouldn’t end well,
If such a child at this age is able to feel his mama’s fear and want to conquer it by killing for it,he’ll sure do more later to protect her from anything.This boy is too young to be encircled in something like this.
“Uncle why aren’t you saying anything?” Tyler asked,Adrian woke up from his trance,
“Will you help me out?” He asked in all seriousness,
“You don’t have to do that,I’ll protect her from them.” Adrian assured,
“So what will I do?” He asked,spreading his short arm in confusion, none of his serious expression had elapsed,
“Sit and watch Uncle do his magic.” Adrian tried to be jovial but Tyler wasn’t bulging,
“No I’ll help you protect mommy from those bad uncles.” He protested.This is no child you can coax easily especially in a case like this,Adrian had to play along,he wouldn’t want Tyler to do something drastic on his own.
“Okay,uncle will make you help out but we don’t have to include those vampires.” He said,fortunately for him,Tyler bought it,
“Okay than you uncle Adrian.” He hugged Adrian,his normal child cute face came back immediately,
This kid is a sure hell to handle,Adrian heaved a sigh of relief as the boy left.

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