August 6, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 39

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 39


He tried one more time and when he realized that the pretty me wasn’t picking up ,he looked to his brother and said; “she must be busy at work ”

“Oh! She should have being informed of your predicament ,I’m sure she would at least come over because of that. ” his brother said.

“Don’t be too anxious brother , you will see her soon ” He said

At night.

He start groaning slightly in pain and holding his leg. It was the most severe place of the injury he had.

“Sorry sir!” I sympathized with him.

“Get me those drugs ,I need to use it ” he pointed to some drugs on the table.

I did as he said and got him water to use with the drug.

He used the drug and in few seconds ,he slept off like he had used a sleeping pill.

But his sleeping wasn’t a comfortable one cause he slept off abruptly. I adjusted his legs and made him lay comfortable on the bed.

I covered him with a duvet and left only for me to sight his brother at the entrance.

“You are so caring.” his twin brother said and I smiled.

“Thanks sir” I said and was about to leave when he grabbed me suddenly in my wrist.

“You are so gorgeous and adorable. ” He said and I smiled.

“Thanks sir”

I stood waiting for him to release me so I can leave but he just kept looking into my face with passion.

“How do I tell you this ; that I love you and it’s killing me slowly. ” He said.

“You just told me sir ”

He nodded and continued looking into my face. ” I love you Rachael.”


“Why are you saying okay? Did you have that same feelings for me ?”


“Erm…erm…” he stammered. “But why?”

“Cause I do not have any feelings for you sir , it’s that simple. ”

“Whom did you have feelings for then?” He asked.

“No one. ”

“Why not try me out!”

“Not willing. I’m single and good. ” I said and freed my wrist gently.

“I need to go to bed sir ” I said and walked to my room.

Really? He just confess his love to me. Even though he is so caring and loving. Very handsome too ,I do not find myself getting attached to him. I do not love him and I do not think I will ever do.

I just hope the boss will be fine soon and hopes we resume work. I had missed work.

I picked the phone that has the line of the pretty me and sent it to the boss digit.

“Hi ,sorry I missed your call. Is anything wrong? Can’t wait for you to kiss me ” I typed and sent it.

I can’t wait to see his reaction to the message when he wakes up.

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