August 3, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 10

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????‍????The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 10

Larry’s POV

I’m really enjoying every single minute I’m spending with Char and I don’t think I’m going to be able to spend the whole day without seeing her face . She’s so lovely than I thought , I quickly judged her the first day we met because she looked so clumsy.

We were engaged in our conversations when the lights went off , I don’t even know what happened because this is the first time something like this is happening. Charlene screamed and my heart skipped out of its ribcage, I quickly took her into my arms and rested her head on my chest cuz she was not sitting far away from me.

“Are you okay,” I asked with concern but she just kept quiet.

“Talk to me Char”

“Please don’t let go of me ,” she finally spoke but came out as a whisper , she was shaking and she squeezed herself into my arms.

“I’m here dear ,” I said, resting my chin on her hair breathing the sweet scent of her hair.

I rocked her back trying to calm her down as we were still in darkness and It felt so good. I wish we could stay like this forever cuz I can’t explain the way I’m feeling right now.

The lights suddenly went on again and the room became brighter but we stayed in the same position for about more minutes, I guess she like it too.

I lifted her face slowly and looked deep in her eyes, I didn’t blink so did she? I was so lost in her eyes as I brought my face down to her height till I could feel her breath on mine .

I was now holding her waist and I was longer thinking straight .I kept on staring at her lips cuz I was tempted to kiss them. I just wanted to feel her lips on mine but I’m afraid of how she’s going to react afterwards.

Isn’t she going to think that I’m trying to take advantage of her . Our lips finally met but I couldn’t make any move because I was a bit scared. I can’t resist her lips cuz they’re so sexy and I think I’m falling for her.

Somebody cleared her throat bringing us back to life and we quickly disengaged. We both faced the direction of where she was and it was Hayley grinning like an idiot.

“Sorry guys I interrupted your beautiful moment but its only that I need something important from you Larry and I was afraid that you could make out in front of me,” she said and winked at Char.

Oh ! Poor Char she’s so shy now.

“Why didn’t you call me ?”I asked with a husky voice full of annoyance because she just ruined everything.

“I did but you didn’t pick up you were busy so I had to come here by myself.”

I looked at my phone and saw ten missed calls .

“Were you guys afraid of kissing each other cuz I’ve been here videoing you for the past ten minutes but all you did was just staring at each other or you don’t know how to kiss?” Hayley blurted out and we both looked at her in surprise with our eyes popping out of their sockets and mouth widely open.

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