June 13, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 11

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????‍????The Boss and His Employee????‍♀

Episode 11


I’m so happy now because everything is flowing smoothly , me and Larry we’re now close to each other but I miss him because he has been busy . He also hired a lot of maids so that I won’t be doing a lot of work from the day of that incident.

I really love chatting and playing video games with him but I always avoid being in contact with him or looking straight into his eyes. Whenever I look into his eyes, there’s this feeling that I can’t explain and it also happens if our skins got in touch .

From the day we almost kissed, it took me time to be used to him again and I don’t know what would have happened if we had kissed each other.

“Hey beautiful,” said Hayley showing her perfect snow white teeth and I blushed.

“You know I’m not beautiful but you keep on calling me that,” I said returning back the smile.

“You’re the true definition of beauty Char .”

“If I’m beautiful then you’re extremely beautiful,” I said.

“Huh ! Even a monkey is better than me,” she said with puppy face and we burst into laughter.

We’ve been getting along really well and we usually go outing together, spending her money or let me say her brothers’ money. She’s just a spoilt kid but it really helps me because I will be able to save my money so that one day I could continue with my studies and fulfil my dreams.

“So Char have you ever had a boyfriend cuz right now I know you don’t have.”

“Mmmm no ”

“Jesus Christ! You’re now twenty two and you have never had a boyfriend?” She asked in shock.

“Yes because relationship sucks so I don’t want to be engaged in any .”

“How can you said that dear ? Are you going to die single?Have you ever give it a try that you’re already saying relationship sucks?”

“No,” I said looking down feeling a bit embarrassed because what she asked is the truth, I never tried to be in any relationship and I’m too busy to be doing that.

“Well , I’m glad cuz Larry is going to be your first in everything.”

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