July 27, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 37

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Darius POV
I waited patiently for Kira to call out to me,it being twenty minutes since I followed her to the pool and I didn’t want to go down there and see her naked in the pool she might think of me as a pervert!My eyes opened suddenly when I heard someone calling my name. I recognized it to be Kira’s.. She reaching out to me in a fearful tone hit me and my danger instinct automatically kicked in. Something is wrong! I looked at Kian he was already asleep with eyes widely open. He was too deep in his reverie! Awaking him will make him disoriented as an Elf. I reached to his boot and saw a silver dagger with dark red tail feathers attached to it and I made my way to the pool but Kira wasn’t there I only saw her dirty clothes and the bottle I gave her)
(I called out but got no response. I tucked the dagger in my leather boot first before scanning the area then I saw another pathway so followed it. I ran at an insane speed until I got to a place with a magical boundary – It was blocking me way the one who took Kira must have built this here to stop me from finding her but he is wrong I can bring down any magical boundary just like how I did with Fountain Falls boundary. Time was running so I need to act fast before Kira gets hurt. My eyes changed to red bloody eyes and I placed my hands on the wall bringing the boundary down. A step into the wood then I saw a necklace on the floor – it was Kira’s own..the legendary Bomer necklace. I continue running trying to find Kira – I ran for three hours in the woods it was getting dark. I got to a horizon then saw smoke from afar Kira’s scent was thick in the air then I signed with relief knowing that Kira was nearby then I jumped into motion)
Kira POV
I opened my eyes slowly to the bright flame hitting straight in my face. I looked around and found myself in the pitch black wood and the man was there too, sharpening a stick in his hands into a pointed object. I looked around feeling confused when I noticed that I was tied up to a tree and a well built altar wasn’t far from the fireplace. What is he going yo do to me? Stake me or burn me alive?)
“What…what are you going to do to me mister?”
(I asked my eyes started being teary when I looked at the man)
“Oh! You are awake beauty! You’ve been out for hours”
(He walked to me with the pointed object in his hands)
“Please don’t kill me”
(I sobbed and he smirked)
“If you cooperate with me I won’t hurt you but if you don’t then I will be left to stake you,drain out your body and burn you up”
“Why do you need my blood…and who are you?”
(He didn’t reply he only went back to sit next to the fire place. I won’t let him have me! Or a drop of my blood! I looked down at the rope and whispered a spell but it didn’t work. I tried spells but the rope didn’t break free. What is going on?!)
“When will you stop trying beauty?”
(I looked up at him so he knew I was trying to free myself)
“You’re mine now Kira! And I’m not letting you go..not now that i have found the solution to my problem! Now I can live for ever!”
(He laughed wickedly)
“Look the rope I used to tie you up isn’t just an ordinary rope. It enough to stop your spell or even power”
(Tears dropped down my cheeks,is he going to own me forever? Will Darius ever find me? Oh what am I going to do? I thought – this is the end of my life but then i heard a similar growl. He is here! Here to save me! Finally Darius found me!)
Darius POV
Finally I got to the fireplace,then I saw Kira tied to a tree and her abductor was sitting next to a fireplace. The Bastard named Dakora was preparing to offer her as a sacrifice and use her blood to redeem himself from the “LAND OF THE DEAD”. Dakora is a Demigod,he is among the legends of Demigods and also the cruel and most cunning of them all. He offered many supernatural humans during his time on earth to strengthen himself.. Tearing them into pieces at a time with his deadly weapons. Dakora was well known for mostly child – sacrifices too. I had come across him once in a long time but demigods are proud things,so he won’t recognize me. He abducted Kira to drain her blood and regain his strength as a demigod.. He must have tried to find the two other Red witches but couldn’t find them. I swear that I will get rid of him till eternity. I let out a growl to make my presence known. I rolled into power, anger and aggression surged through me as I was ready to fight. Dakora rose to his feet when he saw me wondering who I was by my appearance but he will never figure out who I am)
” who are you?”
(I looked around once again and gave him a smirk after I noticed his weapons were detached from his body. I would attack before he even think of getting one of it)
“Oh! You are here to get Kira”
(He clapped)
“Nice try that you found us but you won’t be able to have her cause she is mine now!”
(He snarled)
“Release her!”
(I yelled)
“Do you think I would rather release her when she can give me full powers and immortality? I will use her wisely.. don’t worry you can join the party as well”
“She won’t be able to give you what you want Dakora!”
“His eyes widened when I called his name. My fist landed on his jaw causing the bone there to break.. Dakora eyes changed to red eyes as he aim at me but I dodged him throwing him to a tree nearby. He stood up immediately with crimson eyes shining brightly – Bastard! I went to him at a high speed throwing punches into his face then I threw him again. His impact on the tree was fierce that it broke in two)
“Let’s see what you can do with this”
(I ran towards Dakora as quickly as lightning,holding on his neck. I stabbed on Dakora’s heart with the silver dagger I took from Kian. He looked at me with a smile)
“Do you think a small knife would kill me?”
(He asked as he pushed me away from him)
“Yeah it would”
(I smirked – he pulled the knife from his chest then,his face changed)
“You’re right Dakora…no knife can kill you,but the silver dagger designed by an Elf Hunter can destroy even a god”
(I smiled and Dakora looked at me)
(Slowly,his skin burnt. In a few seconds, Dakora turned into ashes. I looked up and quickly walked back to Kira who was tied up. She was looking scared and she hugged me as soon as I released her)
“Oh Darius! I thought you would just leave me here”
(She cried)
“I’m sorry for being late. I won’t leave you now Kira cause I promise to protect you,no matter what, you hear me?”
(I whispered)
“Yes Darius – I’m sorry too I should have reached out to you when I was done”
(I noticed a bruise on her wrist)
“He did this to you?”
“Yes when he drained my energy”
(She sobbed)
“Why didn’t you call me?”
“I needed to be alone cause I..was..I was -”
(She stopped)
“Missing home”
(I completed her intended sentence)
“Yes Darius”
(I pulled her up,slide my hands under her knees and back,carrying her in a bridal style. I listened to Kira narrate how Dakora had taken her away)
“Who is Max?”
“The red mage that gave me the mark. I was happy to see him but I found it strange for him to be here. I didn’t see Max birthmark on Dakora and Max won’t have dragged me away…he would have looked for you and fight you”
“He would fight me?”
“Yes Max would have done that before taking me away just to be sure that you won’t come after me again”
“Dakora used max Appearance to deceive you by using his power of illusion because at that moment he knew Max was the only one you thought of”
“But thank Goodness you found me Darius – I can’t imagine what Dakora would have done to me. I thought it was my end when he said I am his forever…I even asked him why he needed my blood but he didn’t say anything”
“Dakora is a Demigod”
“You know him?”
“Not really but I’ve met with him once..a very long time ago”
(I explained who Dakora is to Kira without leaving any detail behind as we walk back to the North side. We are moving close to our destination but I won’t reveal that to Kira because she might tell Kian. And I don’t want anyone to know where she is staying)

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