August 6, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 111

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Venessar High School.

Episode 111

Professor Lucas’s POV

“Why in the world did you kill my son? Why?” I screamed at my boys standing before me.

They were fifty four in number. Who will inherit all that I have now? I have just three children; Sophie , Kimberly and Stephen. Stephen is the only male amidst them and my only heir. What is the essence of all the wealth that I had being laboring for. I can’t hand it over to the ladies cause they will only give it to their husband. But why? ” I cried painfully.

I wish Stephen had not died. I wish I can raise him from the dead.

“I will pay you all as promised, dismiss .” I said and they all dismissed.

I went to where my books are and took the one on top. I flipped it open and scribbled on the first page;

“Dear Stephen , you are my favorite child. Even before I confirmed that you are my child ,I have had a special liking for you. I love you so much and you are the reason why I had being so desperate to gather wealth. When I die ,my wealth will be useless. Your wife had already collected life from me by making me crippled and blind

The truth is; you are my hope. Nothing practically makes sense to you anymore. I want to see you over there and apologize. I love you.”

I took another empty book and write. ;

“Dear ,Autumn ,I must have made life hell of a living for your husband and even you in particular. I caused the death of your beloved brother. I’m not even worth to be called your father. I know you loathe me right now and can never forgive me.
I plead that you forgive me after death. I wish my death will pacify your anger to me. Please get along with Sophie and tell Sean that I’d given up on abducting him.

For you to confirm that I’m truly sorry ,I’m handing over my 30 years record label to Sean. I had spoken with my lawyer already and the bill is ready.

I cried as I write those letters to my children .I didn’t bother writing to Sophie cause it’s not necessary to me. She has enjoyed my wealth all her life and I had
Protected her always from all threat

I went to the kitchen on my wheel chair ,mixed a poison that kills in just two minutes.

I sighed and all the evil that I had done flashes across my memories in a second. I know Autumn will kill me again after this death.

I drank the poison and gave up the ghost.

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