June 13, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 19

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 19


“Have you gone crazy? You are insulting me right?” He said but I was indifferent.

“It’s obvious you want to be returned to where you came from.” He said while I just watched him.

He walked to me and grabbed me by the hair,he pulled it and I groaned painfully.

He pulled it harder and I cried till tears start to pour from my face.

“Learn to respect elders .” He said and let loose of my hair. He then walked away from me and went to lean by the wall.

But my head continues aching as a result of the way he pulled my hair.

I couldn’t stop myself from crying while he watched me.

I lowered my head and keep sobbing. I noticed he came to me and pulled out a anky from his pocket. He cleaned my face with it and I was stunned.

It was like I was dreaming. I looked up to him like a kid looking to the face of his father.

“Sorry.” He said and ruffled my hair.

I still couldn’t believe he’s petting me.

He took few steps away from me and I just kept watching with him with mouths ajar.

I began to feel my cramp almost immediately and held a side of my stomach.

The cramp start to hurt and I kept groaning in pain

He walked towards me and squatted before me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Menstrual cramp.” I told him amidst pain.

He helped me to the bed and I lay on the bed but the pain continues .

“Is there something you take to relieve it?” He asked and I nodded.

“Tell me?” He requested and I looked to his face pathetically.

“Kiss.” I said and he jerked back.

“Are you alright?” His voice suddenly changed to the stern one unlike the caring one it has being few seconds ago.

“Ouch!” I groaned slightly.

The truth is that I was having a severe menstrual cramp but there is nothing I take in the previous times to make the pain ease me.

I just always endure the pain till the three days of my period is over. I only mentioned kiss cause I want his lips on mine.

The last time we kissed ,I had to do that abruptly. Right now ,I really hope that he plants those beautiful lips on mine.

“You know I’m not fine sir but that is the truth.” I said.

“You mean someone must kiss you before you actually recover?”

“Yes” I said and groaned more in pain.

He kept watching me and touching his lips like something evil would actually happen to his lips if he kisses me.

I kept groaning in pain ,louder and I was tossing on the bed.

“Okay ,fine. ” he said and I looked to his face.

He brought his face to me gently and the happiness that was blowing in me can actually blow the world .

His lips was almost getting closer to mine when he jerked back all of a sudden.

“I forgot ,you are just a lier .” He said and was almost standing up when I screamed more in pain .

He sighed. “what if you do not get healed after I kiss you?”

“You kiss me again sir , till I get healed. ”

“You must be crazy. Seems you did not know how disgusting your lips are ” He said and I just kept crying loudly as I exaggerated the pain in my belly.

“Okay , I will help. But if you do not get healed after the first kiss ,then I can’t help you any longer” He said while I just held my belly and maintained a discomforted face.

He closed his eye tightly and opened it. He brought his lips close to mine and I could feel his heart constrict like he is about to do something abominable.

He kissed me.

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  1. ^Melissa^…….. Bad piking, who tought u all this. U guys should just fall in love but I think the ruthless billionaire is a bad guy

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