August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 19

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 19

(My heart breaks )

Reese’s POV

My bad!

I bite my lips in serious pain as those words dropped from his mouth

He just called me dumb again, I said it , I should have just snubbed him , I’ll sure give him the insult he deserves after this text

We submitted the text to the teacher after few minutes after which he commences teaching

The teacher left and before the next period teacher could step in, I naughtily looked into his face

“Why…do you call me dumb?” I asked

He was about turning his head to probably look at me and not reply as usual when I intentionally yelled “Why do you call me dumb”

He was stunned , majority of the students in the class were forced to focus their attention on us

Gosh! Is this a perfect way of taking revenge on him? What is he gonna be thinking ? What are these students gonna be thinking about me?

“Guys, I guess you are wondering what really happened between this naughty , stubborn and clumsy girl and my very good friend Miguel ” Ruby said , walking towards our sit while the class focused their attention on us

Oh my! She has known his name already. Same name I had asked Miguel for times without number

Miguel! Well a nice name but a stubborn person

“On Ruby, thanks for coming to my aid at the right time ” I heard Miguel said as he looked towards Ruby

“I’ll be always there for you , guys, don’t mind this woman , I called her a woman cus she’s old and think like an old somebody , she likes to create scene and worst of it all, likes to force herself on men” She mocked and everyone started rumouring something negative about me

The rumours were loud and clear and that hurts me . I stood from the chair and went to meet Ruby angrily

“Whom did you think you are to be insulting me anyhow ?” I asked and she furrowed her brow

“Common guys ! I told you she’s a woman and she’s proving it already , she already wants to make up a fight with me ” She said and adjusted a little from me and that made me feel like a fool

“Woman, I sincerely do not have any strength saved to have a duel with you, I’m more responsible and you don’t expect me to engage some silly battles with you” She said and went to Miguel

“We need to excuse the only woman in this class” I heard her say to Miguel

Miguel nodded , stood and followed her outside

I do not know if I should move to the left , right , front or back . I was so embarrassed. Her insult can be easily seen flying all around me

My heart breaks in pain and I wish I can just find myself in a solitary place where I can let out all the tears I’d being holding

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