July 29, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 109

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He And Her V.

Episode 109.

Grace’s POV.

I arrive home and walked straight to Tucker’s room in a bit to seduce him to make love with me but he wasn’t inside.

I thought for a while wondering where he could be. I walked around the house and noticed Camilla is around.

Where could he have gone too ,though? On a day like this ,he’s suppose to be at home.

I noticed that I had not seen Joy around the house. Where could she be ,though. I know he dears not take him out , not after my actions to him the last time he took her out.

“Joy!” I shouted around the house and I eventually went to her room.

On getting there ,I saw her sleeping. I went to her and covered her well with the duvet.

My phone buzzed at the moment and I picked it almost immediately.

“Hello boss , Tucker just entered the doctor’s office ” Don said through the phone.

“Really?” I thought for a while wondering what Tucker went to do.

“We should deal with the doctor first. ” I said.

“On it.” He said and hung up.


Tucker’s POV.

“Welcome sir ” The doctor welcomed me and gestured for me to sit

“Thanks , I have the blood with me, can I bring it out? I need you to carry on a D.N.A text to confirm if the daughter is mine or not. ”

“I’ve being receiving threats concerning your case. I really do not want anything bad to happen to my family just because I’m trying to help.” He said and swallowed. “There are enemies after you ,Mr. Tucker. ” He said.

“Are you saying you can’t help me sir .” I asked.

“I should but we have to be wise. Don’t come to my office again ,we will fix a different place to meet ,plus I need your blood sample too.” He said and I nodded.

I was nodding ready to stand when his phone buzzed.

I waited for him to pick the call before I will take my leave.

“What!” He shouted on the phone.

Sweats start streaming all over his body as the phone fell from his hand.

He picked it all of a sudden and ran out.

What in the world just happened to him?

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