June 17, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 18

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 18B
In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 17

????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
????????????CHAPTER 18????????????
????????NEW YORK CITY????????
“It’s over two day now and no news from Davis,I need to call him to know how things are going over there.” Jane filled with concern for the young master,kept little Zia in her crib and brought out her phone,dialling Davis number it took him a few rings to pick up the call,
????”Hello Davis,how is everything going over there?” She asked in a very concern voice,
“Things are going pretty well,any update on my suppose wife and brother?” He asked her,she sighed,
Ever since Davis left home,Laurel has completely lost interest in her daughter, the little girl had been living on the nanny’s mercy,not even her grandparents had looked out for her,
“Well,the young miss had been out lately but she goes out mostly without your brother,” She answered truthfully,
“And my daughter?” His concern rose,Laurel had never had interest in Zia for once,she was just using the baby as a means to hold on to him,
“She’s doing very well,being at my care since.”
“Do you have anything on Eva?” Ma Jane asked,Davis didn’t want to tell her but he’d to,
“Yes,we know of her location now and she’s safe with us around.” Its useless telling the woman that someone else had taken his place,
“That’s such great news,please sir make sure the young miss is safe,your parents ate really out for her…” Something fell down,Jane hung up immediately,
“Is someone there?” She asked as she went outside to check if anyone had been there probably eavesdropping at her conversation. Boy no one was there, the hallway was as quite as a graveyard, placing her phone back and deal ting all recent call logs,she went back to Zia’s room.

“Ma’am I found out from one of my contacts, your son was sighted driving down The Boulevard yesterday morning.” Mal said to Davina, she hissed and kept the glass of wine.She took it upon herself to meet him outside the mansion,
“My men are still searching for him and in no time your job would be done.” He said proudly,Mal had a favoritism in shedding blood and clean assassination and this time,he was set on proving his wits.
“Okay,man sure you do a clean job.”He nodded,
” What about your son? What if he gets in the way of the job?”Mal asked,trying yo avoid a scenario where he’ll have to kill a non target because of his or her intruding.
“My son shouldn’t be hurt and the boy too,the both of them should be brought back not even a strand of their hair missing,” she warned him sternly,
She might be bad woman but definitely not a bad mother.
“Yes ma’am.” Before she could say another word Mal stood up,
“Its time I take my leave.” He left her,after staying out for awhile,Davina paid the bill and drove back home.
????????FLINT HILLS????????
The next morning,Eva came back to work at Rachel’s,
“Someone looks charming this morning.” Rachel chimed with joy as she saw her,Eva flushed red,
“Enough of that,I’m just quite happy.” She said as she kept her bag on the table,
“Mind to tell me about it?” Rachel continuous smiling made Eva continue to blush,
“Nothing much,just that I so love the way Adrian stood up for me in front of Davis,no one had been so protective of me since my mom passed away.”Her smile elapsed as she recalled moments,good memories from five years ago, a drop of tears fell from her eyes,Rachel wiped it off before it got to her cheek,
” Eva,you’re gonna be perfectly fine.The world isn’t at it’s end okay,”Patting her shoulder,Rachel acted note like a mother than a big sister,Eva smiled,
When last did I get such feeling of protection, never with Joseph,Davis tried a bit but it really didn’t work.
“Okay,” she sniffled and wiped her face putting on a wide smiled,Rachel was not surprised,
The Eva she know is good at concealing her pain and she’s a very temperamental person,
“Time for working.” She took her apron,wore it and they headed for the pantry room,
Today’s gonna be a hell of a day.
After making lots of cupcakes and small chops,Eva was so tired but decided to go check on the kids while Rachel finish up in the pantry room.When she came out the kids weren’t in he shop,that was unlike them, they never played outside until they’re asked to go out,
“Tyler!” She called out,
“Why would they play outside the snow,leaving their jackets here.She walked outside the shop but was surprised at who she saw the kids with,
” Davis.”She called as she rushed to the kids,they all turned to her and Davis stood up,grinning from ear to ear,
“Davis what do you want from us? Please leave us alone.” She said as she pulled Derry,Tyler and Stacey from Davis who was quite surprise at her line of action,he frowned at it,
“I’m not doing anything wrong now,I just wanted to talk to Tyler,that’s all.” He looked at Tyler,
This boy’s such a tough stuff to handle, he has just spent the past ten minutes trying to coax him but this boy’s sure hard to get.
“Tyler,take Stacey,you guys should go inside,its cold out here.” She made them go inside and when she’s sure they’re right inside and won’t listen to their conversation, she turned to Davis.
“What do you want?” Eva asked,now she wasn’t lenient anymore,
“Eva,try and understand me,I’m not here to take the boy from you,I’m just here to protect the both of you.” He said sympathetically,
“And I’ve said I don’t need your protection!” She yelled,now Davis’s being annoying now,
“Why! Why!!” He held her and shook her vigorously,
“Cause I don’t trust you,I hate you Davis,I hate you!” She scolded,his grip on her loosened and he pulled back from her,
When Eva said this,a little part of her protested,does she really hate him like she claim,
“You hate me uh?” Davis asked again, saying like he never heard what she’d said,Eva was motionless,
“I want you to say it again,tell me that you hate me.”She didn’t move or utter another word,
This isn’t what he came for but she has left him no option,
” You aren’t gonna say it again?You aren’t saying cause you know deep down you that you still love me regardless of our dark past.”He came closer to her,too close she could perceive his peppermint breathe,
“Even if you do hate me like you just claim,you can’t keep me away from Tyler cause he’s my son.” He dropped the bombshell,Eva was shocked and it was visible enough on her face.
“He’s my son,isn’t he?” Davis asked her but she didn’t reply,
No no,
“He isn’t your son,rather he’s your nephew.” She manage to say but Davis didn’t buy that,
“He’s mine and not Joseph’s.” He said proudly,now she has to make him believe that Tyler isn’t his son but Joseph,
God,this is where I require your grace,please don’t fail me,she silently prayed.
“He’s mine and Joseph’s son and what make you think he’s yours?” She asked him,borrowing all the courage she’ll need,
“Cause I know he’s mine.” She almost lost guard at his words,
“You made sure you took contraceptives every time Joseph had his way with you,” His word shocked her,Davis might have moved to London but he was sure to monitor her,
“You’re talking trash.” Angry enough,she turned to leave but he pulled her back and pinned her to the wall,
“Then how do you explain the packs of contraceptive I found in you dressing drawer?” He was right,she has those packs there,right after Tyler was born,so anytime Joseph had sexually abused her,she takes out one,pop it open and slid it down to throat,then she lay on her bed,the bed Joseph had raped her on several nights for several years,she lay on the bed and cry herself to sleep hoping the pills take it’s tolls on her and work effectively and it really did,it hadn’t failed her for years.
“It doesn’t mean a thing,Tyler is Joseph’s son not yours.” Her shaken voice managed to say,he closed the space within them,almost brushing his lips on hers,Eva was shaken,
He’s intimidating me again,flashes of Joseph abuse started popping to her head,
“Please don’t….hurt….me.” Her eyes was shut and for some seconds,Davis was surprised,
“Eva,I’m not gonna hurt you.” He pulled from her,since his closeness must have reminded her a her painful past,her eyes but still shut tight and she was still pleading him not to hurt her,
“Eva,I’m not going to hurt…” Before he could finish his word,she past out right into his arms,
“Eva! Eva!!” He hurriedly carried her to his car,drove in ull speed back to the motel.

In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 18B
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