August 2, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 18B

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 18

????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
????????????CHAPTER 18????????????
The speed at which Davis drove back to the motel was a record for him,under no circumstances had he driven with that high speed but now he’d to cause Eva was involve.
Immediately he got there,he parked hastily,got out of the car,brought out the unconscious Eva and rushed inside,
“Sir,what’s the problem?” The receptionist asked her as she was him rushing in carrying an unknown lady in his arm,for awhile she felt jealous,
“She passed out,I need medical help right now.” He didn’t wait for another minute before he took Eva to his room and lay her on the bed.Diego came rushing in not long after,
“Davis what happened to her?” He asked as he saw Eva lying on Davis birth,her brows were furrowed and her lips were shut tight as she lay motionless on the bed,
“She lost consciousness, I don’t know what happened, we were talking and the next thing,she passed out.” He explained as he took off the blanket and scurried to the air con remote control,
“She needs space man and the room needs proper ventilation and not the air con.” Diego slightly pushed Davis aside as he opened the curtain,revealing a thick ray of sunlight.Its snowing badly,so the sun isn’t as warm or hot as the normal summer sun.
“But…..”Diego shushed him,he placed the back of his palm on Eva’s forehead,
” She’s cold,close up the window and pulled the blanket over her.”Diego ordered while Davis followed his order like an errand boy, actually he isn’t use to taking care of anyone cause he hadn’t done so for almost five years,
“Call for room service,we need to light up the fireplace, this room needs to be warm.” He ordered,Davis followed orders without asking questions. After warming up the room,the left her in the room to rest,Davis at first didn’t wanna go,he wanted to stay till she wakes,to ask her what had happened all this years he wasn’t with her but Diego insisted they let her rest alone.
‘But what if she need something?”He protested,Diego sighed,
“She’s still asleep,she won’t need anything and besides you haven’t told me what really happened.” With one last look at Eva,he followed Diego to his room with no other complain.
“What happened?” Diego asked immediately they entered his room,Davis couldn’t say a word,he’d caused what happened actually, he shouldn’t have talked about his knowledge of Tyler being his son to Eva,
“What happened to Eva? I though you were going there to meet Tyler?” He asked again,
“Well,I did do some chit chat with the boy,who has proven he hate my guts for making his mom feel bad and making her sick,but down the lane Eva popped up and I ended up telling her that I know that Tyler’s my son and…” Diego stood up,he was angered already,
“Why did you have to do that?” Diego asked,Davis sighed,
He was damn wrong and he knows that.
“I know what I did was wrong but I had to,she couldn’t let me talk to the boy.” He stuttered,
“Man,you just given her reason not to let you see the boy again,you’ve just scared her,” Diego explained,
“Now she’ll have sordid reason to kiss your ass outta her life and as a matter of fact,move on with Adrian.” Davis froze,he hadn’t thought about that,
What if that weirdo takes Eva and Tyler away from him for ever?
No,that can’t happen, he can’t live without them,he has managed over the years cause but he can’t now,not after seeing his son and getting another opportunity to see Eva again.
“I can’t let that happen.” He stood up from the bed and leaned on the side desk opposite Diego,
“You’ve just let it happen.” Diego retorted,as much as he care for his friend and want him to reunite the the love of his life,he can’t help but think about what Eva would be going through,
“There has to be a way right?” He asked agitated now,there has to be a a way of getting those two back to him,
“Yes but now you’ve to do exactly what I tell you uh,” He brought his face closer to Davis,who nodded,
“As soon as she wakes up,you go in there,great her nice and remember whatever she she says or do shouldn’t get to you,act nice and tell her you didn’t mean what you said earlier and you accept that Tyler isn’t your but Joseph’s, say it like you mean it,then like a gentleman, take her back to the cake shop,okay.” Diego lectured while Davis rubbed his temple and nodded at the end of the lecture.
When Eva woke up,she was herself in a very unfamiliar room,
Wait What? How did I get here?
She managed to sit up even though her head was splitting,she looked around the room,
It was quite big,with hardwood floor laden with an impeccable white wall,
“What happened to me?” She asked her inner self as she continue to study the strange room,
It has a lamp table,hard wood and a working desk,a bed side drawer and a door she believed led to the bathroom,a wardrobe and…….on the lamp table was a bunch of key,there was also a backpack by the side of the wardrobe. At first she thought it must be Adrian’s since she hadn’t been to his house before but a closer look at the fireplace gave her a chill,
“Am I in a motel?” She bolted up,thinking of what had happened to me before she passed out,
“Tyler..outside…Davis…” She stopped,
Davis had wanted to kiss her but she passed out,
“The nerve of that bastard!!” Suddenly the d9r opened and the devil walked in,
“Why did you bring me here?” She flared upon seeing him,
“Eva I’m sorry,you passed out and I didn’t know what to do.” He said in a very remorseful way,
What made me pass out? She remembered, Davis had wanted to kiss her but she started get flashed and recalling how Joseph had done that to her in the past made her pass out.
“I’m sorry for everything I said earlier,I knew I was wrong….” She interrupted him way fast before he could finish,
“Take me back the shop,everyone must be worried about me,especially Tyler and Adrian.” She mention his name intentionally so Davis would get mad but like Diego had told him,he wasn’t gonna get mad at whatever she says,
“Okay but are you sure you don’t need to rest more cause you don’t look better to me.”He tried to keep calm even though it seemed hard,
” Take me back.”She insisted,he nodded as she walked slowly towards him actually towards the door.She walked past him but he didn’t move,
“Are you taking me or not?” Her tone was flat void of expression but Davis knew within that she wasn’t void of emotions, she was trying to protect herself and for that,she had let her walls so high no one can penetrate.
No one but him cause,he’s now bent on having her and his son back for good.

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