July 30, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 40

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 40


Very early the following morning ,I was sitting at the living room just taking a view at my favorite station being displayed on the TV.

“Brother! Brother!” I heard the boss yelled and I wondered why he’s calling for his brother with so much enthusiasm.

His brother came into view and he said. “Brother guess what?”


He walked to his brother and showed him something on his phone. His brother read it out gently. :”Hi ,sorry I missed your call. Is anything wrong? Can’t wait for you to …kiss. ”

“Really?”his brother looked to his face.

“I told you this girl loves me so much. She’s dying to have me but she’s shy. Just imagine her say she can’t wait to kiss me ” He told his brother

“You are that lucky. Haven’t seen a lady tell me that in years. ” his twin brother said.

“Don’t worry , it isn’t scarce to see a fine girl in America here ” He said and tapped his brother on his shoulder.

“I think I find one already?”

The boss’s face became anxious and he asked. “Who?”

“Right there. ” His brother pointed to me and he laughed.

“You are so funny brother. Say I forbid it”


“No,just say I FORBID IT”

“I can’t say that , you mean forbid the fact that I loved her?”

“Calm down brother. This girl is seducing you ,I understand but don’t give in. See you…No! Just take a look at how rich you are. How can you allow yourself stoop so low to an ordinary nonentity of a girl like this one ” The boss said pointing at me.

“I don’t care what her status is ,I love her and I will love her to be my girlfriend. ”

“Calm down brother ,you are taking this thing too serious. I can’t be alive and watch you marry a psycho. She can just tear you apart one day.” he said trying every possible means to convince his brother not to love me.

“Tear me apart ? Is she a wild lion?”

“Not just a wide lion ,she’s a lion ,a tiger and a leopard. See brother , there was a day she tore one of our workers into pieces. Like she practically tore her clothes and used her nails to draw brutal tattoos on the lady’s body ” The boss lied.

“Really? ”

“I’m telling you. Her psycho comes once in a while but when it comes ,she can even kill you ”

“Jeez! That is scary!” His brother said looking at me like I’m a real psycho.

“So don’t even think about dating someone like her ”

“But why did you keep her as a secretary and also want her to nurse you till you get healed?” His observant brother asked and he began to stammer not knowing exactly what answer to give.

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