August 4, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 6 and 7

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 6
Sofia’s POV
‘It’s okay am fine now,’ I said.
‘Can you go with me to a party this Friday?’ Scot asked.
‘What kind of party?’
‘My friend Harry is holding a party in his house. He graduated from grade twelve,’
‘I don’t think I will go. My mum won’t give me permission,’
‘Please just come with me,’ he pleaded.
‘Okay, I will talk to my mum,’
‘Thank you so much,’ he said smiling.
Nadia’s POV
‘What do you plan to do with her?’ Haris asked.
‘I don’t know yet but anything that will make her cry,’
‘Embarrass her in public,’
‘How? She isn’t to know am the one behind it,’
‘I will do it for you,’
‘Thank you friend,’
We went back to class as I smiled to myself. I just got the best news. After the lecture we walked behind her and Scot as they went get lunch.
Sofia’s POV
We were going to get lunch when I realised Nadia was following us.
I sat opposite Scot as Nadia sat at the table behind us. I just have this feeling they are up-to no good.
Scot stood to get our food while Nadia walked towards us.
‘Hi,’ she greeted and I just stared at her.
I want to be very careful with her. My ears are still hurting and I don’t want my mom to punish me again.
‘I’m not here for trouble, I just came to say hi to my closest competitor,’ she said with a smile and it wasn’t genuine.
‘What are we competing for?’ I asked because I don’t remember joining any competition especially not with her.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 7
Sofia’s POV
‘Don’t tell me you don’t know. But am not surprised, what was I expecting from someone as dumb as you. I just wanted to inform you to leave my Scot alone,’ she said with a smirk.
I really wanted to beat her but remembering my mom I controlled myself. I looked at her and smiled.
‘Really, so this is about Scot. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Actually I didn’t tell him to choose me,’
She looked at me furiously. I wanted to talk again but I so Scot coming so I stopped.
‘You will pay for this,’ she said but I don’t really care.
‘If that is a threat then it isn’t valid because ain’t scared with mere word. Enjoy your day, chao.’
I waved my fingers to her and she ran out of the cafeteria.
‘Were you arguing with her?’ Scot asked.
‘She started it,’
‘I know, don’t mind her,’ Scot said and took his seat.
I took my food and started devouring it, I was so hungry.
After school we went home and mum was in the kitchen.
I want to impress her before asking her for permission. I went to help her.
‘Are you okay?’ mum asked when I started.
‘Why mum?’
‘The last time I checked you hated cooking. Tell me what do you want in return?’ she asked.
‘I just want to help,’ I said and from the expression on her face she want buying my lie.
‘Just tell me young lady,’
‘Can I attend a party on Friday?’
‘What time?’
‘Six in the evening,’
‘What! You won’t attend,’ she said.
‘Mum please I won’t stay too long,’ I pleaded.
‘Young lady, I said no, end of conversation,’ she said and continued cooking.
I now understand why we are all stubborn, we got it from her. I will keep repeating until she gets tired and accepts.
I left everything and went to Lily’s room.
‘What happened?’ she asked.
‘Mum has refused to allow me attend a party. Scot invited me,’
‘I will hell you that is if I will also attend,’
‘I will ask Scot tomorrow,’
‘You got a good catch,’
‘What do you mean?’
‘He is handsome,’
‘Yeah I know,’ I said blushing.
‘You don’t love him, right?’
‘He is just a friend and a good one,’
She rolled her eyes and went to the bathroom so I left the room and went to mine.

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