August 4, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 8 and 9

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 8
Lily’s POV
I will help her just to be close to Scot. I must attend that party to be close to him. I went downstairs to meet mum.
‘We wanted to attend a party. Can we go?’ I asked.
‘You and who or are you in plural?’ she asked.
‘Me and Sofia,’
‘Did she send you?’
‘Not really, actually I sent her,’
‘What the hell is wrong with. This is a party held at night, how on earth do you expect me to let you go?’
‘Mum not at night it’s in the evening and we will be back before 10:00 I promise,’ I said with pleading eyes.
‘Okay you two can go and make sure nothing happens to both of you,’ she said and continued serving the dishes.
Mum can’t say no to me. Sofia is never patient she gives up easily that’s why mum refused.

(Friday morning)
‘Let’s go for shopping,’ I suggested.
‘What for?’ Sofia asked.
‘We need clothes to look beautiful,’
‘It’s not a date just a party,’
‘That’s it, a party and we need to look nice,’
‘What about classes?’
‘Missing for one day won’t hurt,’
‘The driver?’ Sofia asked with an eyebrow.
‘I will deal with him, I will meet you at the backyard,’ I said and went to call the driver.
????Yes Lily
????We have been given extra work and I didn’t want you to come twice. Can you please come twenty minutes past the normal time?’
????Thank and don’t tell mum about it,’
????Okay I won’t.
I hanged up with a smile on my face.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 9
Sofia’s POV
I just pray we don’t get caught. I informed Scot that I won’t be in class for maybe the next two lectures before going to the backyard. I waited for a while before Lily came.
‘We will use the back gate,’ she said.
I followed behind and when we got there their were guards.
‘What will we do to the guard, they won’t allow us out,’ I said scared.
‘Wait here,’ she said and walked closer to them.
They talked for a while and I didn’t hear their conversation. I just saw them nodding and she signalled me and we left. I don’t know what she told them. This girl behaves like someone older than her age. She will be turning sixteen but she is taller than me. If you see us together you may think she is the eldest. We took a cab to the mall and went back to school through the back gate. She gave our shopping to the guards and went to class. I was happy when I got no teacher in class.
After classes we were driven home to prepare but Scot offered to drive us there with his car.
I put on the pink floral dress we had bought and blue high-heeled shoe. I checked myself on the mirror and was satisfied with my looks. I don’t like makeup staff so I just applied lip gloss.
I picked my purse and met Lily waiting for me.
‘Mum, we are leaving,’ I shouted.
‘I need you back before 10:00 is that clear,’ she shouted back from the kitchen.
‘Okay mum,’ Lily said with a wink and we left the house.
I saw Scot’s car parked at a distance so we walked to there. He was so handsome with his tuxedo and any girl would look twice before passing.
‘Hope you didn’t wait for long?’
‘I just got here,’ he said with a smile that could melt anyone’s heart. He opened the front door and Lily jumped in.
He opened the back door and winked at me before closing it.

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