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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 38 ,39 and 40.

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 41,42 and 43
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 37

Kyle POV
I closed a box full of my clothes before bringing out another to fill up with my shoes and slides then my bedroom door opened. Lana walked in.
“Do you really have to go to Mumbai?”
(She asked with a sad face)
“Yes Lana”
(I stopped packing and focused on her)
“But..but you never wanted to go to Mumbai”
“Yes my love – but I have no choice”
(A tear dropping down her cheek)
“Please don’t cry”
(I hugged her tightly)
“If I don’t go now one day I will still have to go to Mumbai. I want to be a master of my powers so I can be able to find Kira”
“Yes I know that but I…I’m going to miss you Zach”
(Six months is a long time and I’m gonna miss Lana too. She is my other half now and I can’t stand the chance of being away from her..but what else can I do? I have to learn more about the mystical powers Malcolm passed to me. Mumbai is the state capital of Maharashtra, India formerly known as Bombay. There is a secret Academy for the SUPERNATURALS in Mumbai just like how we have Fountain Falls in USA. Vidyalaya khanapara Academy is the name of the supernatural Academy and I’ve been linked to serve under one of Latour’s oldest teacher named Mr Reyansh who will be my Master and teach me about my powers. I can’t predict how my stay in India will be but I have to blend in since I’m doing this for Myself and Kira)
“I will miss you too My love”
(She pulled out of the hug and stared intensely at me)
“You love me don’t you?”
“Yes I love you Lana”
“Then..then promise me that….”
(She paused and I knew what she wanted. Lana wants an assurance that I won’t date another Lady in India)
“Never mind”
(She completed and moved to my bed to start packing my shoe into the box)
“What is it Lana?”
(I wrapped my arm around her)
“Nothing Zach”
“I know what you want”
(I turned her to face me)
“Uhmmm…it not something we should talk about”
“It not important”
“Of course it is important my love..and I know you want me to promise you that I won’t see another girl in India right?”
(She avoided my gaze)
“Look at me -”
(I tilted her jaw to meet my gaze)
“Listen I’ve learned to love you and ..i have no reason to see another girl in India as long as I remember that you’re here waiting for me to return home”
(I paused to study her expression..Lana wasn’t convinced yet)
“I promise that I won’t love another girl in India. Look at this -”
(I brought out my cellphone and showed it to her)
“I have your picture on my screen lock and wallpaper so that i can connect with you and remember our love whenever I look at my Phone”
(I opened my gallery and showed her pictures of our first date)
“I have a lot on my phone,I even transfered our chats,text messages and pictures on my system just in case I misplace my cellphone”
“But you know India girls are extra pretty..what if you fall on love with one or what if a girl there love you and do all it takes to have you?”
“That’s not going to happen”
“Zach anything can happen when it comes to love. Who will ever tell that you and I can be together now?”
(She stopped)
“Maybe we should break up Zach so that you can be free to do whatever it is you want to do in India…and moreover you have to focus and not think about me”
“I can’t believe you saying this right now – what else should I do to convince you or make you believe that I love you dearly and won’t cheat on you”
(I raised my voice a bit expressing my disappointment)
“Now I know you don’t trust me – I should be the one feeling insecure cause there are many boys on your list that want to date you. Fine if you want to break up to be with another guy when I’m gone”
(I walked to my wardrobe and brought out some of Malcolm’s books and dumped them in my box. Lana didn’t say a word. She is still judging me by my past with girls and it not as if I dated all of them just one. What is even a relationship without trust? If she needs a break from the relationship then it fine but on my own part I will keep on loving her till she is ready to come back to me)
“I trust you Zach”
(I heard her say but that didn’t stop me from packing)
“Zach -”
(She came to me,held my waist but I turned away from her)
“I am sorry Zach”
(She hugged me from behind)
“I’m sorry – I didn’t mean it when I said we should break up”
“But you said it anyways..so that you can be with another guy”
“No..No..no Zach – I don’t want to be with any other guy but you. You know how much I love you and can’t do without you”
“Then you should trust me as much as you love me”
“I do Zach – I trust you”
(I turned to face her and pulled her in for a tight embrace)
“You can come with me if you want so that you can watch me”
(She slapped my back)
“I don’t have to do that Zach since I trust you and you already promised me so I will hold on to that. Moreover if I come with who will take care of mom? No one”
“I give you my word my love”
“Then I will patiently wait for your return”
“I pulled out of the embrace my lips crashing on Lana’s, I held on around her waist and the back of her head. Lana’s hand came around my neck as we shared a passionate kiss. Few seconds passed and I never wanted it to end but Lana parted breaking off the kiss and I placed my forehead on hers)
” I love you”
“Kyle -”
(The door opened and I looked up to see my mom. She stopped when her gaze dropped to my hands on Lana’s waist. Lana broke off and adjusted but it was too late since she already caught us)
“What the hell is going on here?”
(She asked with a raised eyebrow while Lana looked at me expecting me to say something)
“Uhmmm Lana was just helping pack my stuffs into my boxes”
“But..I saw you two engage in a romantic position”
“It..it…it not what you think god mother”
(She already pleaded to me not to let my parents or hers to know we are dating only Luis is aware of our relationship)
“Perhaps are guys dating?”
(I replied as I pulled Lana to my side with my arm on her shoulder. She tried to get out but I held her tightly to my body. She doesn’t want mom to think she is taking care of her because she loves me or so that she can always see me)
“You see godmother -”
(She fiddled with her fingers)
“Say the truth Lana,mom is not going to eat you up. I know how much you want us to keep us a secret but everyone is bound to know anytime soon”
(She bit her lower lip and we both turned to face my mom)
“Mom Lana is my girlfriend”
“Is that true Lana?”
“Yes god mother”
“Since when?”
“Over month now”
“And you didn’t tell me”
“I’m sorry godmother”
“We are sorry mom and Lana doesn’t want you to know because she thinks you might assume she’s been taking care of you so that she can look good”
“You’ve always been a good girl Lana – and Kyle having you by his side is what I’ve always wanted for him but I couldn’t tell him because he might think I’m trying to choose a girl for him”
“Thanks mom…so do we look good together?”
(She laughed a little)
“Yes son..and perhaps have you guys had something together?”
“Mom! Don’t over react…we haven’t done any thing yet just few kisses that’s all”
“Okay then I just wanted to know remember no unwanted pregnancy…am I cleared?”
“Yes mom”
“I will leave you two to finish up your goodbyes. Kyle be fast the Jet is ready at the airport”
“Okay mom”
(She walked out)
“Hey why did you tell mom?”
“We can’t deny it when she already caught us – even if we had said no mom can tell whenever we are lying.. So truth was the best option or don’t you feel relived now that she knows?
” well it better that way”
“You have to tell your mom too before she find outs herself”
“I planned to tell her yesterday but I was scared of what she would say or do to me so I didn’t”
“You shouldn’t be scared of your mom about stuffs like this.. It not as if you want to tell her you having sex with me or that you’re pregnant…it only that we are dating”
“She will disown me if I get pregnant at this age and you know mom have always told Luis and I that 18 is the legal age to date. I don’t know where she got that theory from so don’t ask me”
(We both laughed)
“Will you come visiting in Mumbai?”
(I kissed her lips)
“Yes but that will be after I’m done with few auditions”
“Will auditions ever end?”
“I don’t know Zach but don’t worry i will come and see you”
“Okay..my love”
(I tried to kiss her again but she stopped me)
“No more kisses lover boy – you still have a lot of packing to do”
“Arggg…just one kiss…you know I’m gonna miss this pretty lips”
(She kissed me quickly)
“Is that a kiss?”
“Yes it is…and who knows if dad will be next to walk-in”
“He won’t…he doesn’t like it in here because the paintings and portraits of villains scares the hell out of him”
“You should take them all out”
“Do that for me when I’m gone”
“Okay I will replace them with our pictures”
“Good idea – send it to me when you are done setting them up”
“Can I get my kiss now?”
“Oh Zach I will give you a Kiss…when you are about to leave”
(I rolled my eyes as Lana moved to my box)
“Pack,pack your stuff Zachary and stop undressing me with your third eye”
“What?! I’m not undressing you..I’m thinking of a way to steal a kiss instead”
(After those words escaped my mouth,Lana made her move,she ran her finger through my hair and pulled me for a kiss. I wasn’t expecting it and it took me a second to adjust. Lana was a good kisser and kissing her was a perfect mixture of love and happiness)

Kira POV
(Kian ran to meet up with us)
“Where have you guys been? I looked everywhere for you?”
(Darius placed my feet gently on the ground balancing me to stand myself)
“It a long story Kian”
(I replied him)
“What happened?”
“She was abducted by a demigod”
(Darius answered)
“Demi..demigod?! What demigod?!”
(His eyes widened)
“Yes Kian.. his name is Dakora”
“Dakora?! That bastard! How did he find you?”
(I explained to Kian how Dakora found me and abducted me while Darius gathered more sticks to the fireplace and prepared the blanket)
“Why didn’t you wake me up Darius?”
(Darius didn’t respond)
“He didn’t wake you up because you were too deep in Reverie”
(I answered for Darius)
“Take this -”
(Darius threw his dagger back to him)
“You took my silver dagger without me knowing?”
“Kian that was why I said you were too deep in Reverie”
“Ahrrrgggggg I can’t believe I went that deep to not knowing Darius took my dagger…any dark creature would have killed me at that moment”
(Kian curled his fist and hit his head)
“You’re such a fool for going too deep and missing an opportunity to fighting a demigod.. Dakora at that”
“Well all thanks to your dagger,Darius stabbed Dakora right in his heart”
(I acted the way Darius had stabbed Dakora using my hands)
“Really?..So what happened next?”
“Dakora pushed Darius away and said..”
‘Do you think a small knife would kill me’
(I mimicked Dakora’s voice and Kian chuckled)
“Hmm…fool he doesn’t know his heart was pierced by one of the most powerful Elf knife”
(Kian added)
(Darius gestured to me to sit on the blanket after pulling off my shoes)
“He wasn’t aware of that Kian”
“So what did Darius say to me?”
(Kian asked)
(I cleared my throat and mimicked Darius’s voice)
“Yeah”..Darius said with a smirk on his face so Dakora removed the knife from his chest then…his face changed!”
“To what? A two faced monster?”
“I don’t know Kian…but it your weapon so you should be aware of what happens after using it”
(Kian itched the back of his neck)
“I haven’t used such knife before on any creature… It a secret dagger”
“Because my granddad designed it mostly for killing gods”
“So you haven’t fought with a god before?”
“Yes not even a demigod… But I’m still hoping to come across one in one of my woods”
“If I were you I won’t pray to meet one”
“Well that because you are a human… In the Elf world we get medals and stars as a Hunter if we manage to kill a god or demigod”
“You should get one since your dagger was used to kill a demigod”
(Kian clapped his hands)
“Yes..yes..yes you’re right! My silver dagger has been tinted with the blood of one of the most cruelly demigods in the past!”
“So do you get a reward for that?”
“Not me but my dagger will if tested”
(He grinned sheepishly)
“Look here -”
(He showed me empty holes at the handle of the dagger which was in star shapes)
“If I get to kill one god I get a star..five gods to fill up five stars in the dagger then I get a rewards of a medal and another powerful knife”
(He said happily)
“So as an ELF hunter you kinda have ranks too same with your weapons”
“Exactly.. Tell me the rest of the story so I can narrate it to my people”
“Okay…so after Dakora’s face changed …Darius said -”
(I mimicked his voice again)
“You’re right DAKORA…no knife can kill you, but the silver dagger designed by an Elf Hunter can destroy a god”
(I heard a small laugh from Darius)
“Did you just laughed?”
(Kian asked but a frown displayed on Darius’s face like he wasn’t listening to our conversation. I’m sure Darius is interested in joining the conversation but he doesn’t want to because of KIAN. They are always locking horns on little things mostly whenever Kian was boasting about his knowledge on directions in woods and places around the world..Darius was always there to argue they’ve both lived for many years so I’m always left to keep quiet whenever they disagree about past events..I only interfere in their discussion if it a thing of the present. I get in their midst too anytime they are about to fight cause Kian is always claiming that his much more older than Darius while Darius is there to make him understand that he has lived for ages…and other times when no one is ready to listen to me I leave them to do whatever pleases them)
“Well maybe you didn’t…but I heard you laughing…a small laugh though”
(Kian said)
“Should I continue or stop the tale Kian?”
“Oh! Please continue”
“Then Dakora muttered how..how..”
“How what?”
“Well lemme guess what he wanted to say..”
“How did you manage to get such a powerful dagger?”
(I said acting like the Dakora in pain and Kian laughed out loud at my drama)
“Born actress”
(Darius whispered under his breathe but I heard it clearly)
(I said and Darius looked up from the fireplace)
“You said something?”
“I heard it too Darius”
(Kian interjected)
“I..I was just meditating”
(Kian and I exchanged confused looks)
“Just go to bed kira..we’re leaving this wood very early tomorrow”
“But she’s not done telling the story to me”
(Kian cocked his brow)
“She will tomorrow”
“No..no..it fine Darius I will tell him the rest now since we are at the end of it”
(Kian clapped giving me a bright smile)
“And then,slowly,Dakora skin burnt and turned into ashes”
(Kian exclaimed)
“Hey Elf don’t go about lying in the Elf world that you killed a demigod”
(Darius said in a stern tone before shutting his eyes)
(Kian whispered to me)
“I can hear you clearly Elf, whisper another foul word and your head will be out of place in a second”
“Sh sh sh”
(I silenced Kian when he was about to say another foul word..his type of Elf doesn’t give in to threat easily..and Kian like daring Darius)
“Good night Kira”
(He sat down next to a tree and rested his head on it)
“No reverie Elf or else you will be left behind”
“You dare not leave me behind”
“Try me then.. go deep and you will wake up alone tomorrow”
“Okay leave if you want to”
“That enough both of you!”
(I silenced them)
Kira POV
“Hey Kian! Get up we’re moving!”
(I tapped him but he didn’t respond. Darius needed to ease himself so I’m using that chance to wake Kian but he wasn’t answering. Darius meant it when he said he was going to leave Kian behind… and it obvious that Darius doesn’t want Kian to know our exact destination. And who knows if we’ve been going on circles?! Just to hide that from Kian)
“Wake up Kian!”
(I whispered while tapping him but still no response from him)
“What are you doing?”
(I froze immediately I heard Darius voice)
“Really? but I caught you waking him”
“No..no..no..I wasn’t”
(I lied)
“So what?”
(He folded his arms)
“You know I was just wondering how Elves sleep without closing their eyes”
“If you come in contact with a sleeping Elf don’t try to wake him up”
(I threw my hands up in the air)
Let’s go”
“Are we really leaving without him?”
“Yes..I made that clear last night”
“I suggest we don’t leave without him..Kian has been helpful to us -”
“We don’t need him”
(He started walking away)
“but it not fair leaving him behind”
“You can stay with him if you want Kira”
“That’s impossible”
“It because I’m to go with you and not Kian”
(Darius stopped and came back to me. He leaned closer to me and whispered to my ears)
“Do you like that Elf?”
(I pushed him away)
“I don’t like him in the way you’re thinking”
“So what that feeling in your tone?”
“It just that I feel for him..he is alone in this wood with no companion.. Until he returns back home. So meeting us must have been a great relieve to him”
“I don’t care”
(He grounded and walked away. I looked at Kian for the last time before joining Darius,he was still deep in reverie. How I wish I could say a goodbye to him)
Kira POV
Everywhere was clear now with the sun shinning above us as we both walked at a slow pace
“Are you tired?”
(Darius asked)
“No I’m fine”
“But Darius…why are we walking slowly this time around?.. I mean we used to run at a high speed with me in your hands”
“Nothing let walk slow now to save up our strength for the night. And again will don’t have to worry about any creature coming after us at night since we will run at a high speed through the night”
(I replied ripping the rose I had picked up on the way)
“Here we are again!”
(We heard someone say loudly! I looked around but saw no one! That voice was similar to that of Kian’s)
“You left me behind as you’ve said”
(He said in a low tone. Darius and I looked up at the tree close by and saw Kian on it)
(I screamed happily when he came down from the tree)
“Hi kira”
(He gave me a high five)
“I can’t believe you found us!”
“I will as long as you are still in my wood”
(He flicked his hair from his face)
“So are you still coming with us?”
(Darius stared walking away again and KIAN and I followed. He must hate the fact that Kian found us)
“No I’m not coming with you”
“It so obvious someone can’t stand me,someone wants to get rid of me and lastly someone doesn’t want me to tag along…so I have decided to head back to my daily routine”
(I stopped in track)
“You are leaving because Darius doesn’t like you?”
(He nodded negatively)
“He is not enough to discourage or stop me if I want to come with you”
“Okay so what then?”
“I’m going back to the Elf world”
(He brought out his dagger)
“Oh! You have to get a star for your silver dagger?”
“So is this a goodbye?”
“Yes I guess”
(He smiled)
“Thanks for giving me a chance to relate with you”
(He bends a bit bringing his face closer to mine)
“It a honour for me to meet a good Red Haired Witch in my life”
(He placed his hand on my hair and roughen it)
“I’m also happy to meet an Elf…your stay with us was a good one it actually made this adventure more interesting for me”
“Then I’m glad I have a good Record with a Red witch”
(We laughed)
“So will you like to meet me some day?”
“Yes I will love that Kian”
“Then I have a gift for you”
(A bracelet appeared in his hand)
“I want you to have this bracelet …accept it as a gift from me”
“Where did you get this from Kian?”
“A female friend who is a High Elf gave it to me when I was little”
“Is it magical?”
“Yes..I used to get bullied by other elves when I was little so she gave it to me to always call on her whenever I’m in trouble”
“So I can call on you whenever I want to see you with this bracelet?”
“Exactly Kira…just whisper my name three time in this Pearl here then boom! You will see me”
“Yes..you can use it when you get back home to your family so I can see your twin brother”
“Why can’t I use it in this wood?”
“I’m going back home…and I don’t want to appear in this wood again or else I might be tempted to come back here untimely”
“Okay Kian..thanks for this”
“Don’t I deserve a hug?”
“Of course you do!”
(I hugged him)
“Thank you kira I will tell how good you are to everyone in the Elf world. I will make them know that Red witches are not evil like history have it”
(I released him)
“Bye Kian!”
“Now go and meet that bad boy before he comes for you”
(I waved before racing to meet up with Darius)
“Hey Darius! Please take good care of Kira!”
(He said loudly then I looked back but didn’t see him. Kian was gone finally)
“What were you saying with him?”
“Nothing just goodbyes”
“He gave you that?”
(He asked when his gaze dropped on my wrist)
“Yes it an Elf gift… So I can see him anytime I want to”
“You fancy goodbyes don’t you?”
“No I hate goodbyes but in Kian’s case I had to say a goodbye to him..well I’m glad he found us”
(I am happy Kian did that.. He must have come looking for us just to give me the bracelet. I will keep and treasure the Elf bracelet to show it to my family when I get back home. It serves as a reminder of my brief friendship with a Jovial Elf Hunter. Goodbye Kian! I wish you get more stars to your dagger and more medals to your status!)

Kira POV
The night sky was dense. The forest canopy and clouds hid the brilliance of stars. We walked silently. It being two weeks since I said my goodbyes to Kian and I missed having him with us. The steep inclined of the Zondael Mountain terrain would have presented a significant challenge but we weren’t just humans and as such we easily glided along,navigating effortlessly around the plentiful trees and mixed foliage
“Is this our safe place?”
Darius titled his head,his glance falling on the map held in his hand. He studied the map of the area for a moment.
“It just over the next ridge,be prepared we are almost there”
We finally reached the top ridge and stopped. I stared at the topography below in confusion. There was nothing. No building or even a sign of a block,just a vast land
“Um Darius…”
I said rubbing the back of my neck with my hand
“Are you sure this is the location”
Darius was silent,his brow creased,his attention riveted to the map in his hand before bringing out his phone. He pressed two finger on the screen and drew them together,making the image on it smaller,then slid it around with his finger searching
“Is this a trap or something Darius? Don’t you know the location to where we are headed? No building…or are we to stay and die here in the wilderness?”
I followed him our descent slower than before more conducive for caution. I kept a close distance to Darius as we walked,studying every inch around us. We found nothing. Where the hell is this place?!
“You know Darius we’ve come so far…to end with nothing”
He stopped and gave me the duffel bag
“hold this while I make some calls”
His voice was low and I tried to give him a small smile but unsuccessful. He stood some yards away,deep in conversation on phone with heaven knows who. I can’t continue standing here with no purpose. I need to at least take a closer look at the landscape maybe I will find something we missed. I looked around for a while only for the duffel bag strap to snap loose from my hand and then it disappeared all together. Where did it go?!
I cried out
Darius head whipped up, his eyes locked on mine,while his body was already in motion towards me. Every nerve ending in my body trembled on high alert
“What is it Kira?”
He growled and I tried to keep my voice steady
“We are on a strange land… The duffel bag disappeared”
I pointed to the place I already stepped faraway from now
Darius gaze snapped the empty landscape where I pointed
“We are in the right location after all”
“What?! Here?! What do you mean?!”
I whispered trying to make sense of his comment
“This is our hidden location”
“Hidden location”
“Yes…so what did you think it is?”
“This is a wilderness”
“No it more than just a wilderness”
“Wait does this place bears some kind of powers?”
Darius moved forwards to the place I pointed,shuffling his feet ahead of him,feeling the landscape before taking a step. Ten steps later,he stopped abruptly, his foot making contact with an unseen object
“Can you feel it?”
“I can feel it”
“What is it?”
“Kinda like a rock or something solid”
He described. Darius reached his hand out and then his finger disappeared
I cried and closed the distance between us,holding the back of his shirt. Darius pulled his hand and flexed his fingers examining them
“As a witch what do you think this thing is?”
“Witchcraft,portal or cloaking.. I don’t know”
Darius smiled – what’s so funny about this creepy wilderness
“This is the entrance to our hidden location”
I cocked my brow
“Yes..what do want to do now?..go back to stay in the wood or continue on?”
I chewed my lower lip and looked around the landscape
“I can’t possibly go back to the wood”
“Well I leave the decision up to you..you may follow me in there or you return back to the wood full of dark creatures. The choice is yours kira”
“We’ve spent weeks in those dangerous woods fighting different creatures I never dream to see again”
I clutched his warm hand in mine,entwining our fingers. I trust him,Darius won’t go into a place If it not safe.
“We’re in this together Darius”
I whispered
“Together Kira”
He growled and swept me Into his arms. I held my breath. He cradled me tightly against his chest and stepped over the unseen rock. And then we were falling into the unknown world.
Darius POV
We reached Capitan Mountain few days after Kian departed from us. I was glad he left without being told to do so since he wasn’t needed in this journey. At times I find his company interesting mostly every time he makes Kira laugh while telling his old jokes. Kian and i disagreed so many times while he was still with us. I only find Kian strange each time he question’s Kira about her lineage and what sort of powers she possesses. Kira was smart to tell him little about whatever he asked. I never wanted him to know anything about Kira or where we are headed because of Kira’s safety. In two weeks we got to Zondael Mountain which no human or supernatural being will ever dream of coming to. It wasn’t a popular mountain now but it was in the old times. There’s a big landscape behind the mountain after crossing a top ridge. It was a deserted Land which use to belong to the Fae but it wasn’t owned by anyone now after a fight broke out between the Fae and Vampires a long time ago. The fae leader created a portal to their world until a bloodline Vampire came with his men,broke into the Fae world to claim the Landscape and the world beneath. The Fae Leader not wanting to give up his kingdom made all Fae disappeared,destroyed the bloodline Vampire for killing many Fae and also destroyed the World. Ever since then, the Dael Landscape became a forgotten land. A place like this which is the best location to keep Kira,where no man will ever find her. When we stepped on the land I was confused After I didn’t see my visible portal,I searched, studying every inch around us but found nothing. I reached out to Malphus on my phone to ask him some questions about the Landscape -Malphus doesn’t have much knowledge about it but then he placed one of the red witches on the line. She explained that the entrance was created with witchcraft and was clocked by the Fae leader..leaving us to find the cloaked part ourselves. I was still on phone when I heard Kira’s loud cry,I was by her side in no time wondering what had happened so quickly. Then she mentioned a part swallowing up the duffel nag which wasn’t in her hand anymore. I found the place,it was the concealed entrance to our hidden Location. I gave Kira a chance to make a decision of her own after seeing the great fear in her eyes. I knew Kira won’t risk going back into the woods so she will be left to with no choice but to come with me. Kira agreed and I stepped on the unseen rock leading Into the world
Ahahhah I can’t believe no one got the change in my story these days but don’t worry I will tell you!
The change is…that I changed the way I write my stories eg
A:what is wrong with you?
B:Am fine
I stopped using this drama style and changed to a prose style if I may say…eg
“We are in a strange land!”
(I cried out)
Instead of
B:we are in a strange land!
Do you all see the changes now?
Kikikikiki Don’t mind me…but you guys still tried…some of said I posted longer episodes these days…hmm that partly in correct! I’ve always posted longer episodes!

The Red Haired Witch. Episode 41,42 and 43
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 37

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