July 31, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 112

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Venessar High School. Episode 111

Venessar High School.

Episode 112.

Three months later.

Kimberly’s POV

Sean ; the new CEO of the 6S band stood beside me along side many rich men of the countries.

They had come to honor the burial of professor Lucas.

Professor Lucas burial was beautiful designed and we followed the order of the priest that led the burial programme.

After we were done , Sean and I returned home.

We now own my father’s empire but we miss Stephen and Kimberly every single day.

When I read the letter that Professor Lucas wrote ,I had to forgive him. Not forgiving him does not really change anything.

Sean and I began to live the happiest life we had always wished to.

Sean later employed another talented artiste to complete the 6S band since Stephen had died.

We honor Autumn and Stephen every year. Their pictures are hung around the mansion and we as a matter of fact ,released many songs about them.

Stephen and Autumn will forever remain in our hearts.

Sean and I had our first child and it was a female. Without much debate ,we happily named her Autumn.

Our second child happened to be male and we named him Stephen.

Those are the only two children we had and whenever we look at them ,we remember Stephen and the strong Autumn.

We enrolled our children to VENESSAR HIGH SCHOOL.

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The end.

Venessar High School. Episode 111

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