July 22, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 20

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 20.


I hastily held his head when I noticed he was about to hurriedly remove his head after slightly planting his handsome lips on mine.

I locked his lips inside mine and kissed those lips passionately especially the lower lips.

He finally struggled to free himself from my grip and he start to exhale like someone that had just finished a race.

He touched his lips while looking at me without expressing any emotion.

“Are you a vampire?” He asked while I watched without replying.

“Just tell me you want to bite my lips off ” He added. “That was close ” He murmured to himself as he went to the small chair in the room to sit.

“I’m still not fine sir. ” I said.

He turned at me and grinned wickedly. “I hope that the menstrual cramp take your life. ” he said and turned from me.

I continued groaning for many more minutes , exaggerating my pains and to my surprise ,he came around again.

“Did you know you are disturbing me?” He asked.

“It’s the pain sir ”

“But I’ve kissed you , isn’t the pain suppose to reduce ?”

“That’s not kiss ,sir. We call it peck. I need you to lock your lips in mine and kiss it passionately. You would see that I would recover in no time.” I said still groaning faintly.

“But the last time I kissed you ,you almost devour my lips.” He said.

“Because you wanted to remove your lips from mine after slightly planting it on mine. For it to work ,it has to come willingly from you.” I said.

“But your lips are horrible ,they are bitter. Very disgusting. Gosh! ” he said.

“It won’t be bitter this time sir ,trust me ” I said and I groaned more in pain so he can yield to my request.

He exhale and came to me. He brought his face close to mine and looked at me eyes intently. He darted his eyes to my lips and moved his head gently to mine.

His lips locked with mine and he began to kiss it while I responded gently.

He soon held my head with one of his Palm and balanced himself by placing his second palm on my check.

He began to kiss me so passionately while I began to respond more fiercely.

I was enjoying every bit of it and hope that it wouldn’t stop. We began to kiss so well that it looks to me that we may be here for another 24 hours.

“Common ,stop that!” I heard a voice said and I opened my eye.

Jeez! It had being a dream. How come ? How did I sleep off?

“I guess you are wondering how you slept off?” He asked and I nodded.

My menstrual pain vanished for that moment.

“The first time you requested for me to kiss you. I knew you lie a lot so I injected you with a sleeping pill while trying to kiss you pretentiously. ” he said.

Gosh! So the first kiss and the second kiss had being an ordinary dream.

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