August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 20

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 20

(I’m sorry)

Miguel’s POV

I was so happy Ruby came at the right time. I leaned at the balcony outside the class with her

“I can’t believe that girl is sitting beside you” She said and I smirked

“You need to get rid of that girl , imagine how she shouted ” She added

“I’d never seen any girl as clumsy as her , she’s so dull , she doesn’t take time to analyze someone or something , she doesn’t understand people cus she’s not intelligent , she sucks ” I lamented

“More reason why you have to do something about her , how about you coming to sit in my place ” Ruby suggested

“Huh!” I exclaimed

Even though she’s so clumsy and dull, I do not think I really want her to stop disturbing me , in fact , I like how she stays around me

I do have a fear that one day she may stop disturbing me and that will somehow hurt me , so her sitting with me is really what I’m comfortable it

Just that our characters are very opposite , we hardly understand each other, I’m sure she thinks I dislike her so much…maybe ! I can’t really say

But a part of me always want her around him

“What did you say? I’ll tell the girl sitting beside me to come and sit in your place while you come to sit in her place beside me” She emphasized her suggestion

“I understand Ruby , just that I prefer that very sit ” I replied

“This girl will keep frustrating you everyday , she will keep creating scenes around you , she’s just a proud thing that you need to avoid by all means , just oblige please ” She pleaded

“Ruby, I’m sorry , I prefer that sit ” I said

“Okay, I can send some students to frustrate her till she leaves the sit beside you and go to sit elsewhere , how about that ?” She asked

“You wanna frustrate her , well, not like I mind thought but why? ” I asked

The truth is I really mind , I do not want her to be frustrated by some folks just because of her rude behaviour, after all, she’s being rude to me not to anyone

“Miguel ” I heard my name and Ruby and I turned at the same time

“I’m sorry for how I behaved ” She apologized and walked away

Say something about Ruby?

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