June 13, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 21

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 21

(Leaned on his shoulder)

Miguel’s POV

My mouth dropped ajar, I wasn’t expecting her to come to me not to talk of apologizing

“Don’t mind her Miguel, she just want your attention ” Ruby said and I turned back to lean on the balcony without saying a word

I still find it incredible to believe that she just apologized , thought she’s one rude , proud girl

“Miguel” Ruby’s word jerked me off my thought

“Don’t let me her apology moves you” She said

“I think it does, that was the least act I was expecting from her ” I confessed

“Forget about her , so should I send my boys to frustrate her to leave your sit so I can come to sit there ?” She asked

“Do what you want” I replied and stood upright

I walked inside the class.

Reese(Sawyer) POV

I went to a solitary place and cried, that was too much insult coming from Ruby , I think I’m not just lucky. I met Miguel before the girl could even meet him and now he likes the girl but dislikes me

I sat on the floor , buried my head between my laps and sobbed , it’s so painful. Miguel will never like me. I do not know why I can’t stop my heart from liking him

I like to see him, I like to hear his words , I like to see him smile , I like to be around him whereas , he dislikes me so much

“Sawyer ! ” I heard a voice and I raised my head

It’s Joe. How did he know that I’m here

I hurriedly cleaned my teary face but it seems he noticed that I’m crying already

“I’m sorry Sawyer , I heard the rumour of what happened , I’ll stand by you” He said softly

My head swell and I cried out loud the more, the more Joe tells me sorry , the more what Ruby and Miguel did to me hurts

He made me lean on his shoulder as I cried

He began to sob with me too

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