July 25, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 110

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He And Her V.

Episode 110

Doctor Jason’s POV

After running away from Tucker’s presence ,I entered my car and drove crazily to my house.

I still didn’t want to believe what I heard. It doesn’t sound real to me.

I entered the house and I saw my wife laying on the floor n@ked.

“Juliet!” I called her name and she raised her head. Her face had being red and stream of dried tears were seeing as marks on her face.

“Where is Samson?” I asked for our dear son. He is our only son.

My wife stood up sullenly and went to the TV. She took a small letter there and handed it over to me.

I collected it while still looking into her face ,guessing and wondering what could be inside the letter.

I lowered my head sullenly to the letter and unsealed it. It reads;

“I like stubborn doctors. It can only imply that they love their work now than their families. I’m not sorry I kidnapped your only son. Next time I come , I will come with the dead body of your son and rape your wife. This is just a warning. Your child is still safe with me.
Are you wondering what we want or you have perhaps forgotten what I request of you to do.

Invite Tucker and Camilla over and tell them that Camilla does not have a womb and that it had only being a silly mistake by your side. Tell Tucker he can’t perform without using a drug. Do that and get your child back otherwise,consider him dead. ”

I raised my head to my wife and felt so pathetic for her. Our child is one of the reasons for our happiness.

“I’m sorry for what I caused. I promise to make it up. ” I said.

“Would you do as they have said and let me get my son back today!” My wife asked weakly but anger could be perceived in her voice.

“I will but that will be tomorrow. ” I said and she walked away.

My heart became so heavy. I work with conscience and I don’t lie. If I protect my own child , when I give Tucker and Camilla that sort of information ,then I had killed them already cause they will lost hope of ever being fruitful.

I sat weakly on my chair ,sad and depressed.

What do I do?

Tucker’s call came in at that moment and I picked.

“Hi Sir , I was surprised at the way you walked out abruptly ,is anything the matter?” He asked.

“Yes ,my son had being kidnapped. ”

“What! Why?”

“Cause of you. They want me to tell you that you are impotent and tell Camilla that she does not have a womb” I said.

“Oh my days! Okay, just invite me over and tell me that , I will play along in the house. ” Tucker said.

“My son is at stake here though ,but please play along as you have said. Let’s see tomorrow afternoon in my office. Around 3PM” I said.

“Alright. ” He said and hung up.

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