August 6, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 19

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
????????????CHAPTER 19????????????

The drive back to the shop was a dead and silent one,Eva didn’t say a word to Davis as he drove,Davis tried making one head conversation at the start but he was met with a cold glare.
Does she hate me this much?
“Eva,I’m sorry for what happened earlier,” He said as they got close to the shop,he doing this so as not to create a wrong impression on his son,
“Eva please talk to me,I’m sorry and I accept the fact that Tyler is not my son but Joseph’s.” He’s trying to be the nice gentleman Diego has asked him to be,
“I know what I did was so despicable but please can you find it in your heart to forgive me,I am deeply sorry.” Eva silence told him all he needed to know,she has no feeling for him anymore.She adjusted her seat and turned to him,
“If you still have any sense of decency,don’t tell Tyler or anyone what had happened, if they get to ask,just tell them……cook up something for them.” Her tone was flat and her face straight, void of emotions,
He nodded,there’s nothing he could say that will pacify her,she hates his guts now.
When they got to the shop,Tyler was outside the shop and he was alone,Eva rushed out and ran towards him,
“Ty!” The boy looked up from the floor,his face lit,he’d been waiting for her since sh left and didn’t tell him where she was going to.
“Mommy!” Tyler stood up and embraced her,burying his small head on her shoulder as she took him up,
“Mommy,where did you went to? I was waiting for you but you didn’t come back inside.” His happy voice alerted Rachel as she came out,hands dripping wet,
“Eva,where did you go to?” She asked coming towards her,
“Tyler was waiting ever since you left.” Rachel said to her,Eva turned to the direction of Davis’s car and Davis came out,soon as he did,Adrian came out of the shop,Eva heart tumbled,
“Why’s Adrian here?” She consciously asked herself,
Davis walked toward them and smiled to Tyler who still had a big frown on his cute face,making him look cuter,
“She was with….” The glare from Adrian didn’t let him finish his sentence,
“Eva,Rachel called to tell me you were missing,so I came over,didn’t know you were with Davis,” He said,his jealously was visible it could burst outta him rip Davis to pieces,
“Sorry I didn’t tell you guys I was leaving but I had to go somewhere with Dave.” She doesn’t know why but she felt bad,having to come back with Davis to see Adrian bothered about her,its such a bad feeling.
“Had I known you were with Davis,I shouldn’t have…..” Eva sense the pain in Adrian’s voice,he turned to leave but she hurriedly stopped him,
“Adrian wait,” Tyler had to come down,now this is Uncle Adrian and his Mommy’s moment, he should be there to ruin it,
“Mommy,I’ll go play with Derry and Stacey at the backyard.” He ran away while Rachel went back inside,
There’s less she could do in a situation like this but deep down she prays Eva makes the right choice.
“Adrian can we talk inside?” She tucked her hand to his as she pulled him inside,leaving Davis stranded with jealous and frustration alone outside,he sighed and marched to his car,condoning the urge to kill Adrian and take Eva and Tyler far away from here even if he has to force them.

“Adrian I’m sorry.” She apologized to Adrian when they were alone but he wasn’t smiling anymore,she pulled him closer but regretted it immediately and took her hands off him,
“I’m sorry,” she moved a foot from him,
“I didn’t mean to go with Davis but I passed out,so he took me along with him.” She explained in all honesty,Adrian furrowed his brows,
“You passed out?” It was more of a question than a repetition,
“Why? Did that bastard try to hurt you?” He asked filled with concern but when Eva didn’t answer,he’d almost rushed outside to beat the living hell out of Davis if he was still out there,
“Adrian stop,” she held his hand,
“He didn’t hurt me,just that when he came too close to me,I started having flashes,images of Joseph came popping in my head and I blackout.” Her explanation was so sincere that Adrian couldn’t go out,he just wanted to do nothing than to hold her close to him forever,
“Eva sorry you have to go through all this,” he almost pulled her close to an embrace but he controlled the urge,
“I just can’t get those images out of my head even when I try to.” She cried,Adrian came toward her,
“Eva,you’re going to be fine,you’re stronger than those fears inside you,okay.” She nodded and he embraced her,fortunately for him,she relaxed into his warm embrace as he savor her wonderful scent.
Davis angrily got out of his car,slammed the d9r and walked inside furiously, the receptionist stood up,
“Are you okay Sir?” She asked him but Davis didn’t answer,
“This man is so strange,first he brought in an unconscious woman,took her out now he came back angry,” she sighed,then one of the janitors walked to her,
“Mr handsome seems to be in a very bad mood today.” She was referring to Davis,
“Yeah,I noticed it….an….”
“Hmm hmm” Someone cleared his throat,they two girls turned to see their boss,
“Do I pay you here to sit and chit chat?” He asked angrily,the janitor girl left in a hurry,
“I think its high time I start deducting you pay when anyone misbehaves.” He sighed and walked away while the receptionist mimicked him as he left.
“Dave what happened?” Diego asked as Davis barged into his room looking like an angry lion,
“The nerve of that bastard! I can’t believe Eva chose him over me.” He complained fiercely,
“Calm down Dave,calm down,” Diego went outside and came back with a flat bottle of tequila, Davis grabbed it and took,gulping it down very quickly,
“Take it easy Dave.” Diego patted him,
Man,this guy must be in a deep pain right now.
When he finally finished the content of the bottle,he turned to Diego,Davis was a light head,so he’s a little tipsy,
“She chose that bastard over him,me Davis Kingston was rejected by my son and Eva because of a nobody,a weirdo.” He blabbed,Do go couldn’t help but frown,
“Did you do as I told you?” Diego asked,he’d expected Eva to be softer with Davis kind attitude but no,she’s not
This young woman must have through a lot to let her walls so high like this,he was baffled,
“Davis don’t worry,shell come back running to you sooner or later.” Diego assured,
Now,I’ll have to take things into my hands now.

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