August 1, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 20

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
It was night already,all Diego did was to make sure Davis was asleep, he took the car keys and drove to Eva’s, when he got there the light were still on which means thy were still awake.He walked to the porch and knocked gently on the door,
“Tyler stop wing a nuisance, eat up you food now.” He heard Eva’s soothing voice admonishing her son while the little boy was giggling from somewhere,
“Ty,its high time you listen to your mommy.” Adrian said,that was when Diego realized Adrian was in and he was astound,
How can a married woman allow a man stay in her house,a man she just met not quite long ago,Diego sighed at it
This isn’t right.He knocked again,this time abit harder,
“Who’s there?” Eva voice echoed out, Diego adjusted himself before replying,
“Eva,its me Diego.” The knobbed turned and the door opened revealing Eva,
“Good evening.” She greeted him casually,
“Mommy,who’s there?” Tyler popped his head out to see who’s at the door,Eva pushed him inside,
“Tyler go inside,ask Adrian to feed you.” The boy took one look at the man standing in front of his mom and went inside.
“Diego what do you want?” Eva asked when she was sure Tyler was out of hearing shot,
“Eva I wanted to have a private talk with you.” Diego said,she nodded,
“Let’s sit outside,I can let Adrian know you’re here.” She said,Diego sighed within himself,him for one doesn’t like Adrian,
“Okay.” She let the way and they sat on the floor of her porch.
After they sat down,for awhile they didn’t say anything to each other,Eva couldn’t bear the silence anymore and she was cold enough,
“Diego why are you here?” She asked him,then he turned to her,
“Sorry for the long silence,the reason I came here is for something personal,” He swallowed, she took another look at him,
It’s just about Davis I know,she took a deep breathe,
“Alright, I’m all ears.”
“Why do you hate Dave?” He asked,he never wanted to ask that but the question just popped right out,
She kept quiet,he took a closer look at her and discover she was nervous,busy rubbing her palms together,
“Eva I asked you a question and would love it if you give me a sincere answer.” He said later,
“Cause..he betrayed my love for him.” She manage to say,
“How?” Davis had already told him everything but he wanted to here from her first,
“Davis must have told you,so why bother ask me about it.” She said,feeling it’s so embarrassing telling another person how Davis had raped her,
“You’re very correct, Davis told me his own version but I need yours to confirm what he has told me.” Diego was been cautious not to make her feel intimidated,so she won’t have to feel insecure.
“So how did he betray you?” He asked again, it took awhile before she manage to answer his question,
“He ra..ped me.” Her nervousness had grown and she’s added more intensity to rubbing her palms, Diego placed his hand on her shoulder,
“Eva,don’t be nervous,I’m not going to hurt you okay.” She nodded but his words didn’t easen her level of anxiety and he knew,
“I use to love him,I love Davis more than anything and we’ve planned on getting our parents permission to get married since they were good friends it would be easier but little did we know they had other plan,my dad and his dad decided that I and Joseph will get married,” Her nervousness got her talking when she wasn’t asked,
“My mom and I tried to make my dad understand but he was so bent on me marrying Joseph he didn’t see the danger he was putting me to,a few week after my marriage to Joseph,Davis played his dirty prank on me and that was when my feelings for him died,he used me and forced himself on me knowing fully well that I’m his brother’s wife.My parents died barely a year after I got married to Joseph,soon after Davis left for London,he got married and left me to suffer for what his did,after he left,Joseph’s abuse and torture began,like he knew of what happened between I and Davis and decided to punish me when he was sure I had no one to turn to.I endured his abuse and torture for years just because of my son but I couldn’t anymore,I had to leave or my corpses did.I couldn’t bear it anymore,he sexually abused me,hits me and made me go through hell,I couldn’t endure any longer.” She was in tears when she finished,Diego couldn’t help but pull her closer,
“Eva,don’t worry,its gonna be alright.”
God,Joseph is such a monster,a narcissistic bastard.
“So,you believed he raped you?” Diego asked,she nodded,
“Eva,Davis might have made the wrong decision then but don’t you think he regrets it now?” He asked,she didn’t reply,
“Yes he does and that’s why he has been trying to reach out to you over the past few days he came here. Speaking of which,he came here just to protect you cause your and Tyler’s life are in grave danger and back at New York,his parents wants nothing than to kill you and take the boy away.” He explained to her while she was quiet all through,
“He isn’t here to take your son away from you,rather he came to make you away of the impeding danger coming your way,I know your feelings for him might have died over the years but I suggest you let him in and let him protect you and the boy.” She looked at Diego,he might be right,but Adrian,
“What then happens to Adrian?” She cautiously asked,calling his name alone makes her feel safe.But that feeling wasn’t what Diego felt,he felt that Adrian was a threat to Eva and Davis’s reunion,
“Can I ask you a question Eva? Its a very personal question.” He asked,she nodded,
“What do you feel about Adrian?” The question was more like a conclusion to the question that follows,
“Do you love him?” Her heart raced,
For her there’s nothing like love in her life,the only thing that has kept and going is Tyler,
What about Adrian? Do you have feeling for him? Her inner self asked her.
“Eva I asked you something?” Diego asked her and she jerked from her trance,
“Sorry what was your question?” She asked,acting like she never heard his question but she needed time to decipher what she really felt for Adrian,
“I asked what’s your feeling toward Adrian? Do you love him?” He asked,she thought for awhile,
Yes it she wrong to go back right into the arms of a man soon after my ordeal with Joseph but with Adrian,it feels so right having someone as him caring for her and her son,she has a very cosmic connection with him,don’t know what to call it,whether love or list but she knows deep down she has giddy feelings for him even though she’s tried hard to hide it,she can’t help but express it under the pretext that he’s protecting her and her son.
“I don’t think I have to share that information with you,it’s persona..”
“I know this question is personal but I want you to know that I’m not going to judge your feelings towards him,we are human and feelings are one thing we can’t control..” He removed his gloves,
“I’m only asking cause I don’t want Davis to fight a loss cause,I want to know whether he has a chance with you,that’s all.” He finished,
“I have feelings for Adrian, for the past five years of my life,there hasn’t been any man who had made me feel so loved and protected than him,he’s always there to support me even if I haven’t known him for so long…….I don’t know if that is your definition of what love is but I know for the fact that I can’t get to let go of him.” Her answer was a very plain one and he got the picture so clear enough,
“But I need to ask something else,permit me to…Do you know him so well to make that decision?” She pondered on the question for awhile,she know almost nothing about him,only the fact that his name is Adrian and he saved her and her son from that vampire and she found him at her backyard wounded when she came newly to Flint Hills.She can’t tell Diego that she barely knows the man show claims to love,the man that had lived with her and cared for her,the man shed come to trust enough to leaving her four year old son with,she barely knows him,
“I know him very well and he isn’t a betrayer or a rapist like Davis or an abuser like Joseph.” She retorted,Diego smiled and nodded,
“If you say so,Davis or myself won’t force you on anything but please allow us protect you and the boy from the Kingston’s.” He pleaded,Eva nodded,
“As long as your friend doesn’t interfere with mine or my son’s life,I’m happy to grant you such access,since its for our own good.” Diego stood up and faced her,
“Okay,thanks for having this talk with me,I’m so grateful.” Smiling at her,Eva felt at peace,
“Okay,I’ll have to go inside now before Tyler comes looking for me.” With one last smile,she stood up and walked up to the door,waving at Diego who was already on his way,she opened the door and went inside.
“Mommy you’re back.” Tyler said happily from the couch,she smiled and bent to his level,
“Yes,I told you I was just gonna be having a word with Diego,” she looked around,no sign of Adrian,
“Where’s Adrian?” She asked her son,
“He’s helping out with the dishes.” Eva stood up while the boy walked to the couch and sat down,his short legs hanging above the floor,she nodded and walked to the kitchen.
When she went there,he was busy rinsing the latter filled plates,
“Hey,” she called slowly and he turned to her,with hands dripping wet,
“Tyler said you had a visitor?” She nodded and walked towards him,
“It was Diego,he wanted to have a few words with me.” He nodded and concentrated on the dishes,the kitchen was so quiet,apart from the clanging of dishes, the running water and their breathing.When he finally finished with the dishes,he wiped his hands,tucked it with hers and led the way to her room,
“Ty,turn off that TV, time for bed.” She yelled as they walked to her room,
“Adrian what’s the problem?” She asked him as they got to the room,he looks quite worried.He looked at her,there was something in his eyes that pulled her off,
How do I begin this confession? I can’t keep hiding my identity to Eva and claim I love her.Yes I love her and care about her but she deserves to know the truth.I don’t want to end up like those men who had ruined her life by lying to her.
Adrian was quite upset that Davis had come so late at night to see Eva and shed gone outside to talk to him,
“Tyler dear,you said Davis was with your mommy uh?” He asked again to be sure,the little boy was busy watching the cartoon,
“No not Davis,its the other uncle,” Tyler said impatiently,
“Oh Diego but what does he want to see Eva for?” He asked himself,so to hear what they were saying he decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. He went through the backdoor,went outside,close enough to hear them and his by the closest tree,
“……Do you know him so well to make that decision?” He overheard Diego asking her,she didn’t answer him immediately,
She’s must be wondering,how come she knows nothing about me,only that my name is Adrian and she save me once and I repaid the favor by saving her and her son from Lucas,
Still waiting for her answer.
“I know him very well and he isn’t a betrayer or a rapist like Davis or an abuser like Joseph.” She said back,Adrian was surprised, she stood up for him even though she barely knows him
Now you have to do the same,I’ll man up and tell her the truth about myself.
“Adrian what’s the problem,you don’t look so good.” Eva said,since they came inside the roomhe hasn’t said anything to her and mere looking at him,one could find out he’s worried.
“Eva I need to tell you something important,” his voice was tense,
“But promise me you aren’t gonna get angry? Eva I couldn’t tell you since cause I love you,I love you from the first time I saw you walk into this house, you weren’t looking so good then but I love you,” Eva was confused, what’s happening to him.He made her sit on the bed and he knelt right in front of her,
“I know what I did was very selfish but please forgive me Eva.”
Now this one is offing her,
“Adrian what happened and why are you kneeling down?”
“I’m kneeling down so I can beg for your forgiveness.” He said,his eyes were teary and it really hurt her to see him in tears but,
“What did you do?” She asked him,no she’s getting scared
“I’m sorry I lied to you.” Before he could finish his statement a loud gunshot was heard outside the house,her last thought was Tyler before she ran outside to get her son.

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