July 26, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 41

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 41


“Maybe because he likes me and he didn’t know how to say it.” I said and he turned his head at me and pressed his eye balls at me in mockery.

Then he bursted into laughter ; ” You? Ha ha ha…you?” He walked to where I am.

“Brother , did you hear this ugly thing?” The boss faced his twin brother.

“Imagine thinking that I like her. Gosh! ” he spit.

He brought his head to me and said ;” did you know how disgusting you are? Did you know you are so ugly? ”

“I know. But why did you always want me around you?” I asked.

“Don’t be stupid young girl ,there is nothing special about you. I’ve got my ‘to be girlfriend’ very beautiful than you are. ” he said.

“You still haven’t answer my question” I said.

“Your question is stupid. Now hear me clearly ,I loathe you with passion and I loathe to see you. I only let you keep being my secretary cause you deliver your work well otherwise I would have fired you nonentity of a woman. ” He said.

“Aren’t you tired of calling me a nonentity ? Aren’t you tired of calling me those names , it’s becoming a cliche.” I said and he grinned wickedly.

He stood upright and looked to his brother then darted his face back to me.

“About five months ago , someone like you would see me in the TV and would never think of seeing me physically for the rest of their lifes. There are many ladies out there crushing on me because of how rich and handsome I am. ” He said.

How does what I said even connect with what he is saying.

“One single day , I will fire you from my work. You taking your job as a secretary for granted. You mean all the names I have being calling you are cliche? In fact you are fired.” He said.

“But I’m fired already ,remember? I was surprised you mailed me to resume work.” I said.

“True ,I have fired you.” He said coldly.

“What else would you do now?” I said and he looked at me angrily.

“I will like you to fire me as your nurse too ,please. ” I pleaded and he shook his head while looking to his brother’s face.

“Brother ,can you hear this girl?”

“Of course I do. ” his brother said and came to my side.

“He still needs you as a nurse ,alright? ” His brother said and the boss yelled all of a sudden.

“Need who? Who the hell is she? Brother , are you trying to beg her ?” He barked angrily.

“Who is she? Brother ,you know we don’t beg here. I’m getting a new nurse right away. You are fired and don’t ever come my way again ,you rude nonentity of a thing! ” he screamed and I stood.

“Rachael!” His twin brother called.

“Sir.” I answered.

“As you can see that the boss is only angry , don’t leave please. ” He pleaded and the boss went to him and almost pushed him.

“Stop begging her , it’s making me angry” He fell while yelling angrily.

And worst if it all ,he fell on the legs that were yet to be healed absolutely.

He closed his eye in pain while he groan hardly.
I went to him and began to massage his legs asking from his brother on what to do to ease his pain.

His brother was as confused as mine but we just kept stretching and giving the legs a slight massage and after a few minutes ,the groaning reduced.

His brother stood a distance away from him while I remained squatted by his side.

I continued massaging his legs gently until he finally opened his eye.

“You ,get away from me. I loathe you” He yelled angrily again.

“Brother ,why would you allow this rude nonentity of a girl massage me, leave ….leave, you are fired. ” he yelled shaking vigorously on the floor.

I watched him : indifferent at his actions and took my head to his.

Our heads were close to each other and he paused his barking for a while.

“What are you trying to do ” He asked softly “I loathe you. Get away from me ” He yelled again and I just locked his lips in mine.

“Mmmm.mmm. mmmmm ….mmmm” He couldn’t utter any more words even though he was trying to speak but my lips are locked in his.

He gave in finally and we began to kiss.

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