August 4, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 10 and 11

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 10
Scot’s POV
I don’t know why this girl had to follow us. She just spoiled my plan of have the best moments with Sofia. She is just so pretty, intelligent and naive. I love spending time with her and I had planned for a special moment just the two of us and now we have the third person. I feel frustrated. I drove to Harry’s place and went with them to meet him at the back of the house.
‘Hi bro,’ I said and when he looked at us I was shocked.
This is the first time he is in a tuxedo. He loves dressing in the bad boy codes.
‘Surprised huh?’ he asked and I couldn’t help but laugh.
‘My mom did this,’ he said pointing at himself.
‘You look nice, though,’ I complimented with a smirk.
‘Don’t tell me you hit two birds with one stone,’ he said with a wink and I understood him.
‘This is my friend Sofia and this is her sister Lily,’ I said.
‘Hi pretty,’ he said wanting to kiss Sofia’s hand.
‘So has the party started?’ I interrupted.
I couldn’t watch him kiss her in front of me. He greeted Sofia before pulling me to a far distance.
‘What was the meaning of that?’
‘With that Sofia, man she is beautiful and give anything to make her mine,’ he said dreamingly.
‘Hey stop, don’t drool too much she is mine,’
‘If it’s you then I won’t fight for her,’ he said in surrender.
‘You can take her sister, I give her to you,’
‘I will try but she seems naughty,’
‘You got it right. With what I know everyone has two sides. Just get hers then you are good to go,’ I said and we walked back to the girls.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 11
Sofia’s POV
Lily has been talking about how Scot looks hot and am already bored.
I felt relieved when I saw them walking to us.
‘Let’s go in,’ Harry said and we all followed.
I followed the system by picking a cupcake from the waiters walking around and it tasted nice.

The party was nice and at 9:00 Scot drove us home. My mum was still awake waiting for us. I went to my room and I couldn’t sleep as the days event came back to my mind. Scot seemed over protective as Harry never left Lily’s side. I enjoyed everything and the party was a blast. I ended up sleeping with a smile.
Lily’s POV
I even regret going to that stupid party. I didn’t even enjoy time with Scot as he was all round Sofia like her bodyguard. Sofia always gets everything good and she even leads in school and I have never. It’s not bad getting Scot this time round. I will brag to my friends that I have the cutest boyfriend. My sister can surrender anything to make me happy and getting Scot from her isn’t a big deal: my problem is that Nadia, I will with her until when she sees Scot she runs away.
I smiled to myself before sleeping. I just made the best decision since the year started and am proud of myself.

I woke up smiling as I recalled my dream. Scot and me dancing with out two kids, isn’t that great?
I was walking downstairs when I heard Sofia laughing. She isn’t crazy so she can’t be laughing alone. I went to her door to listen.

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