July 25, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 14

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???? The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 14

Larry’s POV

I can’t believe Hayley tricked me like that way , I’ll get her for that. She scared the hell out of me when she mentioned another boy for being Char’s boyfriend.

I really love that girl with my everything and I hope she love me too. I haven’t make any move yet because I’m afraid of rejection .

I think I should start doing something about it before its too late because I won’t be able to stand it when she starts dating someone else.

“Good afternoon Mrs Me,” I greeted as I got to the sitting room where Charlene was.

“Are you talking to me Larry?”

“No , I’m talking to Charlene,” I replied sarcastically.

“Crazy Jake,” she said throwing a cushion at me and I dodged it.

We started pillow fighting and it was really funny, I took almost all the cushions and she started chasing me.

She caught me and pulled me to herself self and we both fell on the cushions with me on top of her.I looked deep in her hazel eyes as if I’m searching for something inside them.

I removed the strands of hair which covered her cute face and brought down my face to her . Our noses touched and I could feel her soft breath , I tilted my head and i crushed her soft lips .

She quickly closed her eyes with her hands in my hair as if she was craving for it and I deepened the kiss . I gave her a long passionate kiss which was so sweet and she was so good for a start.

We pulled out of the kiss and I stood up then lifted her to her feet still trying to catch our breaths. We were now standing facing each other and I couldn’t find anything to say .

“I …. I’m… I’m sorry Char ,” I stammered.

“I’m sorry I should’ve stopped myself but I couldn’t control myself,” I finally gathered my strength but she just looked at me without staying a word and she rushed upstairs.

I’ve messed up big time , I should have controlled myself ,now I think she’s going to hate me thinking that I was taking advantage of her. I sunk on the couch and buried my head in my palms as i sobbed quietly.

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