June 15, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 15

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????The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 15

Charlene’s POV

After the kiss i rushed upstairs to my bedroom because i was so shy and embarrassed at the same time .I closed the door behind me and sat with my back on the door reminiscing about what happened earlier. I touched my lips and licked them with my eyes closed.

I can’t believe Larry kissed me and I retorted. No no no no its not like he kissed me but we kissed each other because I was also craving for those cute lips of his . I just wanted to know how it feels to be kissed and I don’t wanna lie , it felt so good .

Geez! I just have my first kiss with my friend who is also my boss . I didn’t want him to stop cuz I was in my own world feeling things that I’ve never felt . Damn it! Why did you stop Larry ?

I stood up and stomped my feet angrily then dashed to the bathroom to have a bath.

“Larry please next time do not stop when we’re kissing cuz I will slap you,” I lamented while bathing.

I went to sleep all smiles while talking to myself like a mad person .

“Kiss me in my dreams again,” I said before drifting to sleep.

(the following morning)

I woke up and took a bath before going downstairs.The house is too quiet, I guess Larry has gone to work and other maids are not coming today cuz they only work for four days a week .

????In your eyes, I’m alive
???? Inside you’re beautiful
????Something so unusual
???? In your eyes
I know I’m home
???? Every tear, every fear
???? Gone with the thought of you
???? Changing what I thought I knew
???? I’ll be yours for a thousand lives
????I’m free as a bird
????Flying in your cage
????I’m diving in deep
????And I’m riding with no brakes
????And I’m bleeding in love
????You’re swimming in my veins
????You got me now
????Been waiting for a lifetime for you
????Been breaking for a lifetime for you????
????wasn’t looking for love till I found you ????

I was singing and dancing to the song ‘for you’ by Rita Ora while preparing breakfast when somebody started singing along and I choked on my saliva cuz I wasn’t expecting that person here.

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