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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 47,48 and 49

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Kira POV
I appeared on the couch in the sitting room,Darius was reading a book “Lost Love” It was a super romance novel. I stood up and went to him.
“Your food is in the Kitchen”
“Yes I know”
“So have you eaten?”
“No..am not hungry”
Darius asked when I was staring at him
“Nothing… I was just wondering why you are reading a romance novel all of a sudden”
“Can’t I read a book?”
“Yes you can! But it just unlike you…and I thought you said you don’t like Books – Not only that,you doze off anytime I read one to you”
“Can you just stay quiet and lemme read this book in peace?”
“You shouldn’t be reading a book now Darius”
He arched his brow
“I’m bored”
Darius rolled his eyes
“I’m serious..and it killing me”
“Go and read a book”
“I read all the whole books in the shelf”
“Bring in more witch”
” i am tired of doing that.. I changed the shelf twice already”
“What?!..you mean you read all the books in the shelf..plus the extra you brought in”
“How did you do that?.. I mean how come you read everything so fast? When am still struggling to read one”
“I am a Book Goddess… And you seem to have forgotten that I have powers Darius… I read fast..uhmmm three times faster than a normal human would read”
“Okay..so what do we do then?”
He looked around
“Got it! Take a nap on the couch”
“No i don’t want to take any nap”
“So what do you want to do?”
“I want you to..tell me a story!”
I grinned at him
“What story?”
“An interesting story”
Darius dropped the book on his lap
“In the year 1404…”
“No..no..no not that kind of story. I don’t want war stories or adventures”
He gave me a confused look
“It so hard to please you Kira..I have no other tale to share aside War and adventures”
“They are so boring.. Telling me about those ones will add more to my boredom”
“Arggggggg Kira. What do I do with you?”
He gritted
“Nothing..well why don’t you just tell me a love story…your own love story”
“I don’t have a love story”
“That impossible”
He picked up the book to start reading but I snatched it away from him
“You have a love story to tell…I know you’ve been in love before…you just don’t want to tell me. Why?” He didn’t reply..he only stared Into space
“Uhmmm lemme guess your lover broke up with you because you didn’t give her enough money she needed. No..no..it can’t be that..ahaha! She cheated on you with another cool guy.. No that not it”
I tried to think of what his case might be just to force him to talk
“Yes! I know you cheated on her with her best friend.” No!”
Darius replied finally. Got him!
“Her sister?”
“I said no Kira”
“Okay..then it her mother”
“Eww! Never!”
“Then what is it? Tell me Darius”
“I don’t have a love tale to share with you”
“Liar!..that’s so unfair”
I said in a sad tone
“You know a lot of things about me but you’ve never told me anything about yourself.. Or your family and It so Unfair!”
I made an attempt to stand up and leave but Darius dragged me to his side..close to his chest
“Let me go If you don’t want to say anything. It clear that you don’t trust me..and -”
“I loved an Elf Princess”
Darius spoke up. I raised my head to look up at him
“An Elf Princess”
He nodded slowly without meeting my gaze
“So you dated an Elf Princess”
“No I only loved her but she was in love with a mortal Prince”
“That’s one sided love”
“Whatever you call it” I sensed the sadness in his voice. His love tale seemed to be a sad one. I hate one sided love!
“So what happened Darius?”
“The Prince fell in battle and died. She mourned the Prince for centuries”
“You should have made your move,comfort her and confess to her”
“I couldn’t do it all I ever did was watch over her at a distance”
“Why Darius?”
“I just felt it of no use telling her my Feelings”
“But why?you have every right to let out what you feel for someone you love -”
I paused and studied his expression
“Perhaps is that related to who you are?”
“Yes..My kind can’t have a mate… or bear children”
“What?! Are you serious?”
He nodded. His Adams apple bobbling up and down
“I didn’t get too close to the Elf princess – she was in love with the prince even after he died..so confessing to her won’t change anything”
“Did she know you watched over her?”
“She knew but she didn’t acknowledge me until her final passing in battle”
“She died in the battle?”
“I’m sorry about that”
“Don’t be sorry am over that a long time ago”
He is over that but her memory is still clear to him…the hurt and pain of losing a loved one still evident in his voice. I shouldn’t have asked about his love life
“I need to get water in the kitchen”
“Let me get it for you”
“No I will get it myself”
He wants to be alone that’s the only reason why he refused my help
Then Darius walked off only for me to hear a loud thud in the kitchen some seconds later. I rushed into the kitchen to find Darius laying on the floor
“Darius! Darius!”
I went to him
I called but he didn’t respond. He was unconscious!
“No..no Darius wake up..what happened to you?”
I sprinkled water on his face but he didn’t wake up. I felt it that something was wrong but I don’t know what exactly… Who do I call? What should I do?!
Darius POV
I opened my eyes slowly to the bright light hitting straight in my face. It took me a second to adjust to the brightness in the room. Where am I?’ I looked around and found out I was in my room. I heard someone sobbing quietly by my side
“Kira” I called her in a low tone and she raised her head
“Oh Darius..thank goodness you are awake I was so worried about you” I looked at her feeling confused
“Can you hear me Darius?”
“Yes..yes I can hear you”
I sat up on the bed
“What happened? Why are you crying Kira?”
She wrapped her arms around me tightly and she sobbed
“I..I was scared Darius – you passed out yesterday…you were unconscious for a whole day and that got me worried that I thought you were going to die”
“Sh sh easy.. just relax am fine”
I hugged her,closed my eyes memories of yesterday flooded my mind. I released Kira when I felt strange within
“Are you okay Darius?”
“Yes I’m fine”
I faked a smile and wiped her tears with my fingertips
“Look at how you stained these babies with tears” I pinched her cheeks gently
“How long have you been crying?”
“Since you passed out”
I sniffed
“You said you wanted to get water Darius but then I heard a thud from the kitchen.. I rushed there and saw you on the floor. I didn’t know what to do after I sprinkled water on you and you didn’t wake up. I became scared when you didn’t wake up after an hour, two and three. So I started crying when I couldn’t take it anymore.. I called your name severally i even threw few punches to your side but none of that worked”
“I’m sorry for making you worry that much Kira”
“Tell me what happened! Did you slip and hit your head?”
“No there was no water on the floor”
“Then was it because I asked you about your love life?..I kept wondering if that could be the reason and at some point i started blaming myself for asking you to tell me what hurts you”
“No Kira you don’t have to blame yourself for anything..and what happened to me is not because of what I told you”
“then what is it Darius?”
“I think it related to my identity”
“Yes..but I’m not sure what it is exactly”
I stared intensely at Kira. She was tired and it was clear in her eyes telling from the little dark circles under her eyes
“Get some rest Kira”
“I’m okay”
“You are not Kira…I can tell that you haven’t slept since I passed out” I pointed to her eyes
“How can I sleep when I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you?”
“Now..I’m awake get some rest Kira…don’t worry I’m fine”
Kira hesitated it obvious she doesn’t want to leave me alone
“Okay you can sleep here..if you want”
“You get some rest too”
She removed the pillow I was resting my back on and placed it back on the bed properly
“Have you eaten?”
She pulled the bed cover over my body
“Can you stop treating me like a baby?”
“You look like one right now”
“Hell no! That -”
“Sh sh sh no more words again baby boy and rest okay?”
I nodded childishly and she laughed
“Come on”
“Well someone needs to rest more than I do”
“Yeah I know…I will take the couch”
Kira strode to the couch and lay down on it
“Rest and don’t stare baby boy”
I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep..seconds clicked by and I reopened my eyes to check Kira. She was fast asleep! I waited for more minutes just watching her sleep. I moved to the couch and carried Kira to the bed,she mumbled in her sleep while I covered her with the blanket. Then I settled down in the couch thinking about what could have made me pass out for a whole day. I need to talk to Malphus about it.

Darius POV
I stood up from the couch and walked to the windows to shut it. The snow was heavy today,everywhere was chilly. I turned back to the couch then I was Kira walking into the sitting room her gaze down,she was all wrapped up in a bed cover. She was shivering,I felt cold too but all thanks to the fireplace in the room that kept everywhere warm.
“What’s Wrong with you?” I asked her when I got to her side.
“I’m.. getting.. rather chilly – could…. shut the windows.. please?” She walked to the fireplace
“I already closed it” she sat down close to the fireplace”
“Is your room window shut?”
“I..forgot..to do.. That last night before going to bed. Not widely open like that but a bit..the cold was already in… before I closed it completely”
“I thought you were comfortable in there that was why I didn’t call you to the sitting room”
“I..was actually until everywhere.. became cold”
“Do you have a jacket on?”
“Yes..the woollen one”
“But you are still shivering even with that?” I shot her a confused look
“I’m fine”
“No you are not” I wrapped the cover around her tightly as she shivered.
“I will be fine Darius.. What is happening is just one of the health anomalies of redheads”
“Where did you get that from?”
“I researched about redheads”
“Not all researches are true you know”
“Yes..but these ones I know are.. true”
“What are they?”
“I bleed.. from my nose,I am sensitive.. to painkiller,I detect..temperature change accurately…I mean I am more.. sensitive to temperature changes even slight ones. I feel hot and cold temperature faster and with great intensity than those with other hair Colors”
“That’s why you shivering like this” she nodded
“Stay here..I will be right back” I stood up and walked Into my room to get a duffel
“Can you manage to adjust a bit so I can spread this out for you?”
“There Is no need for that.. I just need something warm then I will be fine”
“I don’t see you stop shivering in the next one hour”
“I will be fine in the next ten minutes…the shivering will stop”
I gather her in my arm to stop her words and place her on another part before laying the duffel near the fireplace but not to close to it. Kira crawled to the duffel before I made an attempt to carry her. She lie down on her back while I covered her with the bed cover then I felt tired myself..too tired.
“Are you okay Darius?” Kira asked, her voice low
“Yes I’m fine”
“You look tired…and your eyes are dull”
Yeah she was right. I looked at my reflection in the mirror the night I woke up then I realized that my eyes are dull and they looked tired. Something was wrong! Totally wrong! I have been disconnected from my seat! That makes me an ordinary human now..the other sins must be experiencing the same feeling of being a human again. I’ve tried calling Malphus but he isn’t picking up his calls too! Tiredness I guess.. Had taken over his soul too!
“I am fine Kira” I yawned
“I just need to rest”
I need enough rest since I’m human now so I can feel refreshed. Kira tapped the empty space on the duffel
“If fine..you can lie down here so you can feel warm too”
Without arguing I lie down next to kira and she snuggled against me,embracing me tightly
“You should have told me that you wanted to cuddle”
“How can I say that?” I giggled at her response
“My dad always lie close to me like this whenever am cold..sometimes mom would take his place anytime he is at work and I couldn’t go to school for days because of cold. They keep me warm by cuddling”
“You don’t have a fireplace?”
“We don’t but.. Mom always create one during Winter seasons and they disappear after that”
“You have good parents you know”
“Yes I know… Don’t you need to cover yourself?”
“Is that okay with you?”
She hummed a response and nodded at the same time. Then I got under the cover and embrace her tightly drinking in her scent of Lilacs. I could feel her coldness through the woolen jacket. The life of a Redhead is so tiring!
“Thank you Darius”
She whispered in my chest
“For what?”
“For taking care of me and -”
“Is this a moment of truth?”
“Not really”
“Perhaps Kira…”
“Will you like to be a red head in your next life?”
“No” she replied sharply
Is will be stupid of me to ask why since I already know the reasons
“Even though being a red witch makes one feel powerful.. I don’t want to be one in my next life.. I simply don’t want anyone coming after me just to get a taste of my blood to be powerful…I want a peaceful life of a human without powers” I flicked her hair from her face staring straight into her green eyes
“What about you?”
“I don’t know Kira..the advantage of my kind is that you’re stronger, an immortal and then you balance the supernatural races… You already know the disadvantages of course – if the disadvantages are out of it then I will think of being my kind in the next life so I can keep balancing and protecting people of your kind”
“Isn’t there something you can do to have a mate who can give you a child?”
“Uhmmm…I don’t know Kira but sometimes I always wish to the an ordinary human probably with little or no powers” Kira looked up at me with pity
“I don’t like that look..being what I am now is not a bad thing”
She snaked her hand up to my back and pinched it
“Why did you do that?”
She grinned sheepishly
“Now I got what I wanted from you with just a pinch”
“What’s that?”
A smile formed on her lips
“A change in your voice… You were sounding pitiful and regretful yourself so I had to change that with what you said”
“Don’t do that again witch”
I tweaked her nose
“What are you going to do?”
“I will dump you in the snow and lock the doors”
“Are you going to do that to me?”
“And you think I will freeze to death?… Don’t forget I can come in If want to or better still i will build another house”
She won! I was only joking about dumping her in a snow!
“Then don’t you dare try to pinch me like that again..”
“I can do something else to you”
“What if I..”
Then she tickled my side quickly
I was about letting out my anger but she hugged me tightly so I won’t say a word. I hate being tickled!
“Let me go Kira”
I said in my sternest voice
It seem she was getting better now cause she was feeling warm
“I don’t want to cuddle anymore”
I lied..it was only a trick to tickle way but it seemed impossible to do so cause of the jacket she had on. And I don’t wanna cage her to the duffel with her hands on her head while I tickle her.. Me on top of her with my sex pressed to her belly just to tickle her in a worst way might trigger an arousal in me and I don’t want that to happen. She might think am a pervert! I don’t want Kira to distrust me. I do like our mutual friendship with no attracted feelings or lust
“I won’t let you go Darius”
“Let me go”
I sang out loudly in a melodious tone and she laughed
“If you try to retaliate then I’m gonna make a flower appear on your head and give you a tail too”
“Fine I won’t tickle you”
She won again! It impossible to win against Kira when it comes to things like this!
“Yes! I don’t want a tail! And a flower in my hair like a lady!”
We both laughed
“Can you lemme go now?”
“No I still wanna cuddle… Let’s stay like this cause I’m still cold Darius” she pouts..she didn’t trust my words of not to tickling her
“It so hard to win against you”
“That’s me for you”
“Do you wanna build a snowman with me?”
“I wish I can Darius… If I’m to go out there I will have to wear like 4-5 jackets to keep out the cold..”
“Don’t worry we will do that when there is no much snow”
“Sure you are getting better”
“Yes..since I’m snuggled up with a warm large man”
I laughed at her words
That was the last word as everywhere became silent. We both drifted into sleep in no time

Author’s POV
Kira lay down on the couch reading a book
“I will be right back Kira” Darius said in a deep tone “where are you off to Darius?” She sat up on the couch “I just need to check the border” Darius replied “what border?” Kira forehead creased while Darius rolled his eyes “Don’t question me Kira..I just want to check out some things..Simple” he shrugged before walking to the door. Kira found his attitude a bit strange. Darius always say the exact place he was heading to why so different? Kira lie back down on the couch focusing her attention back on the book. Darius pulled the hood over his head before stepping out into the cold. It didn’t snow much today so he wasn’t afraid of freezing to death. After taking a long walk away from the house,he stopped by the shade Kira had created which was now covered with snow. Darius brought out his phone to dial Malphus number. He needed to find out what was wrong? Why he was an ordinary human now and not a sin..Darius doesn’t want to give in to his suspicion so it was best to talk to Malphus. Malphus picked on the second ring. “Hello Darius” Malphus said over the phone “I’ve been trying to reach out to you Malphus! Where the hell have you been?!”
“I have been so tired Darius”
“Same here..that’s why I called..what’s wrong Malphus?”
“Everything is wrong” Darius placed his palm on his face
“Don’t tell me it what I’m thinking”
“Yeah Darius we’ve been temporarily disconnected from our seats”
“Like I knew it..Fill me in..if you know anything”
“The king below is now walking the earth”
“How did that happened?”
“Mages awakened him”
“Shit!” Darius spat
“How are the other sins?”
“All fine..what do we do now?”
“Since the King below is now present then it best we return the red witches back to their places”
“Why? But we have to protect them”
“Malphus the King below is far more dangerous. His arrival would make the other King cautious he won’t look for them”
“Are you sure of that?”
“Yes Malphus”
“Okay let’s do it then”
“Just make sure you escort them back to their places”
The line dropped. Darius made his way back to the house. Kira sat up when she heard the door clicked then Darius stepped in. He removed his jacket and tossed it in the couch before settling down on the one adjacent to Kira’s
“We need to talk Kira” he said rubbing his palm together. Kira dropped the book on the table
“I figure that out already.. What do you want to talk about?”
“I need your help” Kira adjusted on the couch
“With what?”
“I need You to cast a protective spell”
“Okay..but..on who?”
“Me,you and six other people”
“Who are those six people?and why do I need to cast a protective spell from harm or evil on so many people?” Darius stood up from his couch and went to sit beside Kira, holding her small hands in his palm
“I just need to cast that spell to protect everyone of us”
“I know we both need protective spell but Darius why Six others?”
“Look Kira..I can’t explain things to you but I will,some other time but for now all I can say is that we’re leaving this place tomorrow morning”
“What? Tomorrow?.. Darius how long have you been planning without me?”
She stood up from the couch
“I haven’t been planning anything…” He paused
“You have to return back home” Darius expected a bright smile on Kira’s face but she frowned instead
“What do you mean?”
“You can return home now”
“But..you said my home is not safe…and that I will only return home after you’ve settled things with the one who wants my blood” Darius not wanting to tell Kira the truth,he spoke up and said
“Things are settled – no one will cone after you again”
He lied
“What? Darius how sure are you? You haven’t left this place in months so how come you settled the situation”
“A friend of mine gat things covered for me since I couldn’t leave you alone here..so now that all is settled you can go home” Kira gave him a confused look. She find it hard to believe everything Darius said.
“Darius…” She moved closer to him grazing his cheeks with her knuckles
“Is there something you are not telling me?” She asked in a low tone
“Look if there is a big secret behind this sudden decision you can share it with me..I swear to you that I won’t tell anyone about it”
Darius sighed and cupped her face
“There is no big secret Kira”
“Are you sure?” He nodded
“Or don’t you wanna go home?” He faked a smile
“I want to go home”
“Good..cast a protective spell so we can be safe on our journey – No Dark creatures will come after us”
“Thank you” he placed a kiss a her forehead
The protective spell was to protect them from Harm or Evil – including the other sins. Now that Darius was human but still above an ordinary human – a protective spell is the best option for the journey to guarantee their safety.
“What do you need?”
“Salt.. And I will provide the rest”
“No I will perform it on the porch”
“Okay lemme get salt” Darius walked into the kitchen and came back with the Jar of Salt. They walked out of the house to the porch. Kira collected the salt and sprinkled it to make a circle. She whispered some words and a blue wand appeared in her hand
“Step away Darius…just two steps”
Darius obeyed and folded his arms. Kira went to each quarter in turn starting at West,then North, east and South,tapping on the ground with the wand as she chants the protective spell
“I call thee,who guard the watchtower of the earth to guide us through the darkness,and ensue our safety”
Kira stepped in the center of the circle again. She gestured to Darius to move closer to the circle – him representing the six sins and she chants
“In the shadows,evil hides,
Ready to draw us from Love’s side
But with your help we shall be strong
Banish all that do us wrong
Send them away,send them away
Never again to pass our way
So Mote it be”
Kira repeated the last three lines as she scattered the salt bringing it together with her foot. She nodded to Darius
“Yes” she nodded
“What next?”
“I have to eat something to restore my energy”
They walked back into the house leaving the salt at the entrance

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 50,51 and 52
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 44,45 and 46

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