July 28, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 21

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Epsiode 21


I stood up painfully and sadly.

“I wonder why you licking your lips like you kissing someone in your dream.” He said and I just maintained a puppy-like mouth.

“I get you that dress , we are heading out together ” He said and I peeked at the direction of his hand.

I saw a newly packed cloth there and a smile formed unknowingly on my lips but it soon disappeared as soon as I began to wonder where he want the two of us to go to.

“Get yourself dressed woman.” He said and I went to bath then cane around to change into the cloth.

After I had dressed ,I turned to him and said ” I’m done sir.”

“Good.” He stood and gestured for me to walk out first. I did and he followed.

He closed the door and we both walked down the stairs of the hostel.

He walked towards the direction of a car that has two heavily built soldiers standing side by side the car.

We finally arrived there and I could see them salute him.

He nodded and entered the car. I entered the car as well and sat side by side with him.

All this while ,he had not utter any word while I’m dying of curiosity of where he is going to and why would he want me to follow him too.

The car start to move while I start to think of the best way to start a conversation with him .

I coughed gently but he maintained his straight look still.

I coughed again to get his attention but he wouldn’t just look to my side.

I coughed for the third time and he looked at me angrily.

“Are you normal? can’t you compose yourself?” He asked.

“Firstly ,I’m not really normal , secondly , coughing is a reflex action.” I said and he smirked wickedly.

He looked away without saying a word.

“I was only expecting you to say ‘sorry’ sir ” I said.

“Who in the world are you for me to tell you ‘sorry’ ?” He asked angrily.

I hesitated for a while before answering. ” The daughter of the president.”

I watched as the driver set the front mirror to my face ,probably checking to see the face of the daughter of the president.

“Daughter of the president indeed ” He said and looked away.


He turned at me angrily and said ; “Can you keep your d@mn mouth shut?”

I held my lips with two fingers like a kid being told to shut up

“Better?” he said and looked away.

“Mmmmmm” When I realize that I wasn’t able to speak with my fingers on my mouth ,I removed it and said; ” Where are you taking me to sir?”

“To get you killed.” he said “Stupid question. ”

“Sir? To kill me?” I yelled.

“Hey driver ,halt the car ,I’m not ready to die now ” I yelled but the doctor wouldn’t listen.

“Please don’t kill me sir ?” I pleaded but he refused to answer.

Is he about to kill me for real?

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