July 31, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 22

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 22

(H*te me this much)

Miguel’s POV

Closing Time!

I’m so glad we have closed plus it’s Friday, there is no school tomorrow and next tomorrow

I’m glad I’ll have more time to be alone. I always wish I find myself in a word where I will never go out. Being alone has always being what I enjoy doing

More reasons why I liked Saturdays and Sundays. I slung my bag and walked out with Ruby

“Are you good in table tennis ?” Ruby asked

“Sure , what about you? ” I asked

“I’m better than you I guess” She replied and that made me smirk

“I’d never being defeated in all my years of playing table tennis , many Years ago, my friends calls me the god of tennis ” I boasted

“How about we try who is the best and not just brag with our mouths ” Ruby dared and that really made me willing to prove my skill to her

We both walked to the a free table tennis court and stood opposite with the rackets in our hands and the ball in her hand

She served the first ball to me and I played it back, we commenced playing skillfully

Reese(Sawyer) POV

I tip toed and followed them as they walked together to an unknown location . At first , I was wondering where they were going then I suddenly saw them walked to the table tennis court

Miguel is even playing game with this girl, yet he never wants to see me , he never wants to have anything to do with me

I guess I’m really disgusting to him, I watched as he plays the table tennis skillfully to Ruby

He won the first serve and I could see him smile to Ruby.
That hurts, he’s never smiled to me

He looked around randomly probably to see the crowds watching him

Our eyes met all of a sudden and his smiling attractive face turned sour as our faces met, he took his eyes off me and served the ball and began to play again with Ruby

I ran to where I did not know , I squatted and began to cry again. Am I so bad? He was smiling but as he saw me , his face became sour

I hit the floor with my palm a number of times crying and disliking myself

Why did he hate me this much?

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