June 12, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 23

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???? Addicted to Him????

Written by Feathers

Episode 23


Miguel’s POV

I walked inside my house happily , I won Ruby. She really thinks she’s the best when it comes to Table Tennis.

“Hey brother” Cody greeted running towards me

“Hi Cody, how are you doing? How was school” I asked

“Fine” He replied and we both walked into the living rooms

“I’m so tired” I pronounced

“Sorry brother, but what made u so tired?” Cody asked

I narrated how Ruby challenged me to play with her and how I won her flawlessly

“Oh you really had fun with a friend , unlike me ” Cody said

“What do you mean? ” I asked trying to decipher the true meaning behind his sentence

He maintained a dissatisfaction expression and a look that made me feel like I’m bullying him

“What’s wrong, just tell me?” I asked

“If I tell you, will you grant my request?” He asked

“Of course I should ” I replied

“Please allow me to be playing with our neighbour, she’s really fun to be with ” Cody pleaded and my face dropped in disappointment

I wanted to speak but he was quick enough to interject

“Why did you hate her so much?” Cody asked and my face became puzzled

“I do not think I hate her” I replied

“So why wouldn’t you allow me to play with her in her house since you didn’t want her here ” Cody asked

I was bewildered , I do not know what reply to give him. I do not wanna teach him to dislike people.

“Alright, you are free to go and play with her ” I pronounced

“Hurray! ” He exclaimed as he stood happily

“I’m off ” He said and ran out

Wow! He really likes that rude and clumsy girl , has she perhaps done anything to him that makes him like her?

I lay on my back at the chair and breathed slowly ,I’m trying to relax my muscle ,it’s being long I stress myself to play games but it’s fun still

I opened my eye after few minutes and that was when it dawned upon me that I had slept off

I stood and went to the television, I switched it on to watch my favorite station but I wasn’t feeling the vibe

I did numerous things to lighten up my dull day but nothing was working , I was feeling like conversing with someone

I don’t usually have this kind of feeling but I guess Ruby is lightening up up.

This is the more reason why I need Cody around , If he had been here , we would definitely be discussing by now

I sighed exasperatingly and walked out , then I suddenly saw a small kite fly towards me , I tried to guide it but the wind was blowing it towards my direction

I tried to trace who could be controlling the kite but I couldn’t. I guess the thread is too tiny and had the color of the present atmosphere

The kite was landing on my head and that was seriously frustrating me , anytime I try to grab it , the kite flies away

Guess the controller of the kite?

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