August 3, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 111

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He And Her V.

Episode 111


Tucker explained what transpires at the hospital to me. After which I persuaded him to put a call across to the man only for the man to talk of how his son had being kidnapped just because they wanted him to feed us lies.

That is exactly what they must have done in the previous hospital. Thank goodness the doctor confessed cause I can’t imagine him having to give us that wrong information.

“What do we do now?” I asked Tucker and he sighed.

“Just play along to safe the doctor’s son.” He said.

“How? How do you intend playing along?”

“By pretending to whoever is behind this that you did not have a womb and that I can’t perform”

“Did you just say ‘whoever’ is behind this? Isn’t the person behind it so obvious now?” I asked and he looked into my face like he had no idea who could have being behind the act.

“Whom did you think?” He asked.

“Grace of course”

“Grace!” He repeated and nodded.

“No problem then ,let’s play along to her but I can’t just stop myself from wondering why she really wants me to believe I can’t perform and for you to believe you have no womb.”

“All her attempt are summed up to ensure that I leave this house. ” I said.

“We will overcome this together. ” He said and stood.


I walked to the living room and saw Grace and her daughter watching the TV ,I sat gently and watched the TV with them.

“Camilla, Camilla!” I heard Tucker shout my name in a disturbing manner.

I remained seated and I just darted my face to the direction of his voice.

“Why didn’t you arrange my cloth at my wardrobe?”

“Excuse me? ”

“Excuse you what? The dry cleaner brought my cloth few hours ago and according to him, you received it so tell me why you find it difficult to simply arrange it in my wardrobe.” He asked.

“I think you need an househelp?”

“An house help? An house help you say? ” He grinned wickedly. “You see why Grace is better than you! Have you ever seen Grace talked to me that way, no wonder you can’t even give birth ,barren goat.” He said and barged out angrily.

Grace and her daughter began to mock me while I start to cry.

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