July 25, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 21

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
The speed at which Eva ran to the living room was livid,Adrian followed her to guard her from any impeding danger cause the sound terrified her,
“Tyler!” She yelled when she got to the living room but the boy wasn’t there, she ran to his room while Adrian searched the other part of the house but Tyler wasn’t there,
“Tyler!” She called out,terrified that the boy might have been hurt but to her utmost surprise,they found him outside watching at the fire crackers displayed over the night sky.Tyler was sitting on the floor of Eva’s porch watching the bang sound and the awesome colorful lights displayed on the sky,
“Tyler, here you are.You got mommy worried.” She stooped beside him,
“Sorry mommy,I just wanted to see the crackers that’s all.” The boy apologized in a child-like remorse but his concentration hadn’t averted from the lights,
“Mommy,can I get one of those?” He pointed to the lights that were portraying on the sky,
“Don’t worry I’ll personally get you one of those someday but now,you’re too young to play with those.” She coaxed,the boy’s face fell.Looking at the older men and younger children play with the crackers from far,he’d really wanted to join them but his mommy won’t allow him.
“Mommy can’t I go play with them,I promise I won’t get too close to the fire.” The little boy’s pitiful face pleaded,Eva had wanted to allow him but she just couldn’t because she can’t leave him playing alone with some fairly known people and the impeding danger that might approach the boy,she disagrees.
“Tyler,you can’t go out of here to play okay.” Her decision was firm but the boy was stern to go out,
“Mommy please,” He pleaded,she looked at him again,
“Tyler no,get inside the house,its cold out here.” With this she stood up and pulled the boy’s hand,making him avert his eyes from the beautiful light that were blown in the night cold sky.The boy winced as he was dragged inside by his mommy, he’d really wanted to see the light ups.
After she put the boy to bed,she went to her room,all this while what Adrian had told her has continue to disturb her,she was wondering what he lied to her that got him so worried.Entering her room,she sat on this bed,Adrian was at the backyard,
Should I go and ask him what those words he said earlier actually mean, she pondered for sometime before slipping into her pajamas slippers and walked to the backyard.Normally she isn’t the type of person to get forward about something but this one is really disturbing her.Getting to the backyard, she took the coat from the coat hanger and put it on,she opened the door and there he was sitting on the wooden floor,barely shirted,she walked towards him and tapped his shoulder,
How can a human being withstand such cold and stay out by this hour wearing no shirt talk more a winter coat, she sighed and sat besides him.Adrian looked at her but didn’t utter any word,her innocence had made him go extra mile,not wanting to hurt her,for long he hadn’t felt so about anyone since his mom passed away but here is he,going crazy over a human,something that had happened before is about to happen again,history is playing itself.Eva took her hands into his,where she got the courage from she didn’t know but deep down her,she wants to spend the rest of her life in the arms of this man if there would be a possibility to that.But surprisingly, Adrian took his hands from hers,she was surprised at first but when she looked into his eyes,she saw something,something he couldn’t hide from her no matter how bad he tried,
“Adrian,what’s the matter?” She leaned forward and asked him but he moved away from her,still keeping their eyes locked at each others
“Eva I’m sorry,I’m not good for you.” He finally said,guilt ridden and scared,she was surprised though.For the past days she knew him,he wasn’t someone that got scared easily and she’s never seen such expression on him before,
Maybe it got to do with the reason he was apologising to me non stop before the shot.She leaned towards him,not giving him a chance to move away from her,
This man has given her a hell lot of support no one could have given her,even with Davis’s presence,she fell more at ease with a stranger she barely knows and that endeared him to her.
Not to say,she isn’t the type of girl that would go after a man,a strange man but Adrian was different, she wasn’t going after him,rather she was reciprocating the feelings they shared and the trust she has for him.
“Eva stop,you’re making this harder for me.” He voice was pitiful,but she wasn’t buying that,
“Harder for who? You or me?” Her hands flayed as she spoke,he took another step back,this time she didn’t move forward,
“You’re jut like them uh? Make me have feeling and leaves me right after that,” Her words hurt him,
How can she classify him under those heartless men that almost ruined her life,he wasn’t among them,he loves her with everything he has lived for but couldn’t help but worry about hers and her son security if he’s to be with her.
He has managed to survive during the last one and that separated their worlds but now he can’t put her through something like that and not especially her son,the boy is too young to go through those pains,he can’t let history repeat itself again.
“I’m not like them Eva,I love you,I love you with everything I’d live for but we can’t do this,I fear for….” She rushed over and shut him up with a kiss,a warm kiss that almost sent him insane,she kissed him.Savoring the good taste of his masculine lips,she kissed him and stopped abruptly,like a voice in her head told her too.
“Uhm..sorry Adrian but I really do love you too.” The words seems heavy to leave her lips but she had to say them.
If love is caring for someone and never wanting to leave that person’s side,it means she’s in love with him.
If love is practically wanting to wake up in his arms everyday of her life,that means she’s is in love.
And if love means defying all orders of life to be with him,that means she’s in love with him.
“But Eva…” He stammered, he’d secretly wished the kiss last longer than it did,
Gosh,her lips are so alluring,it’s full and tastes like caramel.Mere looking at it arouses him,its just like a blooming hibiscus petals in spring.
Now back to reality,you have to tell her the truth one way or the other,better now than later,
“Eva…” He took a deep breathe as she waited in anticipation for what he wanted to say,
“I’m a vampire Eva.” He let the words roll out of his lips and swallowed hard as they left, waiting for her reaction for like ten seconds, she let out a hysterical laughter.
Making him wonder,
Does she think I’m joking around?

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