August 6, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 22

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
Eva’s laughter got Adrian frowning,he just told her something serious and she’s busy laughing her heart out.He walked to her and took her hands,she still had a smiling face when he did that,
“Eva I’m serious about this,I am a vampire and my name is Adrian Blake.” He said again,turning his back,he showed her an almost fainted tattoo right beside his upper arm,she couldn’t believe him so he showed her the last proof,opening his mouth,Adrian pointed to his fangs, there were pointed but not very long,his fangs increases length and gets sharper when he’s ferocious but now he isn’t, he’s trying to show the woman in front of him his true nature.
“You’re… a……vampire?” She asked hazily and he nodded, fear eluded her.
Omigod! She’s has been harboring a vampire in her house since.She took one last look at the man in front of her,he felt more like a stranger now than a friend or perhaps, the man she fell in love with.She started retracing her step backwards,
“Eva,” Adrian got hold of her as she almost stumble over the pile of snow, she was shaken but jerked back to reality,pushing his arms away from her,
“Don’t touch me.” Her order came slowly but one could tell the hostility it harbor.Thinking she was gonna run inside and slam the door against him,she did the direct opposite, she sat on the wooden porch floor and looked at him,
“Why didn’t you tell me Adrian? Why did you keep me in the dark?” Her gentle nature had come back,she was sad yes,but possesses a deep and serene aura,
“I..m sorry.” He manage to say,then say beside her though their body weren’t touching each others,
“I trusted you and told you everything about myself cause I felt secured and protected with you,why didn’t you tell me about it?” He couldn’t day a word,just sat still as ice,he loathed himself now and most importantly, she hates him now and wouldn’t wanna spend a minute seeing his beast face anymore,
“Eva,I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you,I didn’t have the courage to bring it up.” He explained to her,,she was somewhat in turmoil of feelings and actions.
The man I’ve grown to love over this past few days just turned out to be nothing but a lying monster.
“No,Adrian can’t be that bad,he’s been with your for day now,probably a week and some days and you’ve come to love and trust him,him being what he claims to be doesn’t change anything.”A still but calm voice whispered to her hearing, she looked at the man sitting beside her,there’s no feeling of hate towards him from within her,she felt like everything was normal but she physically knows that everything isn’t as it used to be.His revelation of him true self has sent a shock down his spine.He moved towards her,she didn’t run away or shun him,rather she let him come closer,
” Eva,”he knelt before her,
“I’m sorry,sorry that I couldn’t tell you about this and sorry I couldn’t stay away from you all this past few days but I really love you,I love you and Tyler a lot and I’m willing to sacrifice my love for you,so you would……” She stood up and push him backward,feigning anger
“Sacrifice what uh?” She angrily pushed him again,her vexation was like that of a child who was refused her favorite chocolate and was given a candy.When she had pushed him to the mulberry tree and she can’t push further,she leaned close to him,
“Eva…..please.,” she placed her index finger on his lips and looked deeply into his eyes,
“I don’t know why but I’m sure I love and trust you and that should matter,then for you being a vampire,it’s left for me to decide on what to do.” He couldn’t still take his eyes off her,
Eva,please don’t make this hard for me.
“I can’t just forget everything,bury my feelings for you and let you go,no,” Her eyes were almost teary,she can’t let go of him easily.
“What will I tell Ty when he gets up and ask of you? Tell him you left because you’re a vampire and isn’t good for his mommy and him uh?” Her questions were heart breaking and Adrian couldn’t utter a word,
“How do I face him when he finds out? Rachel? Diego and Davis? Don’t you think he’s gonna be happy,that I had fallen IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE?”
“Adrian you are not a bad guy like others,I’ve grown to trust you,you stood up for me when I needed the support the most and you saved my son and I countless times,don’t think I can forget about it so easily.” Getting on her toes,she gave his a slight peck on his cheeks,
“Please don’t leave us.” He wanted to pull her and kiss her properly but that would be kept for another time,now the matter at hand is very crucial,
“Eva I don’t just want you to get hurt,neither you or Tyler would get hurt for my mistake.” He finally said when she withdrew from him,she gave him an assuring smile,
“As long as you’re here with us,we’re safe.” Taking his hand,she led him inside,
“Let’s get some sleep and pretend that nothing ever happened.” Adrian was surprised at her reaction, she took everything so lightly like they never meant any thing. That wasn’t the case,deep down Eva is scared but not scared of him being a vampire,she was scared for her and her son being without him,especially herself.
Laying on her bed,she couldn’t sleep,the event of the evening flooded her mind so much that she was restless,so she went to the living room,to know whether Adrian was still awake and gladly he was wide awake but lying on the couch,
“Couldn’t sleep?” He asked when he saw her coming,she nodded with a light smile and sat beside him while he sat up.There were quiet for awhile and it was getting awkward,
“Were you born one?” She asked him in a plain but nice voice,he looked at her before answering,
“No,I was born a human to a human and vampire parents,” she took a closer look at him,
“My mom was a human and my dad a vampire.” He replied,
“What happened?” This question depict many meaning but he knew what she really asked and decided to tell her,Eva adjusted herself making herself comfortable the best way she can.
“My mom was from here,then vampires lived together with human peacefully,my dad’s father was the head of the vampire’s clan while my mom was just a normal woman,though I didn’t get to know her much but my dad always talked about her,how beautiful she was and how kind and caring just like you.” He was so lost in his memories, he didn’t notice Eva slipping her hands through his,he came back to his senses and smiled at her,she gave him the go ahead to continue,
“My mom was betrothed to a young man,my father calls him James,said he was old Albert’s first and only son while my dad already had a wife and a son,” She recalls Rachel telling her that the vampires in Flint Hills were chased away after they killed old Albert’s son and this house she’s living in turns out to be old Albert’s house,sold to her by the late man’s wife.
“Okay.” She said when he stopped noticing her √†lost in thoughts,
“But it turned out she was already in love with my dad,a vampire not an ordinary one but he was in line of succession to the Lycan’s head.She wasn’t in support of her betrothment to James,so she fled with my dad,this caused a lot of commotion then.When they came back to Flint Hills,my mom was already pregnant with me,James didn’t take it so likely and so did Amelia,my step mom.After I was born,I turned out to be a human not a vampire,everyone was surprised at the turn out,a check was ran on me after James claimed he was my father, I turned out to have a Lycan’s blood flowing in my vein but not a vampire,this baffled everyone including my mom.James was so furious that he turned the whole villagers against my dad and the vampires,it led to bloodshed which cost his life and the life of my grandfather.Years later,the war ended,the both parties couldn’t leave peacefully, so it was resolved that the vampires would leave Flint Hills and move to the other side of the woods and that was the last of it.” He came back from his trance and looked at her,
“So how did you end up being a vampire since you were born human?” She asked,this aspect of the story is what confused her most,
“I was turned.As the son of the head,whether legitimate or illegitimate, I must have to be a vampire to be in succession to the throne,so when I turned six,I was turned and then purified,I never wanted to be but I had no choice then,now my step brother Lucas rules the Lycans,while I try hard to separate myself from then.” She understood, he was turned without his consent,
“Your mom? What happened to her?” She asked concerned,
“She died few years after I was turned and my dad died many years later.” She saw a flick of guilt in his eyes,
“Adrian,it was never your fault.” She place her head on his shoulder,
“Most times I think it is,if not for..” She shut him up by planting a soft but alluring kiss on his lips,going by instinct,he returned the kiss,the two ended up in each arms for the night.

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