July 24, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 12 and 13

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 12
Lily’s POV cont.
????I will miss you to but don’t worry Monday isn’t far.
She said over the phone.
Who the hell does she miss? She doesn’t have a friend from school except Scot. I hope it’s not what am thinking. I went back to my room to continue with my sleep after all it’s weekend and I don’t have any plans for today.
Sofia’s POV
I bid Scot goodbye when I heard movements. I thought it was mum but when I checked it was Lily walking back to her room. I hope she is not stoking on me. I went back to sleep, it’s weekend.
Hunger woke me up and it was already midday. I went downstairs and mom had left for the market. Glenn was watching a Netflix and Lily was busy on her phone. I took my breakfast and joined them.
‘Can I ask you something?’ Lily asked.
‘Sure thing just ask,’
‘What’s going on between you and Scot?’
‘Nothing just a good friend,’
‘Let it just remain that way,’ she rolled her eyes and went upstairs.
I don’t know what is wrong with Lily she has been acting strange lately and I sense something fishy is cooking.
Lily’s POV
I went to the balcony to have a clear view of the city. I was enjoying the beautiful city when my phone ringed. It was a new number and I don’t pick new numbers.
After several times of ringing I picked it up.
????Lily on the line how may I help you?
????It’s Harry,
????And so?
????I wanted to invite you for lunch.
After thinking for sometime I accepted.
????I will be sending you the address.
I said and hugged up. I took a shower and took a cab to the address. It was a simple and cheap hotel and I didn’t love the place.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 13
Harry’s POV
I invited her to a cheap hotel to test her. I can afford anything I want but I love simple and unique things. The hotel was simple and cheap but had the best dishes in town and I love it for that. I took a taxi and I have cars, my dad owns two companies in town while my mom has a fashion design company. My elder brother Ramon works with real estates and has a big car selling shop. Nobody knows he is my bro not even Scot my close friend. I alighted from the cab and I was waiting for her. She was dressed in a knee-length body-hug black dress and she looked pretty but Sofia still surpasses her. I had black trouser and a white oversized shirt. No body can know that all my family members are billionaires. She walked towards me with a disgusted look on her face and I didn’t need a prophet to tell me she didn’t love the place.
‘Hi, you look pretty,’ I complimented with a smile trying to lighten up the mood.
‘Is this the place you wanted us to meet?’ she asked.
‘Yeah the place is just cool,’
‘I can’t stay in such a disgusting place. If you can’t reach my status then back off and stop wasting my time,’ she said and walked away.
‘You would at least hear me out before walking away,’ I said disappointed.
‘This place Is for the poor and not someone like me,’ she said and if not that I was rich and one of my cars can feed her descendants it would have been an insult.

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