June 14, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 16

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????The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 16

“Hayley! You scared the hell out of me , ain’t you supposed to be at school?” I asked after catching my breath.

“its still early dear and i don’t have morning lectures so I just thought I should say ‘hi’ to my sister-in-law,” she said already digging into my breakfast and when she mentioned the ‘Sister-in-law ‘ part my face turned pink as memories of last night came back.

“Where’s Larry? “she asked and my heart skipped a beat.

“Why are you not answering me Char and you’ve been smiling a lot today?” I didn’t know I’ve been smiling all along cuz I can’t just brush off yesterdays’ kiss.

“Its nothing dear,” I replied shyly.

“Oops ! I know you so don’t lie to me and you’re even shy yet you’re not the shy type of girl so tell me sweety,” she said sitting comfortably.

“I said its nothing dear .”

“Did Larry proposed you to be his girlfriend or did he perhaps kiss you ?” She asked curiously.

“Mmm I … we … nothing… happened ” I stammered.

“Yes I got you know so tell me did you say yes ? Is my brother romantic or he’s just handsome for nothing? How was the kiss ? Did you enjoy it Char?” She fired me with questions.

“One question at a time Hayley, he didn’t propose but..”

“But what?”

“He .. I mean we kissed”

“Omg!” she exclaimed happily and screamed while I closed my ears because I couldn’t stand the noise , she then started dancing randomly and all i can say is she’s the worst dancer ever . Did I tell you guys that she also have the most horrible voice I’ve ever heard?

“Calm down Hayley,” I finally said.

” I knew it that today’s smile is different and I knew that someone is in good mood because something good happened. So how did you guys ended up kissing?” She asked sitting beside me and I explained to her in detail.

“Wow so did you like it?”

“I love it and all I can say is my first kiss was awesome ,” I replied happily.

“Wow so I’m going to kiss you again,” a voice said and I froze , there’s no need for a soothsayer to tell me the owner of that voice.

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