August 1, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 17

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Episode 17

Hayley ????

We were busy conversing about the kiss when I noticed Larry’s presence but I kept cool and started asking Char to give me full details. She kept on blabbering about the kiss closing her eyes with a curly smile on her face and I winked a Larry.

When Larry finally spoke , Charlene froze and I couldn’t control my laughter because of the instant change I saw on her face.She wanted to run away away but I hold her down cuz I was not going to let her go easily , if if meant skipping lectures then I was ready to do so.

I hate seeing these guys friend zoning each other as if they don’t love each other . I think Larry doesn’t know how to propose that’s why I want to help him.

“You’re not going anywhere Char so keep chill and you Larry , come and sit here,” I said to him patting the space beside me and now I’m in the middle.

“I want to settle things between the two of you, you’re too old to keep on playing like this ,” I said acting like a mature lady.

“What are you talking about?” Larry asked.

“You know what I’m talking about so don’t ask me that stupid question and before I go any further, why where you crying?” I asked him with an arched eyebrow.

” I wasn’t crying Hayley. Why would I?” he replied bluntly .

“Stop lying to me cuz I know you very well and you even have dark circles around your eyes,” I said and he looked at Char first then looked away.

“Tell me bro.”

“Just tell us what you want to talk about and stop asking unnecessary questions,” I sighed and saw Charlene looking at him with a worried face .

“Okay so you guys are you now dating?” I asked and they just looked at each other without responding.

” Larry I’m talking to you too so stop staring at Char can’t you see that she’s shy?” I said to Larry.

Okay you don’t want to talk to me right? Come on lets go upstairs and forgot what I was talking about,” I said pulling them to stand up and they did.

We made our way to my room and I gestured them to sit on the couch which was in my bedroom.It seems like Charlene is at mute right now because from the moment Larry entered , she haven’t said anything yet.

“Cheer up guys we just wanna have fun ,” I said.

“Ain’t you supposed to be at school?” Larry asked relaxing on the couch.

“I’m no longer going today so let me take some snacks and juice so that we can eat ,” I said this making my way to the door .

“No let me go and take ,” Charlene finally spoke standing up and I ran out of the room , closed the door behind me then lock it from the outside.

“Have fun love birds I’ll be right back later,” I shouted at them then made my way to school while laughing my lungs out.

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