July 29, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Epilogue

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 53,54 and 55

Max did look wonderful as he got out of the car and came up to the Hunter’s font door though, casual and comfortable in a simple flannel and a pair of good fitting dark jeans. The top hugged his broad shoulder and sculpted chest. “Good evening Mrs Hunter” he greeted Amy cheerfully. “Good evening Max” she answered. “Hi little man” Max greeted Kaleb giving him a high five. Kaleb was Kira’s younger brother the one with the fetus name Asher. Kaleb gave him a grin “hello”
” how you doing?”
“I’m good”
“Look what I got you” Max brought out a Candy from his jeans. “Thank you!” Kaleb said excitedly
“Kira! Max is here”
“Okay mom” she answered from the kitchen. A smile formed on Max’s lips when he saw kira. She opted in for a pair of Navy – blue pants and a white split V – necked T-shirt tucked into the them
“Hi love” she hugged Max
“Hello love” he kissed her forehead
“Are you ready?”
“Yes my love”
“Mrs Hunter can we?” He asked Amy and she chuckled
“Bye mom” Kira kissed her mom and moved to Kaleb “bye baby boo”
“Bye big sis” he waved and Amy shut the door. Max kissed her full on her lips immediately the door closed behind them
“You..look..good..my love” he whispered amidst the kiss
“Same with you” Kira parted from him. “So where tonight?” She held his hand and they made their way to Max’s Limousine. He opened the door and she stepped in and he followed
“To the club Luke” he ordered the driver
“Club? Why club?”
“Nothing my love” he replied,his knuckles grazing her cheeks
“Look I bought something for you”
“What?” He reached for the bag in front of them and gave Kira a red rose from it
“This is a sign of our undying love,that proves to me that nothing is impossible. You’ve given me the chance to win your heart, now I know it fate or our destinies are one In The same my love” he kissed Kira’s cheek
“Thank you” she kissed the rose. “Uhmmm what else do you have in the bag?”
“Nothing” he lied
“Really?” He nodded and kira gave him a sad face. Max chuckled
“Were you expecting more aside the rose?” She hummed a response without looking at him. Max brought out a small box of chocolate
“Ta da!” He placed it on her laps and Kira laughed
“I know my present is incomplete with a chocolate..so I ordered the best my love” she opened the box and pooped a ball in her mouth
“You like it?”
“Of course my love!” Max laughed
“I’m glad you like it”
“Want some?”
“No I’m fine”
“Yes my love♥”


Max held Kira’s hand in his as they stepped into the clubhouse. Kira body wasn’t used to the rhythms which echoed through the dark room where the colours danced vividly against the walls and ceiling. The vast amount of people surrounding Kira automatically created a pit in her stomach
“Don’t get nervous My love”
“Why are we even here?”
“To club” max pulled Kira to a side of the room. There she saw Lana,Kyle,Ruby,Luis,Elliott,Zanetta and Shirley who was her friend in college
“Hi girl!” They greeted. Kira stared at Max surprisingly
“Why didn’t you tell me we were coming to see them?”
“Sorry love it was meant to he a surprised”
“Let it slide sis..don’t nail him to the cross yet cause there are more surprises to come your way”
“What surprise?”
She collected the soda Shirley was drinking
“It a surprise we can’t spill it” Shirley told Kira
“Whatever” Kira rolled her eyes and they laughed
“I think we should hit the dance floor!” Lana screamed at the top of her voice
“That’s a great idea!” Ruby added. They all stood up leaving only Max and Kira alone
“You don’t want to dance?”
“Dance? You know I’m a bad dancer…I know nothing in that aspect my love”
“Well I can help you tonight”
“You have to my love” Max collected the glass from her and dropped it on the table. He wanted her on the dancefloor facing the stage..then his plans would workout fine
“Please my love just this night” He pleaded. Kira hesitated
“If you don’t want to dance then let’s play our kiss game”
“What? Out here?”
“Yes.. I don’t care about the people around you know?” He moved his face closer to her almost starting the kiss game “okay I will dance”
“Good” he moved back and Kira stood and followed him to the dancefloor
“Loosen up girl” Shirley winked. Max large hand claiming her hips
“What have you prepared?” She said to his mind
“Just something” he replied
“I’m not telling you about it my love” he hugged Kira while a guy cane on stage.It was time! The music stopped and everyone grumbled
“Hello handsome and beauties” they all screamed when they saw the star on stage. “If you are here with your partner and you’ll like to appreciate her by singing a love sing please raise your hands”
No one except Max raised his hands
“We have someone in the house!” The star said and they screamed and clapped. Kira shot Max a confused look. He bounced the steps leading to the stage and Kyle,Elliot and Luis followed
“What are you doing?” She asked Max telepathically
“Just watch me”
“So who is here to confess?” The boys pointed to Max and the star jaw dropped when the light shined on their faces
“Hey guys! Max Torres is here in the building!” Girls screamed and clapped when they saw Max.. Some brought out their phones to take pictures
“Is she here tonight?”
“Yes” he replied with a brilliant smile. Kira moved closer to the girls
“Can someone tell me what they are doing up there?”
“I don’t know” Lana answered
“I have no idea too” Ruby said
“How are you guys doing tonight?” Max asked and they screamed
“I’m going to sing a love song.. Because we all know the pains a heart can go through and sometimes, the only thing you can do about it is to just sing” they all clapped. Three guys dressed in black outfit brought three guitar to the stage and uncover a drum set. Kira gasped when she saw a guitar with Max..she had never seen him playing that before or even sing
“I’m singing this song to you my love” he winked at Kira from the stage and she blushed
“Go! Max!” Her friends screamed
He started singing while the boys played along with him. He sang “Mine” a song by Tatiana Manaois
“I wanna make you mine,
Take everywhere I go,
Never thought I will find,
Someone I could call my own…”
They applauded when he stopped singing… Kira thought it was over but it was just the beginning of Max’s confession
“Friends, I have just confessed my love for this beautiful woman” he pointed to Kira from the stage
“She is my soulmate, I love her with my entire heart. Nothing will ever do us any harm that will cause me to stop loving her…but now my love is hesitating – there should be no hesitation in love..right?”
“Yes!” The crowd screamed Max came down from the stage and made his way to Where Kira was. “…only the desire to risk it all for the other…The desire to please and be pleased” he got closer to Kira
“Again I ask you,my love,be my missing puzzle Piece…” He brought out a diamond ring from his pocket and went on his kneels
“..without you I cannot be whole” she had turned him down two years ago cause she wasn’t ready to get married..Kira was so focused with her studies..determined to finish and obtain a master degree before settling down with Max
“You better say yes” those were the handful comments from the crowd. Max knew Kira would never dream of turning him down in front of an audience. Funny! Kira already made up her mind to accept his proposal. This is why they are called Star -crossed lover!
“I can’t seem to get enough of you – Kira you make me no longer lonely. I do not know what I would be able to do without you..you are my other half,the reason why I wake up every morning,the reason I fight for what I care for…please don’t make me wait anymore” he chuckled a little and Kira saw a tear roll down his cheekbone
She smiled back at him
“YES!” She replied
The crowd screamed as Max slide the ring in her finger. He stood up and hugged her
“You are my perfection. I am not worthy of you yet here you are…my perfect bride to be. I love ♥ you”
“I love ♥ you too”
His lips met hers followed by the best kiss on earth!

The Red Haired Witch. Episode 53,54 and 55

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