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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 50,51 and 52

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 53,54 and 55
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 47,48 and 49

Kira POV
I rubbed my sleepy eyes as I hopped out of bed. I needed to ease myself. I did my things when I got to the bathroom and looked at my reflection in the Mirror. My hair was so rough but I managed to remove strands from my face and washed my face…Arggggggg! Why do I look so ugly whenever I wake up?.. I am leaving this place in the morning – I’m going back to my family! I should be happy about it but..something keep whispering Into my mind that it not right – that Darius is hiding something from me. Is it about who he is?…but why doesn’t he want to tell me about his identity?..I don’t care if he is a Vampire well I know he is now..or he like a Werewolf… But I don’t care about any of those creatures cause he has been good to me. It doesn’t matter who he is cause I will accept him in anyway..No I have accepted him but I just don’t like the fact that he is hiding some things from me – I hate being left in the dark. Who are the six other people I casted a protective spell on? Why won’t Darius disclose their names or who they are to me?.. I do appreciate it if he reveals some to me so I can understand him better.. Oh well… I sighed maybe I should just let it slide since I will be leaving him soon. What do I say to him? Saying goodbye to Darius won’t be easy.
I grabbed my towel and wiped my face – in the process the hair on my neck raised up..my danger instinct automatically kicked in. What’s wrong? I looked around but saw no one..maybe I’m imagining things again!but why won’t my instinct stay calm? – I dropped the towel back on the rail. I inhaled deeply trying to calm my Nerves that won’t be at peace for a second. I exhaled and focused on the mirror,power shot through my belly my eyes glowed green as I tried to access my third eye
“Reveal that which is hidden”
I chanted three times then I saw a masculine figure. A man with a long hair looked straight at me. I looked back but saw no one..I focused on the mirror with my green eyes that shone Brightly then he was there. Someone was in here with me! A smirk formed on the man’s face.
“Who are you!” I asked confidently but he didn’t respond
“What do you want?”
“I want us to talk” then he disappeared. I glanced around but he wasn’t behind me. I returned back to normal self. He wants to talk? But I don’t know him! I don’t know who he is! Oh no! A dark creature? No..I didn’t sense any dark Aura around him…a dark god will never asked calmly..he would have taken me against my will. I should tell Darius about it. I stepped out of the bathroom and grabbed my robe,almost at the door when something hit me…the impact was hard and fierce and I yelped in pain. I heard voices in my head – someone was chanting words in my head. No! He trying to summon me! I can’t go to him without telling Darius.. I panicked and started chanting a resisting spell
“I plead thee..”
“Don’t resist me!” The voice snarled in my head then I screamed.. My door opened and Darius walked in
“Are you okay?” He based fearfully
“Talk to me Kira!” Darius said his voice faint in my ears. A white light appeared shinning brightly in the room. It was a portal.. I pointed for Darius to see but he didn’t see it. I started seeing things beyond..I saw myself walking into the Portal then I blacked out.
Author’s POV
Kira’s looked around the smokey dark wood to figure out where she was but nothing made sense to her. She heard a sound and looked up,her eyes kept on the approaching figure,black combat boots came Into view. A man walked closer with a strange attire,his long midnight hair fell to his shoulder, his eyes black midnight obsidian eyes. He walked with deadly grace. Kira cocked her brows when she recognized him..he was the same figure she’d seen in the mirror – since he wanted to talk
So he had summoned her to this lifeless Wood. Kira gasped in shook when black Wings came off his back. A smirk formed on his lips as he stared at her with his obsidian eyes
“What..what are you?” She asked
“I mean no harm” he replied neglecting Kira’s question
“What do you want from me?!” She yelled standing in a defensive way
“Calm young one” he whispered. Kira find herself relaxing at his command
“You are with one of them”
“Who?” She raised her brow
“The sins”
“What sin?”
“You don’t know about Sins?”
She shook her head slowly
“The sin of pride didn’t reveal his identity?”
“Sin of pride?” Kira repeated trying to make sense of his words
“What do you mean by that?” She shot him a confused look
He grinned at her and took a step closer
“It clear you don’t know who he is”
“You can help me out”
“Sure I will tell you about the Sins before we get down to the main reason why I summoned you out here”
He stopped to stare at Kira
“Seven seat were created. The seven sins were once werewolves and the first werewolves to walk the earth,but their atrocities against mankind let them fall. The moon goddess locked them in a very dark pit where they transitioned into Lycans,one thing they don’t know is that they were once absolians, angel like creatures that fell from the high mountains of Absolia 300 million years ago. Many didn’t survived the fall,a god recreated them into humans at first and connected their souls to the seats of sin,as they are a former shadow of themselves. The moon goddess took pity on them and made them somehow complete and made them werewolves again. Half human,Half beast. No supernatural is stronger than a Sin except some Supernatural creatures of other realms and gods. Only original sin have special attributes which involves controlling lightening” he ended. Kira mouth dropped slightly,making no attempt to hide her surprise “it obvious the sin of pride didn’t give you a brief detail about who he is” why did he hide his identity? He’d said it was a long story but this man had managed to make it brief enough for me to understand who the Sins are
“Do you notice any changes in The Sin of Pride?” She nodded slowly
“Tell me” he requested
“His eyes are dull and he feel tired at times which is unusual of him”
“Yeah you are right.. you want to know why?”
“Yes please”
“The seven sins have been disconnected from this seats..so they are human now but slightly above ordinary human -did he tell you that?”
“Why are you with him?”
“He is protecting me from a king that want my blood” she replied and he chuckled
“So the Sin of pride kept you below Zondael Mountain to protect you from the King”
“Yes..though not only me..someone else is protecting the other two red witches… but how did you manage to find me?” He chuckled
“Another sin?” He asked without answering her question
“I don’t know if he is a sin but..with what you just disclose to me – he must be a sin too” he nodded
“But who are you? And why do you have wings?”
“I am a King”
Fear gripped Kira immediately. She feared that the same king after her blood was here for her
“Calm down i am a different king. I am the King Below that was why I was able to find you. I’m not here to harm you”
“So what do you want?”
“I summoned you to bargain with you..” He paused
“The sin of pride wants to return you back because he is aware am back on earth…my presence on earth will make the other King cautious of his ways. He won’t be able to come closer to any of the Red witches”
Everything was making sense now. His friend didn’t settle anything. Darius only got the information that the King below was alive – the King won’t come after them. Why didn’t Darius say the truth? Why’d he lied to her?.
“The king is dying so he needs the blood of a red witch to redeem his soul”
“Why exactly did you summon me?”
“Give me some of you blood and I will protect you from the dying king”
“What?!” She gasped
“You will be safe as long as long give me your blood” Kira glared at him
“I don’t need your blood to cause any harm”
“Then why do want it?”
“I need your blood so i can have dominion over the pit”
“Why should I believe you?”
“I mean no harm Witch. I am here to bargain. If you’re thinking I need it for a bad course then I won’t be here bargaining…I would have taken you without summoning you out here”
Kira relaxed and stared. Trying to find any act of deception and deceit but she found none just truth in his eyes
“So what do you say?”
“Okay..I will give you my blood”
“Then I will protect you”
“But..if I find out you’re fake then I won’t think twice of coming for you. I don’t care if you are a King or not – I will do all it takes to find you and return you back to the pit of hell” she threatened and he chuckled
“Such a brave heart I know who you are and what you are capable of doing. You bear powers..great powers some of which you don’t know about. I don’t wanna incur the Wrath of Zara upon myself..but come after me if you notice anything strange happening in your body system”
Kira gave him a hard nod
Kira POV
I opened my eyes to the rays of sunlight hitting straight in my face. I reached for my head when I felt a sharp pain
“Kira” Darius was staring at me
“Are you okay?” I nodded slowly and he hugged me
“What happened to you last night? I heard you screaming when I came in..you were in pain when you passed out” memories flooding my mind..yes! The Man! The winged god! No he is the king below! He told me about Darius! He revealed Darius identity and I gave him my blood in exchange of protecting me from the dying King! We agreed that he should come to my body and take the little he needed…The king wasn’t greedy he had taken just little from my body!
“Why did you hide your identity?”
Darius released me and stared intensely at me
“What are you saying?”
“You heard me Darius..why did you hide who you are? And…why did you lie to me last night?” He shot me a confused look
“You need to rest Kira..we will leave in the afternoon” Darius avoided my gaze.
He stood up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom without giving me any explanation
“Darius..” I followed him
“You have to explain to me why you lied last night.. Why you decided not to tell me who you are!”
I swirled him to face me but he jerked free. I appeared in front of him. He can’t hide anymore! I know who he is even if it doesn’t matter to me. I am just sad because he hid important things about himself and even lied to me! Will men ever stop lying to me?! Don’t I deserve to know the truth?!
“You didn’t settle anything – your imaginary Friend didn’t not meet up with the King to settle things! You lied to me!”
I hit his chest
“The king below is walking the earth so the other King will be cautious of him!” He gave me a surprised look
“Surprised how found out about it? Huh? Oh yeah now I know! I also know that you are a Sin! Darius I asked you to tell who you really are! But each time I ask you..you just say it a long story i can’t understand! You shouldn’t have hide anything from me..I was indeed ready to accept you not minding who you are cause you’ve risked your life for mine! I saw your form.. And I never called you bad names!”
“But you ran away from me!” He snarled
“Yes I ran away but it wasn’t because of your form.. It was because I was afraid you would end killing me like you did to those Vampires! I..I was mad at you for killing them when I had other intentions? I never hide anything from you..I told you every single detail about myself even before I started trusting you!” Tears dropped down my cheeks at the painful realization of him lying to me
“It won’t cost you anything to tell me who you are..or what was going on with you. Darius..” I hit his chest
“Why on earth did you lie to me?!” I made for his chest again but he held my wrist
“Now you know so what?! You shouldn’t be bothered about who I am! I wasn’t interested in telling you anything that was why I lied to you – are you okay now?!” He dropped my hands with anger burning in his eyes..
“I thought you were different” I whispered and raced to my bedroom locking the door along the way. They all keep lying to me without caring about my feelings. He is no different from Max! I fell to the ground slowly and sobbed.

Author’s POV
Darius and Kira walked the thick dark north side forest each lost in thought. Darius still refused to give Kira the explanation she demanded. He felt it of no use for her to know about him and anything related to being a sin. They’ve been walking different forests since the last four days without saying a word to each other only when Darius decide they take a rest. They argued along the line with Kira still demanding to know why he’d lied to her in the first place. She had expected him to be more opened with her but Darius had kept some important facts from her
“Let’s take a rest” Darius said to Kira as he dropped the duffel bag on the floor bear a pine tree. Kira gathered sticks and created fire with her eyes. She went ahead and spread out her own duffel then drifted into sleep.
Author’s POV
Reaching the edge of the jungle,Darius stopped and leaned on the tree for support. Kira was walking ahead of him oblivious of what was happening to Darius. He tightened his grip on the tree,ripping off the bark trying to make sense of what was happening to him. Kira stopped in track when she didn’t hear Darius steps behind – She saw him holding on to a tree. She ran to him
“Darius..are you okay?” She asked but he didn’t respond. Darius eyes glowed crimson,his fangs elongated and strong veins revealed itself on his exposed parts. Darius fought for control – fighting the predator within which was fighting for freedom. Fear gripped Kira as she stepped backward..nothing occurred to her at that moment. Kira didn’t know what to do but she wasn’t going to run from him. She’d seen him like this many times. Darius looked at her,surprised that she was still there..he expected her to run away from him at the sight. He noticed the tear that dropped down her right cheek. Kira went closer to him
“Relax Darius…” She whispered and a deep growl reverberated at the back of his throat. He groaned in pain as he reconnected back to the Sin of Pride. And then slowly his body calmed.
Kira sighed with relief after minutes clicked by. She wiped the tear that dropped down her cheek while Darius stood at him full length
“Let’s go” and kira nodded
Darius carried her in a bridal style then he walked into the realm of sins
Kira POV
We appeared in the challenge wood. Darius balanced my feet on the ground
“You can find your way in”
“Yes..” I replied in a low tone. I was about saying goodbye even if thing had gone bad between us since the last few days but I still felt I should thank him for protecting me. Darius turned away from me
“Dar -”
He walked into the Realm of Sins and then he was gone. Darius left without a goodbye! I blink back tears as I made my way to the school.
I walked into the school,students playing and using their powers. They stopped to stare as I made my way to the huge glass door leading to the long hallway. Few students were in the hallway – they all turned to face me and gasped. I should have persuade Darius to take me home instead of the school
“It Kira! It really her!”
A student screamed as he pointed then there was an uproar. Students coming in from behind and from classes to take a look at me. I caught a glimpse of someone heading my way. It was Lana!
“Kira!” She screamed and hugged me tightly
“You’re back!”
“Yes” the tears I was trying to hide dropped down my cheeks
“I’m so happy to see you Bes!” She released me and I saw Luis waiting to get a hug too. I went to him and hugged him
“Kira is that really you?!”
Leslie didn’t wait for me to come out of Luis embrace when she hugged me together with Luis
“It you Kira!”
We all calmed few minutes later
“It nice to see you Kira” I turned to see Elliott
“Thank you”
“Where have you been?”
A student asked
“I had to be away from home to protect myself”
“What do you mean?” Another Student asked
“It nothing you guys should be asking now..am sure Kira will tell you when she is settled”
Luis answered for me
“Why are you all gathered in the hallway?!”
Someone screamed..students parted turning to see the person. Miss Ophelia came Into view
She smiled
“Yes it me Miss Ophelia”
We exchanged pleasantries
“Good to see you”
“It actually nice to see you all again”
“We have to celebrate your return” a student joked and we all laugh
“Now everyone go back to class.. Am sure Mrs Hunter will celebrate her daughter’s return”
Students made their way to different classes
“Guess you have a lot to tell us”Leslie said
“I should call Kyle and tell him you’re back home” Lana said excitedly

Kira POV
“Wakey! Wakey!”
Lana whispered into my ears
“Get up Kira”
“Lemme rest for five more minutes please Lana”
“No that not gonna work today..get up!” She tickled me
“Hey..stop that!” I laughed and Lana didn’t stop until we fell off the bed. We both giggled hard
“Sorry…I had to do that because I didn’t see you waking up in five minutes”
“Now you gat what you wanted” I tweaked her nose
“Get up Kira..remember our plans to visit the mall”
“Yeah I know” I sat up and rubbed my sleepy eyes and yawned
“So let’s get ready”
A knocked sounded on the door
“Come in mom” my mom popped her head in
“Are you girls up?”
“Good morning mom” we greeted
“How was your night?”
“Fine mom” Lana sat with her legs crossed on the bed
“Asher can you hear me?” I whispered to mom’s belly
“Yes I can hear you” Lana whispered. I looked and she was already beside me
“How are you doing Asher?”
“I’m fine big sis” Lana replied and I giggled
“Stop that Lana… I need to communicate with Asher”
“But you’ve already done that”
“No you are Lana not Asher” Mom went to draw the curtains
“I have good news” mom said
“Good news first thing in the morning makes the day a great one” Lana clapped excitedly
“Are you ready?”
“Yes mom!” We chorused
“Mr Reyansh called this morning and said that Kyle was doing great in his school. He came out the best in the Supernatural challenge they conducted and some tests too”
“Mom..is that the good news?” Lana asked soberly..she was expecting mom to say Kyle was coming home
“Isn’t that enough to be good news?” No one responded. Oh! of course! It is a good news but we expected more good in the news
“Okay don’t give me that look” mom rolled her eyes
“Mr Reyansh also said that… Kyle can return home now”
“Really?!” Lana face brightened
“Yes Kyle is coming back home tomorrow”
“Yes! My baby is coming back” she threw her head back and clapped
“One more”
Lana stopped clapping
“Good or bad?”
“Uhmmm Kinda bad”
Our smile dropped
“What is it mom?”
“Well the G- wagon you girls planned to take out today broke down on the way last night when your dad was coming back home”
“That bad” Lana whispered
“You girls can use the Porsche or the new SUV”
“We want the G- wagon mommy”
“Where is the Car?” I asked
“The auto mechanic is trying to fix it”
“No G- Wagon today..why did you have to breakdown when we already whispered to you that we’d need you to today” Lana lamented
“It so unfair” I grumbled
“If you don’t want the Porsche or SUV.. Then call Luis and tell him to give you his G- Wagon for today” mom suggested
“Oh yeah!” Lana went in search of her phone. It being a Month since I came back home. I explained everything that happened on the Journey with Darius. I told them everything they needed to know without leaving a single detail. You might be wondering why Lana still stays with us – Lana wants to be there with me to take care of Mom..she wants to feel the excitement of waiting for the baby’s arrival and she also want to witness that scary moment when you have to wait at the reception for a doctor to break the news
“Found it!” She dialed Luis number which he picked on the second ring
“Hello Luis”
“Hi twin Sister”
“Can you do me a Favour Luis?”
“Yeah if it something within my powers”
“Kira and I planned to hang out today but the G – Wagon broke down last night..so can we have your G -wagon for today?”
“Lana..uhmmm I’m going out too”
“Oh..Luis why today? Can’t you go tomorrow?”
“I can’t Lana – I can tell your driver to send your Porsche over to Kira’s place”
“Kira’s Porsche is available but we want a G – Wagon”
“I’m so sorry Lana”
“Can you come and pick us and drop us at the Mall?”
“No Lana..my direction is not the same place” Lana placed her palm on her face
“Okay bye” she hang up
“Well I’ll leave you girl to decide which car you will drive out” we exchanged glances
“We will take the new SUV then”
“Who is driving?”
“When is she coming?”
“By 9:30”
“Okay” mom walked out of the bedroom
“I will go into the bathroom first” Lana crawled out of bed
“Please be fast don’t spend millennia years in there just trying to wash your body”
We laughed at my words
“Okay but I have to take a proper shower”
“Suit yourself just be fast about it”
Lana walked into the bathroom

The Red Haired Witch. Episode 53,54 and 55
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 47,48 and 49

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