June 17, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 53,54 and 55

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The Red Haired Witch. Epilogue
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 50,51 and 52

Searching the mall trying to find my favorite superhero comic book – guess they sold out all the copies! Shit! Why? Why?!. I’d refused to to give Lana my car because I wanted to get to the mall early to get that comic book. And now no Comic book left!
I mistakenly bumped into someone as I was looking around
“Oh! Sorry! Sorry!” I apologised as I tried to pick the person’s phone that dropped to the ground in the process. I looked up and saw the owner of the phone staring at me with her mouth slightly opened. She was pretty. Her platinum blond hair was short cut into a sassy style that suited her beautiful face. Her heart shaped face was thin,her cheekbones prominent and puppy brown eyes was wary and lips were a little lopsided – raspberry color that was tempting. I swallowed hard and cleared my throat
“Uhmmm..sorry for bumping-”
“No..no.. It fine – I should be the one apologizing” she said in a sweet voice that was vital and compelling. My heartbeats accelerated. What was happening to me?..she stretched her hand to collect the phone. I gave it to her with our hands slightly brushing against each other which sent a jolt of electricity down my spine..I hope she doesn’t notice that
“Thank..you” she gave me a cute smile
“It a good thing that the screen is not broken” I managed to say
“Yeah..all thanks to screen guard” she tapped on the screen
“I am Luis.. Luis Barker”
“It nice to meet you” she said instead of telling me her name. We lapsed into silent trying to find the right words to create a conversation
“Luis” someone screamed my name. I looked up and saw Lana running towards me. Damn it! She caught me! I never expected them to meet me at the mall
“You’re such a pathetic liar! Luis!” She hit my arm..the Lady moved aside
“I’ll go ahead now” she said then Lana’s gaze dropped on the girl. Bad timing Lana! Why on earth did she show up at this time?!
“Huh?” She arched her brow and moved closer to the girl. Lana stared intensely at the girl who had a confused look on her face
“Ruby Torres?” Lana said
“Are you not Max Torres sister?” Lana asked
Wait.. Did I just hear her say Max Torres? This is Max’s sister? Oh my God! She is Ruby Torres! I can’t believe this!
“Hold up Lana…” I pushed her aside and turned to face the girl
“Are you really Ruby Torres?.. Max sister?”
“Yes I am” she muttered and I gasped. If she is Max’s sister then she is the same girl Kira healed..her sight. Her healing made Kira stay away from Max because he lied about his identity and denied ever knowing us. Why didn’t I notice that the first time before Lana?.
“I’ll leave now” Ruby gave me a small smile and walked on. I saw Kira walking closer to Ruby and she also stopped on track
“Matty?’ I heard her say and Ruby looked up
” Kira!” she screamed and hugged Kira immediately. Lana and I exchanged confused glances. We walked closer to them while Ruby was still hugging Kira.
“Oh Kira! It so good to see you again!” She held Kira hands in hers
“How are you doing Matty?”
“No..no..I’m not Matty – I am Ruby…oh well Max kinda..lied to you”
“Yeah we know about that” Lana replied harshly and I glare at her. Ruby became sober
“How ..is your sight?”
“Fine..it all thanks to you” she hugged Kira again
“Where have you been?” Ruby asked when she released Kira
“Somewhere safe” Lana answered. It seems Lana doesn’t like Ruby..hmm that’s because of what Max did to her bestie
“Let’s go Lana” I grabbed her hands but she jerked free
“I’m not going anywhere with you” she hit my upper arm
“You’re a liar! You shouldn’t have lied to me! Have you forgotten our Barker – Twin Swear?!”
“I didn’t come to Kira’s place because I don’t want to be late in getting my favorite comic book”
But it so sad I didn’t get it
“So where is it now?” Lana folded her arms
“They already so out all the copies before I came in”
“Good for you” she stick out her tongue
“That’s because you broke the Twin – swear”
“Calm down Lana and stop acting like a twelve years old girl” i gritted
I moved closer to Lana and whispered into her ears
“Let talk somewhere else…it obvious Ruby has something to say to Kira” I straightened and she nodded
“We’ll give you some space to talk to Kira okay?” Ruby gave me a smile
“Thank You”
“Be careful Bes” Lana kissed Kira on her cheeks before we walked away from them
“What were you doing with Max’s sister?”
“Nothing” I shrugged
“But you were talking to her?”
“I bumped into her…I didn’t even know she was Ruby Torres until you mentioned it”
“She is only different cause of her hairstyle.. Ruby Torres used to have a long Platinum hair… Maybe she changed It to short so people won’t recognize her easily”
“So..how did you find me?”
“I wanted to get Toiletries at first…then I saw your back view when you walked to that section..” She laughed
“What’s so funny?”
“Oh! It funny that you were looking for a Comic book in the Toiletries section”
“Never knew”
“Hey! Don’t tell me you’re falling for Ruby”
“No..I’m not”
“You better not” she pointed her finger at me
“But why?”
“Have you forgotten what her brother did to Kira?”
“Good so for now..Ruby is a no..no for you because Max is still on our blacklist” I rolled my eyes
“So childish” I snorts
“What have you picked?”
“Hmm nothing Kira suggested we watch a movie first before shopping”
“Who drove you girls to the Mall?”
“Dad…Leslie was supposed to be here with us but her dog broke her front limp so she took her to a Vet”
“Okay..I will drive you girls back”
“You have no choice”
“Let’s just do some sightseeing while Kira is still busy with Ruby”
“Sounds good”
“Kira..I know that I don’t deserve any audience from you cause of what Max did to you…”
“It fine Ruby”
“But ..you are still mad at him right?”
“I was..to be honest Ruby…” I bit my lower lips to keep my words at Bay
“Please talk to me Kira..I want to know what you’re thinking”
“I was mad at Max for lying to me…he deceived me and I went to him for a better explanation but you know what he did?.. Max denied me”
“Yeah I know Kira…I fought t with him for what he did to you…but he only did that because of Suzy and the rest that were present that day. They are ordinary human so Max was trying to cover up the school existence. It not s if I’m supporting him but he only did that to keep Fountain Falls a secret. He even wiped that day off from their memories..and I’m aware that he came to you at night”
“Yes he did but I pushed him away – I don’t want to be with someone who has another woman in his life”
” Suzy is in our lives now for a reason”
“Good that why I don’t want to get any closer” we lapsed into silence for few seconds before Ruby spoke up
“When did you return?”
“A month ago”
“I beg you Kira..please give Max another chance to make things right…he has so many things to say to you. Look Kira I know I shouldn’t be saying this but…Max loves you and Ever since you disappeared he hadn’t been able to concentrate on work. He hadn’t been interested in play. He’d had trouble sleeping and nothing he’d eaten had tasted good. He was worried about your where about and he tried reaching you but he failed at it. Kira just this once please – give Max another chance to make it up to you” Ruby stopped and waited for my response
“Will you?” She asked. Should I give him another chance?..if I decide to..what about Suzie in the picture? Will he leave her just to be with me?
“You don’t have to worry about Suzie” Ruby said as if she had read my thoughts
“Max will explain some certain things to you” I nodded slowly
“Thank you Kira” she hugged me
“You are such a blessing to me” she gave me a bright smile. “Where is you cellphone?” I opened my small bag and gave my phone to her
“Call me anytime you’d like to meet Max”
“How..how is he doing?”
“He will be fine after I break the news of seeing you to him” he nodded in return
“Okay bye”
I waved and she cornered near the full shelf and she was gone. I started walking my way around to find Lana and Luis while I saved Ruby’s number in the process
“Kira!” I turned and saw Lana running to meet me halfway
“Where is she?”
“She left”
“So what did she say to you?”
“Ruby pleaded that I give Max another chance”
“So will you?” Luis asked
“I don’t know”
“I suggest you give him another chance if you still love Max” Luis said again and Lana cleared her throat
“I hope you are not making that suggestion so you can be with Ruby” She teased
“Lana..so I can’t make suggestions?…” He grounded
“Of course you can! As long as it not for selfish reasons”
“Luis don’t mind her she’s only teasing you”
“And I so much hate it whenever she does it”
“That’s what you get for lying to me” she stick out her tongue
“That’s okay Bes” I cautioned her
“Just think about it Kira”
“Yes Luis..Thank You”
“Can we watch our movie now?”
Ruby POV
“Welcome back Miss Ruby” a maid greeted me and collected the bags
“Where is Max?”
“Sir Max just came in not quite long”
“Okay you can go” I dismissed the maid and made my way to Max’s room. I knocked on his door and walked in at the order of “come in”
Max sat in front of his desk,staring at the system with his arms folded
“What do you want Ruby?”
“Just checking up on you”
“Please leave when you’re done checking” I sat at the edge of his king sized bed
“I have something that might interest you”
“I’m not interested Ruby…as you can see I’m busy so let talk later”
“As if you can concentrate on it” I snorted
“Whatever just get out” he said without looking away from he system. I wonder what made him this mad…I stood up and walked to the door
“Fine if you are not interested..I will just tell the girl you love that you are not interested in seeing her again” I walked out only to see Max right in front of me
“What?” I faked a stern voice
“What…did you just say?”
“What did you hear me say?..since you asked me to get out so I will do just that” I pushed him out of my way and walked on
“Ruby..Ruby hold up” he whirled me to face him
“I’m sorry about how I acted earlier. I was mad because Suzie told some reporters that we are getting married next month”
“What?!” I gasped
“You’ve have to be kidding Max”
“I’m serious Ruby…and I swear I’ve never discussed wedding date with Suzie”
“Okay fine..I think at this point you have to Man up and Tell Suzie you don’t love her”
“Believe me Ruby I already done that few weeks ago. I told her I don’t love her but Suzie got mad at me and said she wasn’t giving up on me for anyone that was why she released a fake wedding news. I don’t know what to do now”
“Max try to talk to Suzie again tell her you love another girl”
“Yes…I have been trying to reach her but she isn’t picking up… I want to tell her am in love with another girl… And at the same time I’m worried about Kira”
“Well I wanted to tell you about her”
“What’s with her?”
“I saw Kira at the mall today”
“Really?” His eyes widened and jaw dropped slightly
“Ruby please don’t joke about it”
“Kira Is back home” a smile formed on his lips
“What did she say? What did you say to her? did you ask her where she was all this time? And when she return exactly?…”
“Calm down bro which of your questions should I answer first?”
“Sorry..sorry just tell me about it”
“I bumped into a guy named Luis Barker”
“Luis Barker?”
“Then he is Lana’s twin brother”
“You used to be in the same class?”
“Yes Ruby”
“I was talking to him when a girl joined us..Lana I guess… I was about leaving then I saw Kira”
“How is she?”
“Good and beautiful as ever”
“What was her reaction when she saw you?”
“She called me Matty and I expected her to ignore me. She didn’t push me away when i hugged her. Kira was happy to see me and she even asked if my sight was fine. In a long run, I pleaded on your behalf. I asked her to give you another chance
“So what did she say?”
“I gave her my number to call me anytime she is ready to see you”
“Are you sure she’s gonna call you?”
“Let just hope she does”
“Maybe I should go and see her”
“Are you out of your mind Max? Kira is the one to decide your meeting”
“Yeah you are right”
“Just make sure you settle things with Suzie before meeting Kira because she was concerned about Suzie between the two of you”
“Kira will be the one to help me”
“I will think of something”
Ruby shot me a confused look…I have my plans. Thank God Kira is back! Suzie will stay away once she sees Kira with me. I just have to find the right words to say to Kira

Kira POV
“You guys should stop staring at me like that?” I said to Kyle and Lana. They were looking at me as if I had grown two heads. It had taken me extra effort to convince Kyle about Max. I pleaded with him to forgive Max but he had insisted that I meet him in two weeks time. I can’t do that! Ruby said Max was having a hard time concentrating at work because he was worried about me. Three days and I couldn’t take it amymore.. If I don’t see him today I don’t think I can survive the next day. I am willing to give Max a chance to explain himself
“Do you have to go to him?”
Kyle asked
“Yes Kyle.. I want to see him…it either today or never”
“You still want to see him after watching the interview of Suzie telling the world that they already fixed their wedding date”
“I’m not going to believe that until Max tells me himself that he is getting married to Suzie”
“So what if it true?”
“Well if..if it true then..I will let him go” a lump formed in my throat.. My words piercing my heart.. I pray it doesn’t turn out that way
“Okay just go and do whatever pleases you” Kyle said
“Be careful Bes”
“yes i will..Thank you”
Kira POV
I looked at my phone to confirm the address Ruby sent to me
“Stop the car Mr Julius” he pulled up in front of a huge white gate
“Should I wait out here Miss?”
“No you can go…I will take a taxi back home”
“Okay Miss”
I alighted from the car and walked to the gate. I pressed the bell on the wall and a man in navy blue uniform showed up
“Good afternoon sir..please is this Max Torres home?”
The man didn’t respond
“I’m here to see Ruby Torres”
“Please if you are a reporter Ma’am I won’t be able to disclose anything to you”
“No..no I am not a reporter or a media worker…” I stopped cause I realized that the man won’t believe whatever I say. I dialed Ruby’s number and she picked immediately
“Hello Kira”
“Hi Ruby..I’m at the gate now and the security guard thinks am a reporter”
“I’m so sorry Kira..please give the phone to him”
“Hello Miss Ruby”
“I told you earlier this morning that a lady is coming to see me! So why are you keeping my guest outside?!”
“I’m sorry Miss…I taught she is one of those reporters lurking around to get information”
“Well she is not a reporter! So shut the fuck up and open that damn gate and let her in!”
“Okay Ma’am” he gave the phone back to me and I hang up
“I’m sorry Miss..”
“No it fine you’re only doing your job” he opened the gate and I stepped in. I sighted Ruby waiting for me from afar
“Kira! Kira!” She waved. It took Me about one minute to get to where she was
“Afternoon Ruby” we exchanged pleasantries
“Thanks for coming”
I smiled
“Let go in Max is waiting” she held my hand and led me into the big house. It was a two storey Mansion, neat and well arranged with modern furniture. Ruby led me down the long hallway until we stopped in front of a room. She opened the door and I saw max sitting on one of the big couches. He stood up immediately, my heartbeat accelerated. He was handsome with his hair falling right above his eyes..he looked like the Jace Hernandez I used to know. He was dressed in a pair of pencil – thin black jeans and a body – hugging funnel – neck sleeveless T-shirt. Max rubbed his palms together trying to form the right words. This man was making evey fiber in my being stand up and take notice of his handsome features. He started to say something but he stopped
“I will leave you both to sort things out” Ruby said as she kissed my cheeks
“See you later” she walked to the door and out of the room closing the door gently. We lapsed into silence after her departure waiting for someone to start the conversation. Then Max leaned closer
“How.. how are you?” I stepped back
“I am fine” I shook my head. Max cleared his throat
“Kira..I know what you’re doing now isn’t easy for you..but I’m thankful you gave me another chance. I’m sorry for everything I did to you..I was such a jerk..I shouldn’t have hurt your feelings kira. I should have told you the truth right from the start..I shouldn’t have thought of deceiving you and most of all I regretted ever denying you”
“So why did you do it?”
I asked shakily
“I thought that was the best way to get your help. And I denied knowing you so that Suzie and the rest won’t know about Fountain Falls. I came back to you that night to explain things to you but you said you never want to see again..and I deserve more than that…but I told myself that I wasn’t going to give up on you like that – Kira I left that night to figure out a way to Make you trust me again but that was when I couldn’t reach you again then I met Lana and she told that a strange man took you away. I wasn’t happy about it..I waited for your return.. kira months went by and no news about you until Ruby told me she saw you at the mall three days ago. I was..I was tempted to come and see you but Ruby convinced me to let you decide our meeting. All those times you were away Kira from me..I wasn’t myself – I longed for you Kira and that because -” Max covered the gap between us
“Because I love you Kira – I really do love you. And I don’t want to be away anymore..” He stopped to study my expression
“Please talk to me Kira…just say something.. You can hit me if you want to” I shook my head. I wasn’t going to don’t that to him
“You..you..love me?”
“Yes I do”
“But..but what about Suzie?”
“I don’t love Suzie – I never loved Suzie. It been you all this time”
“So..what with the article and interview about your marriage to Suzie – the pictures…the kisses..the outings..”
“They are all for show for me…they never meant anything to me. Come..” He grabbed my wrist and led me to one couch
“Sit here” I did as he instructed
“I will be right back” Max disappeared. I brought out my phone and sent a text to Kyle. Max appeared seconds later with a book in his hand
“What’s this?”
“It my mom’s diary”
“What for?”
“I want to show you the reason why I got entangled with Suzie” he opened the diary and flipped some pages
“Here..read this place” he pointed to a page on the diary
“A bet between Williams and my husband..Max will get married to Suzie.. That was our plan right from time just to tighten our friendship..and then later on to get our foundation back” I read the short note trying to make sense out of it
“I don’t understand Max” I gave the book to him. He dropped it on the table and held my hands in his
“Suzie and I grew up together as friends due to the cordial relationship between our parents. At 16 my mom informed me that Suzie would be my wife and the mother of my children but little did she know that I was already in love with someone else. I asked her why? Then she said I have to Marry Suzie to get back what belong us which is our foundation”
“What Foundation?”
“An orphanage home – it belonged to my parents but dad lose the ownership in a bet between he and Mr William Perez”
“What bet?”
“Political bet.. About who is going be the next president at that time so Mr Williams won. My dad had to transfer ownership documents to him. My parents said the only to get it back is by marrying Suzie”
“So you wanna Marry her?”
“I was going to marry her but I changed my mind after i met you again. At first I persuaded her to sell it to me but she refused”
“What do you mean by after you met me again?” Max sighed
“Remember that night I came to your room..I said that I’ve always loved you and didn’t give a damn about our age difference”
“Yes..you said that..and it sounded like you’ve known me for years”
“I have known you for years Kira”
“Are you serous?”
“But..I don’t know you..I’ve never met you before until you came to school”
“We’ve met before but you just didn’t take notice of me then..and maybe because I took on another appearance”
“Whose appearance?”
“Yes..The same Derrick you fed and gave your money”
“What?!..you’re Derrick?”
My jaw dropped
“Yes I was Derrick…I wanted to get closer to you after I saw you at the orphanage.. I watched you several times but each time I make an attempt to talk to you a boy was always by your side to fight me” I shut my eyes trying to remember..blur images of my childhood flooding my mind. I can picture Derrick’s face but can’t picture Max’s real face
“That guy was Matteo..I mean the one who is always there to fight you”
“The some Matteo?”
“I dressed like a beggar cause I figure you liked giving arms to the poor” Max smiled brightly
“I’ve been in love with you since you were young”
“Hum..but who was that girl you loved when you said your mom told you Suzie will be our wife?”
“It was You Kira – I was in love with you then but I couldn’t find you. About Ruby sight, a friend suggested that I get a red witch to restore her sight. I remember you had a red hair but I wasn’t sure if you had powers. A female friend of mine who is witch told me she once saw a red witch at the mall. So she was the one that gave your details. Then I enrolled Into Fountain falls..but if only I had figure that you were the same Zoe I fell for I wouldn’t have deceived you..I would have come out straightforward”
“So how did you know I was the same Zoe?”
“The day you called Matteo with my phone.. He called you Zoe and remember I asked you about places you visited when you were little”
“Yes and I told you the parks and orphanage”
“That was when I knew you were the same Zoe but then I felt it was too late to tell the truth. I’m sorry Kira for hurting you” I nodded
“What are you going to do?”
“I told her I’m in love with someone but she doesn’t want to let go”
“Maybe she love you”
“Yeah she love me but I don’t. I love you Kira,I want to be with only you. I can’t just imagine myself sleeping next to another woman..because it only you in my head…but if what I did made you hate me – Kira I can wait till you trust me again”
“I don’t hate you Max i was only mad at you for what you did. You made me feel used..and I felt like I wasn’t good enough..”
“I’m sorry about that..but you’re good enough for me. You are the perfect girl for me”
“I feel the same way too Max…I tried hating you but I find it hard to do so well maybe because I was already in love with you”
“You love me?”
“Yes..I love you Max”
He pulled me in for a warm embrace
“I am happy you feel the same way I do Kira. Thank you” after those words escaped his mouth I made my move. I pulled him in a for a kiss. Max wasn’t expecting it and it took him a second to adjust. I kissed the lower part of his jawline. His lips fitting perfectly against mine I could feel a soft nib on my lower lip. His fingers tracing the spot behind my ear. My hands were both behind his neck pulling him for more
“Kira…I love you” he said In between frantic kisses. I never wanted it to end,I missed him so much. Max parted and placed h forehead on mine
“You will always be in my heart” his lips crashed on mine again – a little rougher than usual…I wrapped my arm around his neck..wanting more friction. He was a super fine kisser
“Kira..kira..stop” he parted and placed a finger against my lips,which I bit . he looked at me dead in the eyes. I felt like a little child that had just done something wrong. He still looked so happy. He pulled me in closer to his body,rubbing his hands over my back, the other one playing with my hair
Kira POV
“Is it necessary for me to be at the meeting too Max?” I asked Max when we alighted from the car. He leaned closer and cupped my face
“Yes..you don’t worry about them..I’m here with you” he held my hand. I inhaled and exhaled trying to calm my nerves
“Ready?” I nodded and we walked into the restaurant
“They are over there” he held my hand tightly. My heartbeat accelerated every steps we took, getting closer to The Perez Table
“Good Evening Mr Perez” The family of three turned to face us. A frown formed on Suzie’s face when her gaze dropped on our locked hands
“Max” Mr Perez raised his eyebrow at me
“Yes Mr Perez..how is business?”
We settled down in the empty chairs opposite the Perez
“Fine..and who is she?”
“Oh! This is Kira Hunter”
“Hunter?” Mr Perez repeated
“The same Hunter we know?” Mrs Perez asked
“Yes she is the daughter of Alec Hunter”
“Alec? Oh! The son of Noah Hunter” Max snapped his fingers
“Exactly the famous Noah Hunter”
“Why is she here?” Suzie asked
“I asked her to join us”
“Max..Suzie said you want to meet us to fix the date of your wedding” Mrs Perez said with a huge smile on her face
“Wedding date? I never said that..Suzie decided that on her own” Her parents gasped in shock. I kept my Head down fiddling with my fingers under the table
“I didn’t Max..we are meant to married”
“Says who?”
“Your parent said that”
“From what I know my parents are dead and there is no point in following the words of the dead. I have every right to make my decisions. Mr Perez I can’t get married to Suzie”
“But why?” Mrs Perez asked
“I’m in love with her” he took my hand and placed it on the table “I already told Suzie but she doesn’t believe me that’s why I brought my love here today” Max said happily
“Mr Perez you can have the foundation – I let it go finally cause I don’t want to get married because of that. I wanna marry for love”
“As you know Max that foundation was your mom’s business and her dream”
“Yes I know that…Kira owns foundation too so I’ve decided to work with her to build it”
“Are you really doing this Max?” Suzie asked
” yes Suzie”
She chuckled
“Why sticking with someone younger..she has nothing to offer you”
“That what you think Suzie.. But for me this is where my heart belong” Max stood up and I did the same too
“Goodbye Mr And Mrs Perez and I hope my decision won’t stop you from partnering with Trista”
He took my hand again as we walked out of the restaurant
“I’m sorry for bringing you here” he said when we got to our car
“It fine I understand” I replied in a low tone
“Don’t take Suzie words serious.. You know I don’t care about the age. She only said that out of jealousy”
“I know Max” he hugged me and sighed
“What next now?now that Suzie is out of our way? What do I get now?” He whispered
“Don’t act like you don’t know” he parted and pinched my cheeks
“I don’t know” I lied
“Really? Then I will have to kiss you to make you remember” he covered the inch left between us but I sidestepped him
“You wanna kiss out here?”
“Yes” he grabbed and pinned me to car
“Looked people are watching Max”
“I don’t care”
“Well I do”
“So do I get a yes now?”
“Yes for?” Pretending not to know. Max groaned
“You don’t remember?”
“I don’t”
“Okay” He started kissing my collarbone
“Okay..okay I remember” I pushed him away. Max laughed
“So what now?”
“Let’s get in the car first”
Max rolled his eyes
“Get in or I take a taxi”
“Okay.. fine you win” he unlocked the door and I closed it when I was already in. He walked to the other side of the car and hopped in
“I’m waiting Miss.”
“Okay..hum you get a yes”
“Yes?” I hummed a response
“You will be my girlfriend”
I nodded
“I’m your girlfriend now” His lips crashed on mine and I gasped
“Kira…I really..” Max was talking between passion filled kisses
“I.. love.. you so much my love” he looked into my eyes,then gave me a little grin
“Thank you” he placed a kiss on my forehead

Kira POV
I climbed out of bed to ease myself in the bathroom. On stepping out of the bathroom after I did my thing I saw a figure sitting on the single couch in my room. I quickly move to the switch and the light came on and I gasped in shock when I saw who the figure was. Darius! He was sitting on the couch with his leg crossed. His posture was stiff,his expression unreadable the sculpted muscles in his chest flexed as he stood to his feet and met me halfway. How on earth did he come in here without me sensing him? For how long had he sat in that coach watching me sleep?. Darius was here! He came back! I threw my arms around him for a hug,his large hands automatically claiming my hips,his grip unmovable. My head titled up – his eyes met my gaze,his countenance far from cold. He was here to say his final goodbye! I figured that out from his expression. I don’t need any explanation from him concerning what happen at Zondael mountain it all gone now – the reason best known to him – and being the Sin of Pride it would be hard for him to give in to my demands. I reached my trembling fingertips to his face, feeling the scruff textures long the hard plane of his unshaven chin. I swallowed,working to speak around the lump in my throat. “I don’t know how to tell you…” I hesitated,struggling for words..mere words simply weren’t enough to convey the depth of my emotion. “…what you mean to me…” His voice low and gruff “Kira -” I cut him off placing a finger to his lips. Even if he had came back to me – Darius deserve a good note from me… I needed to at least try to explain. He deserve that..I continued “you saved my life.. You protected me, you kept me and cared for me” his arms tightened,his left hand curling around my waist while his right hand slid up my back to the nape of my neck, his fingers tangling in my hair. “I can’t picture where I would be now if you hadn’t taken it upon yourself to find me and protect me. And I’m grateful you came back for a proper goodbye” His mouth opened but then shut again with a silent look of frustration,as though searching go his own words. Finally,rather than speak,his mouth came down to mine. I met him back,our lips moving gently. However, his soft kiss soon turned dominant and fierce. His tongue swept across my lower lips,demanding what he wanted,entrance into my mouth. I gave it to him,feeling his tongue clashing against mine. He tasted like mint. I let him explore every spot he wanted to. He teased and nipped at my kiss bruised lips. I pulled his lower lip into my mouth,holding it between my teeth before sucking on it earnings growl from him. He coaxed my tongue into his mouth once more,sucking and kissing,drawing out my pleasure. His movement were rough,his fangs elongated and pricked my tongue,allowing the taste of my blood to flow into both of our mouths. A groan released from his chest, his hold on me grew impossibly tighter. I didn’t know how long I was locked in his embrace. Time stood still as he said everything he had to say all of his words,his thoughts and emotions were expressed in the kiss. I heard them all. When he finally released me, I was breathing heavily. He seemed satisfied with my response but his hunger was transparent.. Darius was only holding back,simmering right beneath the surface. Releasing his hold, he stepped back and spoke quietly
“I will leave now” I stifled a sob “Thank you Darius” I managed to say. We both stared at each other for a long moment. His fist were clenched in restraint. This was it – finally he nodded,his eyes tight. “Goodbye” he said nothing else,his jaw locked as he turned and varnished. Saying goodbye to him had been harder than I thought it would be. The same thing had happened when I had to let go of my feeling for Matteo. Darius and I grew closer than I expected – we were thrust together under extreme circumstances. I never could have imagined his kind of being as a caregiver. The one who didn’t let anyone destroy me..but no matter the events that led us together,my heart still belonged and would always belong to only one man – Max! I let my lungs refill deeply a few more times before walking back to my bed. I love Max that fact was irreversible..but even if Max were not in the picture…and I had fallen in love with Darius… Darius and I wouldn’t have worked simply based on who we were.. Especially Darius. I glanced at the spot we had kissed taking in the memory and remembering Darius who I would likely never see again.

The Red Haired Witch. Epilogue
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 50,51 and 52

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