July 28, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 22

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 22


I realized that he just ignored my panic and so I stopped. The car halted and he stepped down. The driver ordered for me to step down and I did.

I could see new set of soldiers came to welcome him. This man is so notable in the society.

We both walked inside and found ourselves in a room that is executive in look.

There were just four chairs there. Four chairs facing each other.

We sat at the first two chairs and in a jiffy , a man and a woman walked in and sat at the chair opposite ours.

“It’s nice meeting you Mr. Jason ” I finally get to know the name of the ruthless billionaire.

“It’s my pleasure.” He replied.

“Meet my girlfriend, Ava” The man said and gestured to his wife.

“Hi, Miss Jennifer” Jason greeted.

“Hi” She showed her thirty two.

“Meet my…erm..my girlfriend, Melissa.” Jason; the ruthless billionaire gestured to me and I furrowed my brow.

“Hope you are not mistaken ,who is your girlfriend?” I whispered into his ear and he looked into my face without saying a word.

“Nice meeting you miss Jessica”. The man said.

“It’s my pre…ple…pre…preplesurre” I said confusingly and the man and his wife looked at me in surprise.

“She’s funny.” Jason quickly diverted their attention from my act that seem to get much of their attentions.

“To the business , I’m thinking of selling off my shares in the most popular oil refinery company which you obviously know of and invest in the proposal you mailed to me. ” The man said.

“Thanks for taking your time to read the mail and also requesting to meet me in person. The investment will surely be profitable since we are experts in our different field when it comes to business. It’s a newspaper company that requires a huge capital plus a huge break through. The goal is to rise to the number one top producing first hand news publishing company both in America and in the world. We could expand our business into a radio station in the future and build branches if necessary ,then extend it to setting up our TV and other new innovations that may come on the go ” Jason said.

The man watched for while and exchanged whispers with his wife.

“Erm…Mr. Jason ,it’s a nice proposal but we are not really interested in your offer. We do have goals and aim to attain more wealth but we do not see a clear picture and vision of what you had just communicated. Nice meeting you once again ,Mr. Jason.” The man said and stood with his wife.

Jason lowered his head sadly and I spoke up just when they are about to turn to leave.

“Newspaper company has being proven to be the most lucrative business in the country since 1952 when Adam John started preAd Newspaper. The reason for the failures of many men who had dived into this news publishing business is more of personal than general. I will want you to take a look at the popular Beacon publishing company today,the company started by Beatrice and Connado coming together to create the business and because they understood what they do ,they were able to scale up to the first news publishing company in America. No business is profit certain ,however ,if we are being optimistic and are hardworking ,with mutual understanding and using our hard earned money to employ experts in this field ,we will scale through. ” I said and the man looked at me for few more minutes.

He looked to his wife and looked at me again.

He and his wife exchanged whispers again and he coughed gently and said. : ” Mr. Jason , sit ,where do we get started with the business”

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