July 26, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 24

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 24

(Gone to tell)

Sawyer’s POV

I was extremely glad when I saw Cody , my happiness dropped into instant sadness when I realized that his brother will come to call him soon

“Hey!” He greeted showing his full set of teeth

“Hi Cody” I retorted and and welcomed him

He stood watching me for a while

“Won’t you just ask me to sit?” He asked softly with his thin voice

“Your brother would soon come for you , what need is it to tell you to sit?” I asked

“He gave me the permission to come here ” He said and that stunned me

I furrowed my brow and stood from the couch

“Tell me you are joking?” I asked as I moved closer to him with so much enthusiasm

“I’m not , I pleaded and he allowed me , not just for today not also for any other day that I wish to come here ” He said and that gladdens my soul

“Finally , I found a friend , this street is always silent , one would think no one lives there , I dislike being lonely more reason why I wanted to make friend with Cody and his brother but I ended up being hated

” Sit comfortably , so tell me , what will you like to eat?” I asked happily

“I didn’t come here to eat Sawyer , I came to have fun ” he replied

“That implies I will eat my chocolate alone ” I said

“What! Chocolate? That’s my favorite , give me if you have it ” He requested

I went in and got him some chocolate , he received it and start to eat it happily

“Did you like it?” I asked

“No,It’s bitter ” He replied sarcastically and I giggled

“Tell me why your brother hates me so much?” I asked with a little pain flowing through my voice

“I don’t talk while eating miss , and oh! Come and join me ” He said and I giggled

I went to him and ruffled his hair , I stretched my palm and he gave me very little chocolate , the exact amount that a fly would appreciate

“I thought you told me to join you to eat?” I asked

“And you believe it ,ain’t you the owner of the chocolate , go and sit down miss ” He said still eating the chocolate

I snatched it from him and ran away , he ran after me and caught up with me ,after few minutes , he flew to my back and I was force to back him

“I do not need the chocolate again , for me to accept your apology of snatching the chocolate from me abruptly , piggy back me round this house ” He commanded

“Who told you I’m apologizing in the first place?” I asked

“That implies I will be sleeping in your back all day ” He said and rest more on my back

I start to feel pain after few minutes , I piggy backed him round the house after which he finally came down from my back

“Let me show you my room” I said and we both walked to the room

We stood by the window and just then, we saw Miguel come out of the house

Cody hurriedly went and create a kite

“Have this , can you direct the kite skillfully to him?” He asked

“Yes I can” I replied and directed the kite towards Miguel, we watched him as he kept staring around searching for whatever and expressing a look of frustration

After a while , I turned to Cody and I didn’t see him again,instead I saw a letter on the table

I went there and read what it was written , it read ;

“I’ve gone to tell Miguel that you are the one frustrating him with the kite “

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