August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 25

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by feathers

Episode 25

(It’s locked for real)

Miguel’s POV

The small gate opened abruptly and I saw Cody

“I was still trying to recover from the kite frustrating me when Cody suddenly spoke up

” Miguel ,what’s wrong?” He asked

“A kite is being directed to me by someone and the kite is really frustrating me ” I lamented

“Can you guess who the person is?” He asked

“Did you know whom the person is?” I request inquisitively

“Yes I do,It’s our neighbour ” He replied looking intently at my face

“Our neighbour? Sawyer? ” I repeated stunningly

“What you gonna do for her?” He asked as if daring me to do something to her

I wasn’t angry ,I’m just stunned. I start to wonder why she is frustrating me with the kite

“I will deal with her ” I replied Cody

“How do you plan on doing that , I could be of help ” He said

“No, I did not need your help ” I answered him and left his presence

I walked inside Sawyer’s house , everywhere was neat and attractive , the scent emanating from the room was pleasant to the nose.

“Sawyer! ” I called , not out of anger but curiosity

I want to know what prompts her to frustrate me with the kite

After listening but not hearing any response from anyone

“Sawyer” I called again,this time louder

“Brother , did you like the room?” Cody asks with a sarcastic smile on his lips

“Huh?” I watched him stood majestically at the entrance of the house

“Guess she’s scared to answer to your call, brother , you are too scary ” Body scolded and my face dropped

“Scary! Am I? Just wanna ask her why she’s frustrating me with the kite ” I tried to defend myself before Cody. I do not want him to have a feeling that I’m scaring anyone

He walked out and close the door

“The door is locked brother ,I’ll come back to open it for you tomorrow ,enjoy yourself with Sawyer ” He said and I ran towards the door not wanting to believe that he’s serious

I tried to twist the knob but I found out it’s locked for real

What the h*ll?

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