June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 112

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He And Her V.

Episode 112

Tucker’s POV

I heard a knock to my door about few minutes later and I went to open it. Turns out it was Grace.

“Let me in?” She said but I stood still at the entrance.

“I need my privacy at the moment , please. ” I said.

“Tell me Tucker , are you just in a bad mood or you are beginning to hate Camilla?”

“Both, the girl is just so rude. She talks anyhow …I didn’t even know how I fell in Love with her. ” I said.

“Why not just send her away from home?” She asked

“Not yet ,but I will still do that if she persists ”

“Common Tucker! Having two wives can be somehow stressing and did you know she did not even have a womb?”

“Are you joking?”

“I’m telling you. I overheard a junior doctor reporting to the senior doctor ” She said and I stood akimbo in utmost surprise.

“What is a barren goat doing in my house?”

She laughed and said. “Barren goat indeed. ”

“I need to put these to her. follow me , let’s mock the hell out of her” I said and was walking to her room when Grace stopped me and said : ” She’s still at the living room”

We both walked to the living room and I saw Camilla burying her head in her palms.

“Camilla!” I called and she slowly raised her head.

“Why are you hiding your health status from me? ”

“I do not understand what you meant”. She asked almost silently.

I looked to the face of Grace and we both giggled slightly.

I turned back at Camilla. ” We just found out what you have being hidiing” I said to Camilla

“Which is?” She asked back.

“That you are a ….’barren goat'” Grace and I echoed the last two words together and laughed mockingly at her.

“You have being barren all this while and you did not tell me ,wait Camilla…are you sure you a woman? How can a woman not have a womb?” I asked and laughed mockingly at her.

“She’s a woman but dead woman” Grace said and we both laughed again.

Camilla start to cry while we kept mocking her.

“Hey girl ,if you like yourself ,Carry your luggage and get out of my house ” I said.

Grace walked to Camilla and lowered her face to hers.

“Did you hear what my husband just said; leave…leave….he is not made for you. Tucker is my childhood lover and you are just an ordinary poor girl that he helped. So ,please leave ” Grace stood and came to me.

She hugged me and she was almost planting a kiss on me when I pushed her away gently.

She quickly ignored that subtle embarrassment and we walked hand in hand out of Camilla’s sight.

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