July 25, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 23

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
Eva woke up this next morning uneasy,she felt someone staring at her so intensely that the gaze burnt through her.Cautiously, she opened her heavy eyelid and saw her son looking at her,the boys face was filled with disgust.
“Uhm,Tyler.” He didn’t reply,rather his disgusting expression melt to a mischievous grin,
“Mommy,you’re lying on Adrian’s…” Then she realized,she and Adrian didn’t disengage from each other after their make out session,.Blushing,she stood up but a great force pulled her down,she looked down and saw Adrian smiling impishly, revealing his faint dimpled right chin,something she hadn’t noticed for ages,
Gosh,this man looks so handsome and deadly,recalling yesternight event,she couldn’t help but blush.
“Tyler,can you give mommy and I some space for now,Mommy’s shy to get out of uncle’s body.” He jokingly mocked her,the little boy nodded and went back to his room,giving the adult space.
Immediately he left,she furiously turned to Adrian,
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” She asked,wrapping the blanket over her almost naked self and standing up to get her pajamas from the floor,
“Cause I thought you deserve the rest,you were so tired after…” She shot him a stubborn glare,
“Don’t speak about it,Tyler must be listening.” He smiled,slightly embarrassed, she gathered her clothes and ran to her room.He stood up from the he couch,the same couch they had fun on last night,he couldn’t help but marvel,
She’s so soft and beautiful,never thought I could hold something as delicate as her.Going down on her last night,he realized something.There’s more to this woman that he wants to have and definitely can’t get enough of,he gets this urge to protect her and make her his,like his father did for his mother years ago.He was nothing more than to be with her forever,not wanting another man to look in her direction or even flirt with her,not Davis or any other man alive,he wants her to himself alone.
He bent down and picked his clothes, this n went to the bathroom to freshen up,carefully washing his body,reluctant to wash her fragrance off himself.
When he came out,she was in the kitchen,preparing breakfast and drinking hot coffee,from the peripheral view,she was him smiling at her from the kitchen door,then she turned as he moved closer.
“Do you know you have hickeys on your neck and shoulder line?” He asked as he came close,breathing on her neck,she playfully pushed him away,
“All your doing,now let me prepare breakfast in peace,Tyler must be hungry now.” She pulled from him and continue whipping the egg,
“So what do I do now?” He asked,intimacy filled the air.
When was the last time I’d this feeling? She mentally asked herself.Being married to Joseph robbed her of every feeling on romance and intimacy but last night,this man taught her how to love again and she isn’t regretting any part of allowing him stay with her after knowing his true identity.
“Pass me the flour.” He scurried to the cupboards, looking for the floor,
“Check the first one up.” She said and he did exactly what he was told,
“Mommy,I’m hungry.” Tyler grumbled coming into the kitchen,she looked at the boy and smiled,
“Breakfast would be served soon,go and watch cartoon for now.” She coerced the boy,he turned back and left the adults in he kitchen.
After spending up to twenty minutes in the kitchen,Eva came out with pancakes specially made for Tyler,then scrambled egg and oatmeal,with some Cheerios cereal for the boy,
“Tyler,breakfast’s served.” She said as she placed set the table but the boy didn’t reply. Since the volume from the cartoon was so high,she thought he was so immense in the cartoon he didn’t hear her,so she went to the living room only to be met with an empty couch with no Tyler,
“Tyler,where are you?” She asked as she walked to the boy’s room but he wasn’t there,neither was he in hers or the restroom.
“Tyler!” She called a bit louder and worried,that got Adrian running from the kitchen,
“Where’s Tyler?” He asked, she shook her head,bead of cold sweat formed on her forehead,
“He was here awhile ago,” she pointed to the living room, Adrian went there and that was when they realized the front door was wide open,
Tyler never leaves the door open when he goes outside.This was the first thought that came to her and it sent shiver down her spine,
“Tyler!” She ran to the backyard while Adrian checked the other side of the house but the little boy wasn’t there.She was worried sick and was on the verge of breaking down,
Where has he gone to?
Engrossed in their searching,they didn’t notice the mini van that pulled from the other side of the street and sped off,Adrian only became suspicious when he noticed a child’s hand from the rear window, he alerted Eva immediately,
“What?” She asked as she came running to him,
“That van has Tyler.Where’s your car keys?” He asked her,she ran inside,rummaged her wardrobe for the key only to find it inside her bedside drawer,she ran outside and handed it to Adrian,
“Here it is.” The latter took the keys,opened the car and they got in,only to find out the car isn’t starting after several futile attempt to start it,
“What’s wrong with it?” She asked in a very fearful voice,
“The battery has died down.” He sighed in frustration,he got down from the car,
Now,they be got one option left,call Davis and seek help from him.
He dipped his hands into his pocket,
“Gosh,where’s my mobile phone?” He asked himself,trying to recall something,
“Tyler should be with it.” Frustrated, he ran back inside,got his jacket and ran to the motel.
Now,he’s gonna make use of Davis’s car,since Eva’s isn’t functioning properly.
Immediately Adrian left,Eva was still pondering on what to do when a figure appeared behind her,she was too engross in her cry to noticed the person wearing a black hood covering his body walked toward her from behind and tapped her shoulder,she turned to see the man smiling evilly at her,
“Finally,I’ve caught up with you.” She trembled with his words,this was the same man she’d ran away from and now he’s right in front of her,having the same look on his face,filled with hatred and disdain towards her,
“J..o..s..” She blacked out,feeling no remorse or pity for her,he dragged her to his car,opened the trunk and dumped her inside.He took out his mobile phone,
“I’ve got her and they have the boy.” He told the other party,ending the call,he got into his car and drove in the same direction as the mini van.

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