June 14, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 24

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
Unknown to Joseph,Simon who had just came out of the woods to have his routine check on Adrian and Eva saw him dragged the unconscious Eva into his car trunk,
“Who’s that man?” He asked himself,then followed Joseph till he got into his car,
This is not good.
He rushed to get his mountain bike and secretly followed the black Bentley as it drove away.

“Davis!” Adrian called as he rushed into the motel,the receptionist stood up once she heard his loud voice,
“Sir,how may I help you?” She asked him but he paid no attention to her,
“Davis! Diego!” He called loudly,disrupting the serenity of the place,the young girl couldn’t do a thing than to cone out from her desk to calm him down before her boss would come out to reprimand her,
“Sir please be calm,what’s the problem?” She asked him expecting a reason answer,
“Where’s Davis uhm…..Davis Kingston.” She nodded went back to the desk and placed a call to Davis room,
“Sir,there’s a man looking for you.” She said when he picked the call,taking a look at Adrian she asked him,
“Who should I sa……”
“Tell him its Adrian and its concerning Tyler?” Adrian said but fore she could finish her question,she passed the message to Davis and immediately he came running out with Diego.
“Adrian what happened to Tyler?” He asked angry,
“Some men in a mini van took him..” Before he could finish,Davis intercepted,
“What? Why aren’t you going after them?” He asked pissed off,
How’s this bastard gonna protect my son when he’s an incompetent fool.
“Eva’s car battery died down,so I’ll need yours..”
“Okay, let’s go.” Davis said impatient to listen to this man who’d taken his son and his woman from him.They got into the car and Davis drove,
“Where’s Eva?” Diego asked,noticing that he hasn’t seen her,
“She was at home when I left and….” Adrian trailed away,
What if something bad happen to her?
“If you know you couldn’t protect them why stick to her uh? If you aren’t man enough to protect Eva,I can stand up to it an do it better.” Davis mocked in a fit of rage,
“If anything, I mean any harm come to Tyler or Eva,you won’t live to see the end,I promise.”
“You talk like you’re one saint,then why leave her when she needed you most,if you had stood up for her,she won’t have come running to me.” Adrian spat venomously,
I hate you guts bastard.
His word hit Davis bad,he almost parked over to hit Adrian but Diego held him quickly,
“Now let’s focus on getting Tyler back,you guys can punch your asses later after that.” He looked at Adrian coldly and then to Davis.The latter continued driving,
“Which way did the van take?” Diego asked Adrian,he was confused,
“I don’t know but we can track it down..” He said,
“How?” Davis asked formidably, if not for Diego,he would have murdered this bastard.
“Tyler’s with my cell phone and since its goggle location is on,we can track it.” He explained,Diego handed his phone to Adrian,
“Incompetent son of a bitch.” Davis muttered with full hatred as Adrian scrolled through Diego’s cell phone.After driving for almost thirty minutes and headed no where, Davis fired at Adrian,
“Are you so dumb you can’t get the exact location of those sweeps?” Adrian looked at him angrily,
This spoil brat is definitely trying to get on my nerves.
Acting like no one had said anything,he turned to Diego,the only reasonable person after him,
“I’ve got their location, they’re headed to Naples Fields.
” Finally,someone told me something good.”Diego said to himself,looking at this two men in this car,they’ll do absolutely nothing than fight themselves on who can take care of Eva and Tyler better.Adrian is a bit note mature than Davis who act so immature, if he could have his say,he would prefer Eva to be with Adrian than Davis,cause staying with Davis doesn’t guarantee her safety,shell still have his ruthless parent to deal with.
Come to think of it,Is Eva aware of the valuable thing her father had asked the bank manager to keep for her till she reached a particular age?
What is that thing? Is it related to their death? So many question came to his head but he decided to put them aside and face the problem ahead of them.

Tyler slowly opened his eyes,his brain was fuzzy for awhile as he tried to recall what happened to him,he cautiously raised his head up, he was in a moving car,
How did I get here? He asked himself, peeping ahead,they were three men in front of him,though their backs were turned to him.
Then he remembered, he was in the living room watching ‘Plummet,The Science Man’ when he noticed something hit the living room door,thinking it was someone,he ran to the peephole his mom had designed for him,only to see an animal on their porch,he opened the door and was met with a white completely furred cat,so cute he bent down to carry it.
“Hey kitty,I’m Tyler but my uncle Adrian calls me TyRex,what’s your name?” He asked the enchanting pet as he stroke its white fur.He was so captivated by the animal,he didn’t notice the black hooded man who walk from behind him,when the cold hands touched him,before he could utter a sound,the man covered his face with a white cloth and that disassembled his little head.
“Mommy,” he called slowly,
Where are this people taking me to? I’m scared,where my mommy and Adrian? He could voice out his tears, so they wouldn’t notice he’s awake and decide to kill him once.
Turning to adjust his small body on the car seat,he noticed something in his pocket and he slightly adjusted his body,so they won’t notice his movement, then he dipped his hands into his pajamas,surprised to see Adrian phone in it,
How come this phone is here with me? Thinking of what to do,his mind came to nothing,
Should I call 911? He mentally asked himself,
No,if I call them they would blow out their siren and theses bad guys would notice them, then they’ll want to kill me fast before they get to save me.
“The boss has the woman now.” One of the men announced to the other,
“Remember, our job is to dispose the lady and make sure the lad is unhurt and then return him safety to the boss.” He reminded them,
Tyler heard everything,
They didn’t want to kill him they wanted to kill his mom and send him to someone,
Is it those bad uncles that’s planning all this?
He can’t let them hurt his mommy or take him to anyone,he doesn’t want to be with anyone except his mommy.Checking through the phone,he thought of someone to call,a call came through, he pushed the volume button so it won’t make a sound,
“Simon.” The caller ID displayed,
I can’t take this call,if I make any sound this people will know that I’m awake.Seeing the circumstances around him,the boy sent the caller a text,
‘Text me’
‘I saw a man dragging that human woman into a black car,I’m tailing him.’The caller replied,
Human woman,who’s this human woman this person is talking about,then something flashed his memory,
These men had said something earlier about their boss getting the woman,are they talking about the same woman this man is telling him about,
‘Where are you now?’ He typed to the man,
‘Heading to Naples Field,I can spot a mini van far ahead of us.’ The man replied,Tyler breathed out slowly,with what he’s guessing,theses men are up to no…
Mommy? What if mommy is the human woman this man is talking about? This feeling dread him,he doesn’t want anything to happen to his mommy.
The car came to a halt and that front door opened, thinking those men were coming to get him,Tyler slid the phone into his inner vest and closed his eyes tight,acting like he was still unconscious. Like he’d thought,one of the man opened the door of the backseat where he was laying still,
“He’s still unconscious.” The man baritone voice said to the other,he placed his hand under Tyler’s chin to raise him up,
“Be careful,remember what Mr Kingston said,the child shouldn’t be hurt.” Another said,
Oh no,daddy’s the one behind this,the little boy thoughts went wild,
His bad daddy has found him and his mommy.

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