August 6, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 43

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 43


About two hours later ,I decided to check on the boss in his room to see how he’s faring.

On arriving there ,I saw him robbing his injured leg with a cream while groaning slightly.

As soon as he sighted me ,he paused what he was doing and looked up to my face.

We were both looking into each other’s face for a while after which he finally spoke up: “what did you want?”

“As your nurse , I came to check how you are doing? ”

He continued rubbing his leg without saying a word.

I walked to him and sat on his bed. “I can help you ,sir!”

He didn’t even act like he actually heard what I said ,instead he continued rubbing his leg .

I took his hand off and placed part of the rub on my palm ,I brushed my palm together and began to rub his legs gently.

I could see him peeking at the area of his hand that I had touched. I wonder why?

“Why did you touch me ? ” He asked and I continued doing what I was doing without uttering a word.

“Don’t ever use your useless filthy hand to touch my body again , is that cleared?”

“Not cleared sir ,as a nurse ,I should have access to touch every part of your body!” I said and continued rubbing his leg still.

“Every part of my body…including…”

“Including your lips and your manhood ” I said and and he fling my hands away suddenly from his leg.

I loosed balance and almost fell.

“Have you gone crazy? Okay ,seems I didn’t tell you my rules and…I’m paying you as my nurse so don’t think you are offering me a favor.”

“I’m just trying to help too not like I need money.” I said and he giggled sarcastically.

” A poor girl that is boasting of not being in need of money” He murmured to himself.

“I was wondering ,instead of wanting me to nurse you, why not invite your pretty girlfriend here?”

“My girlfriend can not stoop so low to be my nurse.” he said.

“He can’t stoop so low to come and check up on you despite knowing that you are sick.” I said.

“Hey woman! Face your job as a nurse. Who are you to question the act of my girlfriend?” He asked angrily.

“Be calm sir. Do you want to know who I am?”

“Who are you? A poor filthy thing?”

I smirked and looked away. “I’m the ugly secretary you can’t do without?” I said and he started laughing mockingly.

“Really? ”

“Can I resign as a nurse ,like I said ,I did not need your money. ” I said and he kept mute for a while.

“You are not saying anything on the kiss we exchanged few minutes ago?”

“Kiss! I will still kill you for forcing your filthy lips on mine.” He said and I smirked.

“I will kiss you again?” I said and he looked around. He opened his pillow immediately and brought out a gun.

He directed it at me angrily. “Don’t think because my leg is injured me ,you can keep maltreating me?”

I laughed and sat close to him.

I brought my face close to his and he placed the gun right on my head.

I ignored and continued bringing my lips closer to his. I do not know how it happened ,but we start to kiss again.

This time ,I do not know who will separate us from kissing cause his brother isn’t around.

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